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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 30, 2013 07:57PM
Gabriel looked down at the sleeping child in her lap, smiling ever so gently as she kept an eye on her so she could stay safe. With the breeze blowing in their direction, she sniffed the air, smelling an unfamiliar scent which caused her to snap her head up and look around, wanting to know who or what was near them. She scooped up Sarah even closer to her warm frame, letting out a soft snarl as she was now getting a strange feeling from the atmosphere.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 30, 2013 08:19PM
-Arren listened to Charlotte as he sighed crossing his arms as he knew she did want to stay longer in the afterlife however this was something he couldn’t allow knowing full well the risks of traveling from both places as he say the section of hair that turned silver.- “You know I wished to stay longer, Arren. No doubt you heard my screams of protest” -Arren chuckled as he said.- “Two hours was the max I could allow a woman of your age allow to stay. If you hadn’t noticed your exhausted as well you aged two years in your time there. If I would have let you stay any longer the risk would have been higher. Every hour is double in years another hour in the afterlife and you would have aged four years in total.” -he pointed to the tiny section of hair that had turned silver as he continued.- “You want proof just look at your hair. For now you must rest and think on everything.”

“They say knowledge is power…I believe this. What I also know is that my children are in danger from the same man that killed Shadow. I understand his children’s roles in all this.” 

-He Arren nodded as he sighed thinking to himself that it was the best thing for him to send Jalal and Imayaruk after Anya and Sarah. This was now the task of what could be the most dangerous. Though bringing them hear could be worse than anything. Arren was pondering this idea and his theories it could just give them enough time to prepare for this.- “The reason why I sent Jalal and Imayaruk after both Anya and Sarah. I knew with here and not in Shadow’s home world that this could have been the best choice. I know my nephew’s judgment all to well. He will bring your kids that are with Anya. I will be able to protect them for the time being.” -he looked up at Charlotte noticing she was approaching him further as he sighed.-

“Now take me to Conan…we are going to need to get him well, in order to continue this quest, or all will be lost.”

-Arren’s ear twitched as he heard the sounds go Gonzu talking to someone. As he the giant earth wolf said.- “Conan you must rest. Getting up at this point could cause more damage!” -after the remark was made the sounds of loud bang was heard. The earth wolf flew through the doors breaking them off the rails.- “CRASH!” -the room was wide open as Gonzu rolled across the wooden floors and past the zen garden the sand was instantly lifted in the air when sliding across it. He didn’t land until he made it to the other side where the next wooden floor landing was. As he was laying on his back. The sounds of foots steps were heard as Conan walked out in his kinmo in hand was a pack of cigarettes and his light. The pack of cigarettes were a gift form Charlotte her self as he brought the open pack to his mouth pulling one out as he flicked the lighter open.- “Bullshit! You touch me again Gonzu and I swear I will fucking rip your arm off. Then I will beat you with it.” -Conan pressed down on the flint of the zippo as he lit the cigarette taking an inhale. He brought his arms up trying to stretch only to feel the sharp pain in his chest. He made an expression of pain placing his hand on where he had been stabbed exhaling as he did so.- “Fuck that hurt….” -he walked forward only to see Charlotte and Arren as his eye twitched. He looked directly into Charlotte’s eyes as he said.- “So Spider monkey what did I miss?” -he made a joke to let Charlotte know he was ok for the most part and now into a joking mood.-

-Anya was still hearing things as Luna lifted her head and turned on the T.V. Saying to Anya.-
“Probably…a news helicopter. Watch Teen Titans…or something. I wouldn’t worry about it.” -Anya made a face at Luna that was saying “Seriously?” she heard another sound one of that. The moment she heard she disappeared into the shadows only to move silently looking seeing two figures it was really dark hard to see faces seeing one of them she looked at them being hidden. She moved quickly behind them seeing the one called Jalal. She brought forth her vector’s behind them quickly as the formed a giant hammer that was bigger than the twelve year old girl. The girlish hand moved out from the shadow’s behind the man not making a single noise within her power of control. grabbing the hammer, Anya appeared as she thought. “just some house robbers I can handle them.” her school uniform’s skirt waved for a moment as she jumped into the air yelling as she brought the hammer back and over her shoulder.- “ANYA SMASH!” -the hammer came down in an attempt to strike Jalal it wouldn’t harm him that much but it would surprise him greatly. In the motion of her attempting to strike she heard Imayaruk speak.- ”HEY TROUBLE! YOU IN HERE KID!” -She heard the familiar voice as she said.- “Imay?” -she didn’t stop however as she still as coming down at that moment.-

-Sarah was still asleep only to feel herself pulled in to the woman still tired and sleepy as she mumbled.- “Conan…….” -she went back to sleep. Yet the young Volfen seemed to be very aware of her surroundings as she could smell something. What she was smelling was something evil it would reek of death and rotting flesh as a sound made as figure hissed in the darkness at her. As it moved out of the shadows it revealed itself as a mangled hound in fact it was Doberman breed it growled in the moment it was seen its skin was completely mangled seeing bone and muscle tissue. It braked at her only to have five more move out the shadows looking at her growling. The one that first seen lunged at both of Sarah and Gabriel. As it lunged the seal on the barrier activated as when the dog came into contact with it. The skinless dog was hurled backwards as it whimpered in pain. The other dog barked at the barrier growling as blood was dripping from their mouths. It seemed that these two were trapped in one way and completely surrounded in another. The dogs circled them watching for an opening within the barrier as they barked every so often during the growls. The smell of their flesh was horrid it seemed that they would not leave as they waited for the prey to come out and play.-


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 30, 2013 09:21PM
“Two hours was the max I could allow a woman of your age allow to stay. If you hadn’t noticed your exhausted as well you aged two years in your time there. If I would have let you stay any longer the risk would have been higher.”

Charlotte turned her head side on to Arren, and if looks could kill. “My age? Are you saying..I’m old?” No woman liked to be told something like that, but it only got worse when he told her to take a look at her hair. There was a small pond nearby, and she was going to see if she could spot her reflection and find out what was up with her hair. Sure enough, when Charlotte leaned forward, she saw the large grey sliver of hair that mixed in with the black. “Eek. My hair!” She drew her fingers through it, and saw it was very real. Just then she remembered her children, being back in Lorewall with Anya and she asked if they were going to be safe. Arren had his response, but it didn’t help her feel any better.

“The reason why I sent Jalal and Imayaruk after both Anya and Sarah. I knew with here and not in Shadow’s home world that this could have been the best choice. I know my nephew’s judgment all to well. He will bring your kids that are with Anya. I will be able to protect them for the time being.”

Chalotte was trying to remember who Jalal and Imayaruk were, and she shook her head. “You really trust those two?…these are my children, and Shadow’s. If anything happened to them…” her voice trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence. Her worst nightmare was that something would happen and she was too far away to stop it. At that moment, she realized how much she needed Conan. And oddly enough, who should throw Gonzu out of that medical room? Oh he was mad, and in need of a cigarette, which he had and took a puff relaxing, after berating Gonzo and anyone else who would listen in that room. Approaching Charlotte, he took a different tack.

“So Spider monkey what did I miss?” 

“Whatever you do…don’t drink the tea. I did…and now, look at my hair.” She didn’t think he would be ready to hear, she went to the afterlife to see Shadow. Not yet anyways, with his temper. He had groaned in pain from trying to stretch, and Charlotte whispered. “No yoga classes for at least a week.”



“Yes…now let me sleep.

Anya was not ready to sleep or watch tv after she heard that same noise again. From the bed, Anya moved into the shadows, and kept her ears open, to hear what was coming, while she remained hidden.
Course, Jalal and Imay had come to find the children, and Anya decided she was going to make some noise, and bust some ass. Luna was happily tucked in her bed, unaware of the madness happening, till she heard.

“ANYA SMASH!” Did she think she was the Hulk? another voice…oh there were more people in the room. What would her Mother say? Instead of yelling out, she tossed pillows and cushions at the Scene, and cried out. “Tell them…to go away. This room has become too noisy.” Luna buried herself under the blankets and hoped it would all go away.


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 30, 2013 10:04PM
Balcony in Lorewall

-Jalal had just managed to get up and was speaking to Imay saying…

” This looks like Lorewall, though I am not sure exactly where we are. ” 

That was when he got smashed in the head by a random child with a HAMMER!

“OWWW! What was that for?” He said,

Totally bewildered he hears Imay calling out,


Not hurt by the attack due to his armor rune, Jalal was more stunned than anything. He was on his knees trying to figure out

who had just attacked him and who exactly Imay was calling out to…

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 30, 2013 10:24PM
– Imay’s expression of concern instintly turned to pure joy hearing Anya yell from behind, “Anya Smash”, there was the little trouble maker he loved. He quickly turned around just in time to see Anya beat Jalal with her hammer. “Easy skirt he is with me.” Imay playfully chidded, “Now Anya Uncle Arren sent me and Jalal here to come get you. Are you alone here”? Imay’s face went very serious as he bent down in front of her before stretching out his arms ready to hug her. While he waited for Anya to hug him Imay heard a young girl yell to Anya get everyone one to quiet down, “Oh and skirt you might need to say goodbye to your little friend since Conan and Arren are waiting for us.


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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 31, 2013 02:36PM
Gabriel looked down at Sarah as she heard the name, Conan slip from her lips for she had recognized the name but she did not know how and where she heard his name from. She pondered for a bit but then cringed at the smell of rotten flesh that reeked of death and decay. She snapped her head towards the direction of the hiss that was obviously directed at her which only caused her to cling the child closer to protect her. Once she saw what she witness crawl out of the shadows, she snarled in disgust at the sight of a mangled Doberman whose skin was peeling off in many different places throughout the body and the sight of looking at the bone and muscle tissue was just revolting to the normal eye but the sight did not phase her not one bit. She growled in response to its infernal barking then narrowed her eyes as she saw five more rolling out of the shadows. She grabbed her wakizashi to defend Sarah and her but was taken surprise at the now activated barrier that seemed to have activated when the first mangled mutt decided to lunge at the two to capture them. She gave a soft, emotionless laugh as she saw the beast hurl backwards as it whimpered in searing pain from the barrier. Though the other dog who had barked made Gabriel turn her head as she realized that all of the beasts had blood dripping from their growling maws. She instantly tensed back up, drawing her weapon just in case the mangled dogs found a way into the barrier since she now saw them surrounding the area that Sarah and Gabriel were sitting it though they were protected but unknown magic. The scent of their rotting flesh burnt the hairs in Gabriel’s nose but she had found a way to withstand the horrid scent that seemed to scare all forms of life. She questioned herself, “Who or what had sent these horrid creatures after Sarah and I? What does this being want?” Many questions were running through her seeking mind but she pushed them to the side to keep her focus on one thing, which was to protect Sarah from all danger.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 31, 2013 06:27PM
-Arren sighed as he watched Charlotte freak out then she had directed her attention on who he sent after Anya and Sarah as he nodded hearing her words.- “You really trust those two?…these are my children, and Shadow’s. If anything happened to them…” -He looked directly in her eyes as he knew she was worried and knew that she thought that something would happen to them as he interrupted her before she could finish.- “Imayaruk is Shadow’s brother, You should know Shadow’s family has a long line of oaths making them for the benefit of others. Once a Gorya has accepted a task they will succeed or die trying. This is an honor for Imayaruk, He will do this to the best of his ability. He won’t fail I know he won’t for he is the wielder of a reforged weapon that I once wielded when I was just a living deity. As for Jalal he seems to be strong enough to be able to hold his own. As my own theory as to what is at work here. He has the power to dispel dark magic. Even in the end I have instructed them and given them the means to escort properly. If I am wrong about the both of them. I am to blame.” -He heard the explosion of sound as he directed his attention to Conan smirking at Gonzu who was thrown.-

-Conan smirked as he inhaled and exhaled the drag he took as he listened- “Whatever you do…don’t drink the tea. I did…and now, look at my hair.” -he could smell her scent off her with his noise as he back off for a moment as he asked her.- “Ok you either rolled in something dead or have jump into the afterlife and back, Either those or the tea made you smell a bit Charlotte” -he backed off a bit as he started to blow smoke around her trying to get rid of the smell. Then hearing her tell him.- “No yoga classes for at least a week.” =he smirked as he patted her back saying to her.- “well at least im standing now. Just have to pass on you watching your Yoga instructor teach you how to do a move.” -he stuck his tongue out at her giving a bit of a smart ass remark.-


-Anya looked at the man that had fallen to his knees and then heard Imayaruk as she started to tear up instantly only to hear him say.- “Now Anya Uncle Arren sent me and Jalal here to come get you. Are you alone here?” -She shook her heard only to answer him letting the Shadow hammer disappear.- “I am with Charlotte’s kids. Luna is really nice her and I have been sleeping in the same bed together.” -she made the remark getting excited only to have it smashed in a moments notice with what imayaruk said right after his other.- “Oh and skirt you might need to say goodbye to your little friend since Conan and Arren are waiting for us.” -she looked at him with a serious look as she shook her head saying.- “No, I am not going anywhere without Luna and Seven. Conan told me to stay with them till him and Charlotte got back. They are either coming with us or I am staying till they come and get me.” -she crossed her arms putting her chin up in a second giving a serious face not taking no for and answer.-

-Gabriel and Sarah may be protected but however the sounds of the dogs growls were muffled at the sound of a diesel engine in seconds as it rolled by slowly as it honked its horn. The driver in the truck looked out his window to see both the girls in the dark and the dogs around them. As he stopped his vehicle only to open his door holding a six shot smith & wesson 357. mag. In his hand yelling out the Sarah and Gabriel as he said.- “Hang on Im coming to help yall.” -he was just human as the man stepped down the skinless hounds turned around looking at the man with gun. Growling and bark as the man stopped mid way only to them all notice him. He cocked the hammer on the back of the gun taking aim. In that moment the man did not see the dog that was laying on the ground that had been hurled. The bloody hound got up slowly only to run at the man as he bite the man’s arm forcing the gun out of his hand. The other hands quickly ran up to the man instantly starting to have a great feast they had been delivered the first meal. As one of the dogs bite down on the mans face pulling as hard it as it could the man was now screaming in agonizing pain. It seemed that the worst nightmare for this man was here. He was being eaten alive as he screamed another dog started to rip open the mans guts pulling out intestines biting down as blood poured out on the floor. It was a bloody mess the dog that had a hold of the mans face quickly jerked with its jaw locked ripping off the skin and cartilage in the mans noise you could hear the snap of the broken cartilage this man was seriously bleeding out. the dogs started to feast on entrails it truly was a meal for them as the mans screams of the agonizing pain had stopped the blood lose had become to great with vital organs being torn open. As well as the massive bleeding this man was dead in only seconds of two vital areas being opened. The 5 liters of blood within this man was now all over the sidewalk. They sounds of hunger hounds was all that could be heard for the moment this night has now turned into a nightmare for the living.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 01, 2013 03:02AM
Was Charlotte always this vain about her appearance, or was it that she hadn’t really drunk her coffee? The emotions she felt could be described as being like a roller coaster, a ride that when she got thrown off, in effect, she wasn’t too happy about. The matter of her children however, she was serious about. Already with many still in Lorewall in the Spire of Arachnea, she had yet to even go see them, let alone check in on Anya with the twins; Luna and Seven. Arren’s words to comfort her or reassure her that the two he sent to get the kids, were more than capable and if they failed in their duty of care, that Charlotte could blame him. But, did he even know her kids? Hell, Conan had one hell of a time with Seven, everyone did. He had hit that age, where he believed either he was right, the adults were wrong, or he simply would not pay heed to authority figures. Charlotte stopped a moment, from toying with her new silver streak, to listen with her head tilted with an unsure look as he explained himself.

Imay was Shadow’s brother and that alone should carry enough wait in an argument, that he would do his best to ensure the children’s safety, especially since Anya was family to him. Jalal, was strong with the dark arts, and could hold his own in the face of the fight. But these were her children…and to top it off, undeveloped Bebilith with attitude. Charlotte raised her eyes to the sky, just fearing the kinds of things Seven would be saying…or doing for that matter.

“Oi vey.

Right on cue, Conan made his appearance before Arren and Charlotte, and it seemed his comedic wit had also returned, along with his love of his cigarettes.

“Ok you either rolled in something dead or have jump into the afterlife and back, Either those or the tea made you smell a bit Charlotte” 


“I DO NOT SMELL!” Charlotte argued, then raised her arm and sniffed her armpit, just to be sure. Glaring at him the next thing she knew he was blowing smoke at her, to kill whatever it was on her that smelt so bad. Coughing, she waved her hand in front of her face. “Must…you do that. I don’t smoke, but now you are making me smell like a smoker.” Oh this was magical. Why was it, men were pissing her off so much today? Could it get any worse? She thought to herself, as Conan poked his tongue out at her. He joked with her about not getting any lookey for now at least at watching any fancy yoga moves, and she rolled her eyes. “Some days…I wish I were a lesbian.”


All the commotion and excitement, along with the two strange men in her room, had Luna sit up in bed….and…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rather loudly too. This…brought her twin, Seven running from his room, only to see Anya cuddling a bloke and another one looking…a bit lost. Instantly, Seven went on the defensive.

“Oi..What you two doing in MY sister’s room….and get your hands off Anya…You don’t know where she has been?”


He then started to do some karate kid movie like moves, while Luna hid under her cover.

“Mum said never talk to strangers…She never said they could COME into your room!”



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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 01, 2013 05:06PM
-Jalal had fallen back dazed, having been hit with a hammer, when several different voices started to speak to him.
His reaction caused them all to clammor towards the two of them though Imay seemed to handle the situation rather promptly by talking to one of them, the one with the hammer, saying… “Easy skirt he is with me.” 
Jalal didnt argue but simply stood erect and dusted himself off. Making no untoward moves he simply said..
” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlottes kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. ” 
Looking towards Imay he saw the others gather in yelling as well but paid them no mind he had said his peace.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 02, 2013 05:14PM
– Imay looked at Anya in the eyes and smiled as he said, “Ok squirt though your leaving without me”. Imay’s shoulders tensed slightly hearing Luna screem and saw a young boy rush into the room.'”Oi..What you two doing in MY sister’s room….and get your hands off Anya…You don’t know where she has been?”, Imay couldn’t help but blink before he he started laughing almost as joyously as Santa. “Wow ok kid sorry didn’t realize it was your sisters room, and unless your a midget dragon slayer I will not let go of my favorite niece.” Imay finally managed to say after he finished laughing. “Jalal open up the portal you are going through with them then come back.” As Imay started to give orders to Jalal he dug into his pouch at his left hip pulling out a vile of flaiming blood and held them towards Anya, “Squirt dump half the vile and throw that out the window. He then turned to the the girl that had screemed bloody murder, “I assume your Luna. You and your brother need to gather up your things and go with Jalal. Arren and your mother will be on the other side of the portal. Imay then drew out another orb of black obsidian and a vile of blood just as dark. He then set the stone down on the floor and poured a small amount of blood on it. As soon as the blood hit the stone it shown a gentle purple before the stone was replaced with a dark skinned woman with a slender build. “Kuria get into the shadows and start looking for Sarah, I’m sure she is hidding out somewhere with this Gabriel person Arren sent us to get.”