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Erica’s car – On way to Vogue Office

~Countdown to Fashion Week show – 7 days~


The black stretch had pulled away from the curb outside the Escala apartments, with Simone and Erica safely inside. Simone had to admit, this sure beat the hell out of taking taxi’s around the city and she wasn’t in the mood to drive her own car to Erica’s office. Erica was already on her cell to her assistant – letting her know that they should be arriving at the office in about twenty minutes. Simone was reapplying her lipstick and making goose lips at her compact as Erica finally tapped out of the call. She was happy to see Simone coming back out of her shell after the whole mess with Branda (Erica’s pet name for the relationship of Brock and Pandora). Kristian was now nothing more than a faded memory and well Orson…he was around but had to go to back to the base.

“So much to do so much to do. I swear if this week doesn’t give me an ulcer from the stress it will be a miracle.”Erica patted her hair and then adjusted her dark glasses, as Simone put away her compact, then took out a pregnancy test kit stick. Erica stared at the stick as Simone waved it around lazily.

“What…what’s that for?” Erica asked, her face creasing with concern.

“To see if I am pregnant.”


“You know….when you have unprotected sex and….yeah, I am just checking.”

Erica sat forward in her seat slightly and then mouthed the name “Brock?” Her bottom lip hung down as she waited with anticipation and ever few seconds glancing at the stick. Simone shrugged and made a very simple sound. “Mhm.”

Erica closed her eyes and shook her head. “For all that is holy, please let it be negative.” Erica crossed herself and pointed to the roof of the limo. “I’ll even start attending church.” This had Simone chuckle at the very idea of Erica going to church. “You’d get struck by lightning. I wouldn’t worry, I mean…he might have a low sperm count, who knows.”

This made the fashion editor slightly less worried, as the black limo finally pulled up at the Office. Simone simply dropped the pregnancy stick back in her bag and got out of the car as the driver opened the door. “Thank you…nice hat.” Simone said, pointing at the Driver’s cute cap, before trapsing after Erica, who was on the cell phone again. “We’re here…don’t panic. Let my 9 o’clock know.” Erica…ever the business woman strode into the building like she owned the place. On reaching the lift, they were greeted by a very familiar face.

“Raul? Raul Montego?” Erica took off her sunglasses, gobsmacked that the world reknowned male model was standing there, in the flesh. He reached for Erica’s hand and kissed it, with a kind of weird open mouth fish like style. Simone grimaced and could only imagine his drool going between Erica’s fingers. He was…slimy looking, but had edible hip bones.

“In…zee flesh.” Raul said with a pronounced spanish accent. He then cast his gaze at Simone, who was dressed to the nines.“My heart….it’z Zimone Jackson. I lovvvve your vork.” He went to take Simone’s hand and she whipped it away before he could get a grip. “Charmed.”



The lift doors opened and the trio stepped inside. Erica blinked and said. “Are you here to see an agent or having a cover done?” She was curious as to what he was doing in the building.

“No…I am zee star of your fashion….veek!”

As the doors closed, Simone was seen to mouth….“Fuck no!”


Re: RP-Downtown Seattle
April 28, 2014 05:52PM
DownTown – Vogue Office : Seattle

Erica’s office

At the reception desk, Patty was busy fielding phone calls, as assistants from other departments were fluttering around like busy bees, pushing in racks of clothes into Erica’s office. Jack Peterson from marketing was issuing orders, and his assistant Toby was taking notes and shuffling behind him. It was truly a hive of activity and the moment the lift doors opened, you could hear the audible gasp and happy calls to see their boss Erica finally arrive. She would be swarmed by department heads all with swatches, photos, appointment books and more. Patty’s eyes lit up and she gave a thumbs up to see her boss. Her office had become panic central in the lead up to Fashion week. With so much riding on the publicity and promotional side with no expense spared, they had to put on a damn good show. One of the gentleman waiting was world renowned fashion photographer Giuseppe Populous. He spotted Raul Montego who was staring at Simone’s ass as she stepped out of the elevator, and let out a high pitch squeal.


“Rauuuuuuuuul?” Leaping up and clasping his hands together. He had a bit of a crush on the famous international model, and wasn’t at all afraid to show it off. Giuseppe pushed his way through the assistants and other staffers, to go and kiss Raul on both cheeks and embrace him in a very friendly hug. Simone saw this as her chance to leg it and get away from the lecherous Raul, who had already tried to touch her ass in the lift.

“Giuseppe, my bruther from the uther muther.” The two started speaking in Greek or Spanish, or…some language that Simone didn’t understand, with their arms flailing – doing magic fingers to express themselves. Simone was praying that there was some high chance that Raul was gay. But unfortunately for her, he wasn’t. Already he was pointing to Simone and trying to give Giuseppe some ideas on how he wanted to do a photo shoot with the leggy blonde to help promote Fashion week.

Simone ducked past a moving rack of clothes and then spirited into Erica’s office. The room was filled with famous designers, all making demands on Erica about how the show was going to proceed, who got top billing, who ran with the best models…lighting, music…it was a mad house, and Erica was handling it all like a pro. It was like watching Martha McKnuckle feeding chickens – throwing tit bits out to satisfy the ever clucking horde of well dressed and tempered designers. Simone went to the fridge and took out a bottle of champagne, cracking it open and finding a glass. This really wasn’t her scene, but she had to admit that the frenzy like atmosphere was kind of exhilarating.


That was until she felt that…familiar hand on her backside and the hot breath on her neck.

“Simmy, I have arranged with Giuseppe for a nude photo shoot.”

“You what?” Simone was incredulous as she saw the gleam in the model’s eyes.



“What kind of fashion is worn if you are nude?”

That was when Giuseppe piped up and sung out.

“Jewelry. The company tag is….”You be naked without it.”

Seemed like just an opportunity for Raul to grope Simone when she was in the buff.


Course Erica was too busy working with all the other designers and assistants to notice that Simone was being roped into something….rather nasty.

“Simmy…just enjoy yourself.”