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Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 25, 2014 03:38PM
Entrance of Mikaelson Manor
Jeremy had gone home, and of course; had changed into nicer attire. He didn’t knw if Bonnie had gotten her dress but he thought she would resourceful.

He sighed and walked into Mikaelson Manor, along with another few people. Tatia had said something about surprising Klaus here, but he didn’t know if she would go through with it or not. He just hoped that nobody would get hurt. That always tended to happen whenever they pissed Klaus off. He just hoped that this time around, it would be different.

He looked around the manor, hoping to either spot Klaus, Elena, or Bonnie. He sighed when he saw none of them, then moved around the place, trying to see if he could spot anyone.

He sent a quick text to Elena. Then locked his phone and looked around. He sighed looked up.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 25, 2014 04:30PM
Bonnie had been quickly fixing up her makeup when she glanced at the time. She gasped a little and did a few fix ups with her hair and sprayed on her perfume as she let out a sigh. Looking down at her phone she texted Jeremy. “will be downstairs waiting in a couple minutes.” she would smile at herself in the mirror and then gasped sensing Jenna. “geez you must stop doing that.” she smiled as she chuckled.


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April 25, 2014 08:56PM

His ears twitched as he heard a steadied beating heart downstairs. He could hear voices cluttering around the mansion as peopled flawked in, “We shall.” He replied as his right hand latched onto the doorknob. He swung it open and began to proceed out of the bedroom; toward the staircase. As he stood at the top of the staircase with his sister at his side; Elijah smiled as if it were the old days when Rebekah and himself, entered night clubs at their leisure.

(Move Along Without Me For A Small Spell. A Few Hours.)

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 02:00AM
Arriving at the Mikaelson’s home, Tatia had a mischevious grin on her lips as the car stopped. Valet parking, nice. Stopping by the entrance, she had her door open for her. One smooth lean and shaped leg dangled out, as did the other and she set foot on the ground of the home. This is going to be a night to remember. She spoke more to herself then anyone else. Watching as everyone walking in to the mansion as if it was, normal routine. She could sense the power here and her grin went into a full smile. Jared came out of the car and held his arm out for her, which she took with pleasure. Ready to ‘go get’em’ boy? Because I know I am. She could hear, see, and even feel, all the men and women around here. How she looked in every angle, how some men drooled over her, how some women envied her. It was so amusing. Tatia only did it for the theatrics of it all. Just to amuse herself, and any one around her. The front door men jaw-dropped as the were about to take off her coat, she stopped them. Turned to Jared, let him take it off for her. She didn’t want their memories, or their perv minds anywhere near her thoughts. At least Jared was a gent, about taking her to bed. More create. She smiled at him, and finally, walked in with all her crown and glory. Her dress flowed as the wind coming in from the door, opening and shutting. A little over done, but looked at it.You get the message. She saw the Gilbert boy and sent a wave over to him, then walked around and seeing, if she could spot the man of the hour. She could read the thoughts of Elijah and Rebekah getting ready to come down the stairwell. But one man she couldn’t read, or more say, she didn’t want to read; Niklaus Mikaelson. She could, nonetheless, sense him coming in sight of the party. Prepare yourself love, this party is about to begin. Her dark eyes scanned the room one last time.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 04:35AM

Klaus had been making his way around the party greeting prominent Towns People, Council Members, and other Party Goers. He left the current Mayor and even Sheriff Forbes, laughing as he smiled politely excusing himself to continue his obligatory rounds as the Host of the lovely party that Caroline threw together as easily as she pulled off everything it seemed. Standing among a crowd of Mystic Falls most eligible Bachelorettes, who were all too eager to meet the very obviously rich and available Klaus Mikaelson, and he had them charmed and giggling in no time, but his yes swept the crowd looking for Caroline’s return. If you will excuse me Ladies, a Host has further work to do I’m afraid. Please enjoy my home. After a few objections from the Ladies he excused himself politely and slipped away from the crowd.


Finally alone and quiet, he sat at his piano and gently fingered the keys. This party was really just a distraction, for himself as well as everyone else if he was being honest. A distraction from this mysterious power that somehow had influenced him from the shadows and with the loss of his Hybrids, he now had to decide whether he should try that again. He had his Family, but his Family were never a sure thing. They plotted and planned against him. Or they accused him of atrocities and fled to leave him alone. He loved them but he still could not trust them.

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April 26, 2014 05:17AM
The party had now begun if the sounds and voices of the new arrivals were anything to go by. Rebekah took her brother Elijah’s arm and with a certain amount of grace she glided out the door and down to the top of the stairs, giving them both an eagle eye view of the guests. Rebekah’s gaze swept across the room as she held herself in good stead. The many centuries had taught her a great deal of how one should act in a society setting. She was not going to play the bubbly cheerleader this night. On the contrary, she wanted to be seen as one that acted in a respectable manner in the midst of such notable guests.

It didn’t take long for Rebekah to spot Klaus in the throng of local politicians and dignitaries, before then taking on the many town debutantes that hung on his every word and phrase. It was almost sickening to watch the display, as though fawning over some sort of rock star or the new town hunk. Before long he had moved away from the gaggle of girls and most likely to the den in retreat till his adored Caroline made her appearance. If he was anything, he was predictable in that sense. The girl was his weakness and his possible downfall.

With her brother on her arm, they would descend the steps together as this was like every other family gathering they had been to over the years. There was no sign of Matt, but knowing him he had probably put in a late shift at the Grill. He would come, she was sure of it.


Taking a champagne flute off a passing tray, she held the glass by the stem and took a sip. The taste a touch too sweet for her liking. She leaned her head towards her brother and asked.

“It’s getting rather crowded, don’t you think?” This was more or less a suggestion that they follow Klaus and see what he was up to.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 05:58AM
The party was already starting and the room was beginning to fill quickly. Pushing herself through the crowd of people that had immediately form in the center of the room, Raven eyes studied each and every face that had past by her, and smiled and waved at those who did the same. It was nice to have a little fun a for once, especially since where Raven had lived in the past with Marcel. It was a memory that she always tried to forget about, but it always remained in the back of her mind. But Klaus was always the one to tell her that everything would be fine while he’s around, and she always held the promise against him from the day she moved in, till now.
As Raven continued looking around the room, her eyes had locked upon the eldest and youngest of the originals, Elijah and Rebekah. A chuckle would instantly slip from between her lips as in shock of them showing up together at the party. Not being the only one it had caught many others attention as they both stood at the highest step of the staircase.


Using both of her hands Raven had grip both sides of her dress to quickly make her way through the crowd over towards the end of the staircase that Rebekah and Elijah were coming down from. “What a wonderful entrance I might say!” She spoke out with joy. “You both look marvelous..” She added.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 06:01AM
Grabbing a nice cool glass of champagne from a passing waiter, She let it all go down smoothly and with ease. Finally the man of the hour had spoken. A smirk appeared and she moved from the crowd, not losing her eyes from her target. Not paying attention from anyone watching her iether. Walking swiftly passed all the googled men, she walked up the stairs and followed Niklaus’s thoughts to his room for more alone time. Looks like someone might be losing his mind. Niklaus always thought someone was out to get him. Especially his family, no matter what they would do for him. She read all his thoughts and saw how he cared for a certain blonde vampire. This ought to be splendid. As her hips moved side to side walking up the stairs, she reached the top and followed Klaus’s thoughts. Leading her right to him. She knew he could sense someone coming, unless he was so wrapped up in his mind to notice. All she had to do was send a message to her witch and not let anyone in the room. She didn’t want any distractions. Once the door was closed, she spoke up as she looked over one of his paintings, her back to him. You have so many women at your feet already, but one in particular has been making you wait. I suppose she might not even fancy you, love. She said in a soft delicate voice. Still admiring the painting, she spoke again. These are enchanting. Still haven’t lost your creative touch I see.. She placed the glass down on a table that was close by her. Waiting.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 06:17AM
Making her way down the stairs she took in deep breathes hearing voices already start to grow as she would keep her straight face on. Reaching the bottom of the steps her eyes darted around after seeing the mikelson’s and some other guests searching for Klaus no doubt. Making her way through the people she searched for jeremy.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 07:02AM
Klaus’s Study

Klaus heard the door close and smelled the sweet perfume of a Woman. He assumed one of the more bold Ladies followed him to continue their pursuits, but something in the voice, caused a pit in his chest. It was a voice he hadn’t heard in a very long time. A voice he thought he would never hear again, and by rights should not be hearing now. Perhaps he finally broke and was gone insane. He grabbed the glass of brandy from the piano top without looking back yet. He drained a hard swallow.


After the glass was emptied he finally got the courage to look back. It took him a second to register her face, but in a moment longing, sadness, hate, and fury passed through him in a blur. He flew from the piano and stood in her face with a hand at her throat ready to squeeze the life, but he had not even tightened his grip. Instead he searched her face silently for a long moment, taking her in. That gorgeous face that haunted his dreams for centuries. He was suddenly flooded with emotions that he’d long forgotten. He hated her for the rift that she caused between him and his Brother, but in turn she was the only Woman he had ever loved. His hand dropped from her and he turned to face away from her as the tears found their way over the rims of his yes. You’re……..you’re not real, this is another game. I will NOT be toyed with! He was almost afraid to turn back and see that she indeed had disappeared and he was in fact insane, driven by this unseen force that played with him all this time. He could only whisper to himself.……..Tatia….. He swallowed hard as if he could trap the name and keep it for himself.


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April 26, 2014 08:57AM

Elijah had sensed a great disturbance within the atmosphere. He took his time down the staircase with his sister, Rebekah. His gaze swiveled to them as he entered, suit immaculate as ever, hardly a trace to indicate the events that had occurred over the course of the evening, yet he couldn’t shake the feeling the rug had been swept out from under his feet. Tatia? The idea was unfathomable, the reasoning marred. The heartbeat was discernible; both brothers had heard it as clear as day, yet centuries of fact could hardly be eviscerated overnight. His eyes narrowed as his arms unraveled from Rebekah’s unconsciously. He felt a drift. He couldn’t stop but keep moving forward. He recognized this smell. That vibrant heartbeat. As a second passed by, he could have sworn that he had actually seen her; but it was a mere illusion? Someone was playing games. “Am I under a spell?” He questioned as his eyes fell toward the floor before him.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 06:40PM
Tatia still admiring his paintings. Somethings never change. She thought to herself. It was a long moment before he actually approached her. Before he really came to the conclusion that, she in fact was real, he even thought he was going crazy. In a bat of an eye, he was there, right in front of her. Following his eyes as he looked over every feature, every eyelash, and every figure of her body. In the same notion, his touch gave her access to all his mind or memories. Since her death, all the way up to this very moment. There were moments she disliked her so called gifts, but moments like this were her love of the gift she acquired. Watching him, the state of madness that he seems to be having at that moment. She almost grinned but didn’t. She walked a few feet forward and spoke again. You are so tortured. Yet you find me a hallucination. Oh no, my dear sweet Niklaus. I am as real as you are, just a tad changed, that’s all. Tatia smirked and speed right in front of him. I am real and stabbing before you. I have come for a simple reason, but that will be for another conversion. For now, you can ask me anything. She walked around him, watching his every move. She chocolate brown eyes, looked deep into his when she got even close. Her dress was a very figure of exposure that she was giving him. Did she wasn’t to end up in her skimmers and drown to pleasure, yes, but now here with Niklaus, no. She had plenty of time to see how things would be. For now what filled her was the safety of her family. [/B] I don’t have much time Niklaus. I have things to do and someone to see. I will need to borrow this study. I would be..[/B] She was inches from his face face and softly speaking. I would be greatly appreciated with you. She batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly. She did long to see him and now she had seen it all.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 07:46PM

Klaus let himself surrender to her proximity and her body heat, for a moment, before anger took him once more. I do not know if you are real or some trick of my addled mind, but you do not presume to show up after so long and after you did so much, and ask me for favors. He willed the moisture on the rims of his eyes back into his tear ducts. He decided to accept the situation, whether real or imagined, You’re no Vampire…nor any Werewolf, so if you are alive, then you must be something that shouldn’t exist. Acceptance gave way to a more relaxed posture. He decided to embrace the madness. Why not? SO he leaned againt the wall and casually looked around as he spoke.


So assuming that I am NOT in fact hallucinating, as pleasing as the hallucination might be……you are Immortal. He had a small smug smile at his knowledge of the extremely rare occurrence. Yes, I’ve read a few old dusty books in my time. So you can read my mind is it? Unless I choose to shut it to you…. He looked back to her. Still there.


He remained placid on the surface but his undead heart was pounding with emotions. He stood looking down at her face for an intense moment; exchanging body heat and lips nearly touching. His eyes turned from green to a golden yellow with the corneas turned abyss black. Veins formed around his cheekbones as fangs extended from his gums. He wasn’t totally sure of his stability in this moment but his body seemed to be taking over. Tell me….Love, if you were a figment of my addled mind……were I to tear into your jugular this moment and rip away your throat…..would you bleed out? Or would you vanish into my subconscious? A low rumbling growl settled from deep in his throat as he struggled between kissing her or attacking her. This hallucination was too much. Who had the power to delve that deep into his past memories to dig her out?


Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 26, 2014 08:51PM
Holding her champagne flute in her right hand, her left index finger lazily circulating the rim to make a musical hum of C sharp, her thoughts were interrupted by the timely arrival of Raven, who had crossed the floor with her fingers clutching at her skirts to give her some regal air. In the back of her mind, the words of her brother Klaus haunted her about how she was to behave at HIS party. Rebekah changed her facial expression to one of veiled amusement as Raven spoke with such enthusiasm.

“What a wonderful entrance I might say!”

“How nice of you to notice, dear.” Spoken with a refined English accent as she turned her head towards Elijah who currently seemed pre-occupied. Returning her attentions to Raven, who was now gushing about how marvelous the pair looked, Rebekah cast her eyes up and down Raven’s gown. She did look rather pretty – dainty almost.


“How I love the classics, is that your Mother’s?” Rebekah was referring to Raven’s gown, thinking that it had been locked in a box for fifty odd years and only just brought out again.

Again she got an odd feeling as she heard her brother utter “Am I under a spell?” Rebekah raised a brow sharply and whispered back to him. “Is something wrong, Brother?”


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April 26, 2014 10:08PM

“I’m sorry, but I have urgent business to attend to.” He would look toward Raven after removing his eyes from the floor before him. He glanced over toward his sister and gave her reassurance as best he could. “No need to worry, Rebekah. Enjoy the party.” He stated calmly as he raised his right hand and laid it upon her cheekbone. He would then walk off as his hand drifted from her face. “If you would excuse me.” He added to his sudden departure. He couldn’t pinpoint Klaus’s voice, nor could he really hear it. The clashing of various voices began to take a toll as he tried to focus in on one. He found several but not the one he sought out. He dashed in a blur of speed; undetectable by the human eye and by most supernatural beings within the mansion. He was in search of his brother; he feared that Klaus would end up killing someone of importance to his investigations or perhaps being apprehended by witches. Which would explain the dull senses he was having when trying to hone in on their voices.