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(RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
April 27, 2014 07:30AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter One

The Summons



CharlotteCarrendar:- ~ROAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!~ Distant thunder claps did no justice to the might of the ominous roar of the Silver dragon, whose great clawed feet were destroying the foliage, whilst a silver haired girl sped through the undergrowth clutching a very special prize. Nipati or Nip to her friends; leapt over rocks and fallen logs, the wind whistling in her ears while her heart beat at a fast pace. The girl had taken a great risk by stealing the dragon’s egg from its nest. In her mind, it seemed oh so easy but now as she clutched the stolen egg, the angered mother was hot on her tail. Closer…closer came the heavy pounding of gigantic feet, the monstrous tail wiping out whole sections of vegetation in but one powerful swing. Razor sharp rows of pristine glistening teeth knashed together – a terrible prison if one were to become the dragon’s next meal. The dense forest was proving to be rough going – the terrain had not been cleared, nor were there any tracks on which to run. It was so easy to trip and fall if one did not watch where they were going, and it was this that caused our heroine to fall, for as she took a look back over her shoulder at the rampaging dragon she was about to come upon a carefully covered hole in the ground. One minute she was running, the next ~POOF!~ she vanished from sight….falling falling..falling till landing with a thud upon a large pile of leaves and twigs at the bottom of the hole. High above, the dragon continued on its search, completely missing the hole, and going off into the forest . Nipati had held her breath for what seemed like hours, only to release it with a loud “phew” In her hands, she still had the treasured dragon’s egg. An item that was sure to gain her enough gold to buy herself a house, or a ship…or a castle. Sitting up Nipati glanced about her. It was a tunnel or the part of many. The light from the surface gave her some vision, but it was clear that climbing back up was out of the question. Taking off her back sack, she quickly stuffed the dragon’s egg inside, before rising to standing as remnants of leaf litter fell back to the unruly pile. Which way to go? Left or right? Nipati closed her eyes tight and then sung out “Left!” Marching down the tunnel, she had no idea what other great things she was going to find. Silver eyes glowered as she adjusted to the lack of light. Up ahead, a faint orange glow appeared, and the sound of an old woman who was singing an incantation. Nipati crept onward, her shadows lengthening behind her as she approached the underground home of the Witch of Magor. <3>


IceTe3a: The dust settled on the ground what once was a thriving city built upon green flowing fields was lost, as all that stood before mankind was a darkened day, the green grass only there in the slowly fading memory of others as bloodstained dirt was now laying where it once was. The city and its houses now ruins for the ages as bloodied bodies laid scattered across the floor, the castle itself was crumbling as the structure bearings gave way. The walls of the front castle falling down stirring up dust and shaking the ground as the stone slabs hit heavy upon the floor. There sitting on a throne he sat his right leg cocked over the arm rest as it gently swayed to and thro, his left leg bending at the knee as his bloodstained black boot was resting firmly on the floor his chin resting on his left palm as his elbow rested on the arm rest. A breeze flowed through the now opened castle buffering all it hit with force, as it caressed his pure snow white hair, he was in his usual get up a black long trench coat opened fully to show his tattooed and scarred bare chest, torn and cut at the bottom mostly from battles and near hits; his blackened leather jeans and of course his bloodstained blackened boots, one could see these were not the clothing from this era as his name was well known across countless lands and worlds only those bold or drunk enough whispered his name in form of tale. His eyelids open slowly exposing his piercing green eyes as his hues fall upon his broadsword “Rebellious” it was a 8’4 giant blade with the weight of the eternal souls it has killed only able to be lifted by himself. He was able to wield Rebellious with a single hand at great speeds something he had trained himself to do over the years, created by his father ‘Sparda King of daemons’ (Before Ice killed him) the blade itself was made from a mix of Sparda’s own powers and the powers of everything evil; the blade itself seemed to be alive as it constantly cried out for the blood of others. A sudden moan along with scraping caused his hues to flick down the stairway to the throne as he saw the would be king painfully trying to crawl away leaving a trail of blood behind him. A clash of thunder or so it seemed to be was heard as Ice appeared in front of the king his left hand grasping the front of the kings clothing as he held him up in the air in front of him “ Wha.. What.. are you, Monster! Demon!! Devil!! I curse you” the king managed to bellow out in-between his painful cries a simple devilish smirk slowly appeared across Ices features as he raised his right arm bending at the elbow it started to give off a dark aura and turn transparent, Many have seen this for themselves but none have survived it was a painful way to kill someone by ripping out their souls and keeping it for themselves, Ice had done this many times before to steal the powers of another being or keep their souls as a trophy to remind him of a fight he once had. “No.. No.. Please…” he king muttered as tears rolled down his cheeks. His right fingers stretch and crackle as they suddenly plunge deep within the king’s chest with ease leaving no entry wound to be seen as the king screams out in pain, his fingers clutch as his arm slowly pulls back a light blue ghostly figure of the king appears being dragged out by his hand as it moans and cries out in pain the king giving one last loud cry of pain as his soul is ripped from his body. Now lifeless Ice tossed the kings body down into a pile of other lifeless bodies to rot away in the extreme heat of the sun, slowly to be cooked and prepared for meal for the ever watching crows. His hues glance over to the soul of the now dead king as he watches the kings facial features show the extent of his pain, No smile; no laugh not an emotion registered from Ice as the soul shrinks down into a glowing white sphere, if one were to look into the glowing sphere they could see the face of the soul this is how one can tell who’s soul it was. Suddenly the soul disappears back to Ice’s crypt to be later organized into a shelf with his many other soul’s he had collected over the years. His right arm flicks out as his blade comes hurling towards him answering to his summons catching the blade by the hilt he attached it to his back, the blade never had a strap or a sheath it just seemed to stick to his back almost magically. Turning on his feet to see what he had done his hues fall upon the now lifeless city only living thing left standing were crows as all else had fallen to the wrath of ice, this was no battlefield nor was it a castle under siege more simpler than that it was an onslaught, his lips part slightly as he lights up a smoke taking a drag deep into his longs as his eyes flash from green to bright red and back to green “Who’s next” escaped his lips softly along with a cloud of smoke.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The tunnel gave way to a decorated room, like you would find in any dwelling. With furniture adorning it’s spaces, along with book shelves and racks of potion bottles. Chalices and wine bottles; skulls and bones. A mystical place indeed our silver elf had chanced upon as she had fled the angered dragon. Seated in the middle of the room, was a withered woman, hair as white as snow and eyes that held no pupils. Blind perhaps, but one does not always need their eyes to see. Nipati accidentally stepped on a mouse, which squeaked as it ran off into a dark corner. This brought up the witch’s head and she sniffed the air, which was ripe with the scent of Nipati. “Oh ho ho ho, who dare wander so carelessly into my home?” Her voice crackled and hissed, as she pushed herself up into standing. Before her stood a black cauldron that was filled to the brim. The liquid contents gave off steam as a fire burnt brightly beneath it. Pointing a bony finger at the girl Elf, the Witch sneered. “I know your kind, child. Surface dwellers who think they can just do as they please. Oh but you are reckless to think you can just walk in here, dear and take from me.” Nipati froze at the witch’s words. How did she know that Nip was a little thief? “My…my mistake. Lovely home, but I think I will be going.” Nip was about to turn, when the witch cackled loudly. You could hear the cauldron pop and fizzle, letting off large bubbles of air that rose up and then popped before hitting the ceiling. From high up on one of the shelves, a small statue of a crow had been keeping watch on the Witch for more than a hundred years and on this very night, its eyes chose to shine bright. Red…red like the coals from the pits of hell. There was a loud gust of wind that swirled and blew its way through the tunnel reaching the witch’s abode and causing her to gasp. It seemed that fortunes were changing on this day and though the witch had seen the coming of the destructor, she had no idea just how bad things would get. A hollowed sound like that of a crow cawing filled the air and the flap of wings. Falling down from the shelf…a black crow’s feather which landed at the witch’s feet. The witch sensed the movement of the feather through the air, and reached down to snatch it from the hearth. Sniffing it, she turned her attention to the silver haired elf. “The falling of a feather from the Devil’s own crow.” Nipati had no idea what the witch was on about. “I’ll just be on my…” The Witch clutched her chest as a vision came to her; death, so much death. “He is never sated. There are not enough souls on this earth can meet his desires!” Nipati started to back up slightly as the witch clutched the feather tight. The witch continued. Eyes of white staring out at nothing, but the witch, she could see. “A throne covered in blood. Decay…ruins…Their hearts beat no more!” Now this was starting to be a bit much for the silver elf. Suddenly the crow came to life and left its perch on the high shelf, swooping down and almost striking the silver haired elf, who ducked and then straightened. “ACK!” She cried, trying to cover her head with her arms. The Witch could hear the bird, the sharp snapping of its pointed beak. It landed on a gleaming white skull on the far side of the room, ruffling its feathers out then squawking loudly. The Witch shuffled over to her cupboard of books, and then took out a very old and tattered one. Flipping it open, her fingers ran across the strange lettering, as the silver elf was slowly making her way out…backwards. “Child…come…read these words if you ever want to see sunlight again.” It was not a request…it was a demand. “Why?” The silver elf had stopped in her tracks, as the witch threw the book at her. Landing at her feet, the pages flew open to the exact page the witch had found. “Because that crow is going to peck your eyes out if you don’t.” The crow squawked again in a menacing way, as the young elf shuddered in fear. “Why can’t you read it?” The silver haired elf cried, frightened for her life now. The witch said simply. “I’m blind.” Little did she know that the Witch could read what was on the page, she just said that to throw the girl off. Slowly, the girl started to read the summons. As the words left her mouth, the room started to get very…very cold. <3>

IceTe3a: Flicking his smoke from his fingers it bounces off the floor and rolled down the pathway as it stops right in a haystack, it starts to smoulder eventually setting alight soon enough the entire place was catching on fire. His piercing green hues watch as everything starts to burn before him, without a care in the world he sets off down the beaten pathway as the houses burned down near him ash and smoke filling the sky leaving a mark in the sky that he was here and now no one else was, most people who saw this stood well clear of it as it was a mark of Ice and they feared for their lives as they hid for shelter. Coming to the final gate of the city wall he doesn’t bother turning to look at his work once more as he casually walks out of the city leaving it behind soon to be forgotten from his memory, the path wasn’t clear to him as he never had a plan of where he would go next only wandering aimlessly across the land’s until something more interesting came up before him. Taking in a deep breath through his nose the scent of air was thick still as crows started flocking from all directions ready to gorge themselves in the feast he had left behind, leaving nothing but bones to dry and crackle under the sun. Walking forward for awhile the city now far in the distance but the damage he had caused was still viewable from here as the grass was all but gone for at least a little while longer, eventually the dirt meets the line of fresh untouched grass he paced forward with his long strides as more crows filled the skies flying towards the city. He could hear horses but they were running away obviously whoever it was noticed the burning city and decided to run the other way, smart on their behalf, He was not going to give chase as it didn’t seem the worth was there, one or two men perhaps hardly worth the short sprint it take to catch them. He hears a female’s voice for a split second as his hues glance around nothing to be seen for miles was he going crazy? He shook it off as he continued to walk more as the females voice echo’s again a bit longer this time he growls slightly “Show yourself!” he echoed through the plains still.. Nothing as he comes to a full stand, he listens for a second.. Nothing but the crows fighting over meat in the city walls until.. more loud and clear the females voice she was chanting something but what and where was she? His muscles tighten and restrict almost like her words were wrapping around him in a tight grasp, he tries to move but his body won’t respond her words get louder as he can feel them crushing into his body, A spell circle with ancient ruins appears around his feet on the floor as it spins around and around his body starts to turn transparent and fade out of this world and into the next as he see’s glimpses of the world he’s being summoned to, a young female and a older female than it clicked, he was being force summoned by someone but who would have the stupidity or guts to summon him to their exact location? And what exactly did they want, he was going to find out one way or another, as long as he got his free will and wasn’t summoned into a holding spell of some kind he’d show them true fear. By now on the other side on their world his body would be flashing in and out of phasing appearing in front of their eyes and disappearing once the spell was complete he would be fully summoned to their would standing before them with his piercing green eyes staring right into their souls.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The crow in the witch’s home squawked louder as the silver haired elf continued to read the summons, while the witch rubbed her gnarled hands together – licking her old cracked lips. The corners of her mouth creeping upward ever slowly. The Witch would never have had the courage to read the summons herself. For one she wasn’t that stupid. The girl would be easy fodder for the daemon she was sure. “Louder….louder, child.” She encouraged, starting to shuffle around her cavern like home while the air grew colder by the second. The summons must have a tight reign upon him by now, the witch thought. From far and away the angered growl of a man’s voice cried “Show yourself!” This had the witch cackle as she knew it was working. The witch clapped her hands together for such evil, such darkness that the world had ever known was going to soon standing within her home. “Keep going!” The witch urged as the silver elf’s voice grew louder –her silvery locks whipping about her face as the swirl of icy wind whipped around her. A deep groan and then very rock of the cavern started to shake, as though an earth quake was going to rip through the side of the mountain. Almost there…she almost was done. One more line…One more sentence. A crack of lightning so bright that the crow was startled and flapped its wings in fright. The book snapped shut in the Silver elf’s hands and then fell to the floor before bursting into white hot flames. This caused the silver elf to jump back, but when she looked up, a dark skinned man was standing in front of her. His body covered in tattoos and markings. He smelt of blood; fresh blood. Why, he still had blood on his hands. The witch crowed and started to laugh, before she licked her lips and then bowed before the Legend of the book. She sniffed the air and smiled with wicked intent. “My lord. Welcome. I am your humble servant, and offer you the soul of the silver elf who so foolishly summoned you.” The witch thought that if Ice had the silver elf’s soul that the witch would go unpunished for the summons. The silver elf squeaked and started to back up. It was a trap that the witch had set. Using the girl for her own wicked ends. Silvery eyes filled with fear. The day had started so well, and now she was facing her end. The crow however knew better than the Witch and squawked loudly at Ice. His red eyes blinking in a code. Who do you trust? The frightened child, or the cackling old bat?<3>

IceTe3a: His body fully shifts over to the other realm where he was summoned, his hues flicker around the room as he notices the old witch who was welcoming him to her home, he stood tall as he breathed slowly his body free to his own wills as he glanced over to the silver haired elf who had so unwittingly summoned him so the witch used her to summon him. How interesting, did the witch think she could feed his thirst for blood with a mere elf, she would be wrong. His right hand adjusts the black collar decorated with silver spikes running across it, as a chain hangs down to his mid chest, his hues glance over to a crow who was asking him of who to trust. Trust? He trusted no one with nothing, as all else that fell before his blade “Neither” he said simply as he turned to the witch stepping towards her he gave her a sideways look as he arched a brow “You should know better” he said as he raised his right arm into the air the witch was lifted off the ground although he was not holding onto her. “But know this, your ideal’s will come in full this world will burn” he said as he clenched his fist the witch burst into flames he turned to the crow as he dropped his right arm down to his side the witches flaming body fell to the ground “What are you looking at, A crow with a side of compassion? Don’t make me laugh” as he remembered the young elf his hues glance over to her as a devilish smirk appears on his face “Your turn” he said as he slowly walked closer to her arms by his sides he was cocky as all hell, not once had he been defeated and this little elf was not going to be the one to defeat him, coming to a stand before her, she came up to his chin in height as his hues glance down to the dragons egg he shakes his head “Don’t you know stealing is bad” said with a twisted voice escaping his lips.

CharlotteCarrendar:- For all that the witch could see in her premonitions and foresight, she could not see her own demise which would come sooner rather than later as Ice taught her the ultimate lesson. The old woman croaked and gasped for air as she lifted up off the ground. Feet twitching beneath her tattered robes. Eyes of white soon became black as did the rest of her, when the witch’s body erupted into flame, just like the book. Nipati’s right hand shot up to her mouth to try and stifle her scream of horror. No mercy shown for the old woman. Those that play chance with death often end up losing. But the daemon was far from finished as he turned his attentions to the silver haired elf whose body was now trembling with fear. Ice strode over and stood bare inches from the elf and saw the dragon’s egg that she had stolen only a few hours earlier. “Your turn.” Her turn? She closed her eyelids tight as she could see her becoming something of a marshmellow being lit over a fire pit. But then he spoke of the dragon’s egg. “Don’t you know stealing is bad” How did he know she stole it? It could have been a gift, but the distant roar of the angered dragon would give away enough clues that it was stolen. “Would you believe I found it?” The silver haired elf said with a half smile and brought her shoulders up as though she knew she was in trouble and trying to get out of it. The Elf didn’t like the look on his face, that menacing grin. “You know…I was just about to go and put it right back…but…but you see…it’s Mummy, decided to chase me….and well then I fell down into this hole.” She started to talk as though she was calling a race. “…then I bumped into…the witch you just incinerated…and…yes..stealing is bad, isn’t it?” She tried to back up and away from the daemon, as she bumped into a small table behind her which stopped her escape. <3>