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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
May 11, 2014 06:48AM
A Page in TimeChapter Nine

When in Sparta



IceTe3a: He was staring at Nadia as she couldn’t figure out what they were looking at, his hues glance quickly back to the reflection as the two people were now staring at them with a smile, it was eerie to look at himself like that.. was this fate? What exactly was going on, he looked at Nadia as she reached for the liquid, he pushed her hand back and shook his head “Don’t, let me touch it just in case. Don’t want you getting hurt now” he smiled lightly as he let go of her hand and ruffled the back of his hair “here goes nothing I suppose?” he gulped down a mouth full of saliva as he reached out slowly he noticed the other him was doing exactly the same, his fingers were dangling inches away from the liquid as he looked at Nadia with a slightly worried look, time to man up he thought to himself as he leaned forward the tips of his fingers sink into the liquid “huh.. it’s cold..” he said as he tried to pull his fingers back with no success “they’re stuck..” he gripped his wrist with his other hand and tried to pull his hand free “It won’t come loose!” suddenly he could feel his hand being pulled into the liquid slowly he was being dragged into the liquid his arm was engulfed into the liquid within moments “Nadia!” he said as he quickly disappeared into the liquid out of sight, as he did the reflection of him in the liquid disappeared from view as well. It was black.. he couldn’t see anything it felt like ages suddenly he was thrown out as he passed through the liquid to the other side in ancient Greece he flew straight past the other female “Shiit!” he said as he landed hard head first on the stone floor *Bang!* the hit to his head knocked him out for awhile as he laid on the floor on his stomach out cold. His clothing had changed he was wearing the same thing his reflection had on, A red traditional Spartan cape with the leather browned pants, he even had the same scarring that his reflection did. The reflection female watched him as he fell through and was knocked unconscious on the floor she than turned back to look at Nadia with a smile. All of this was viewable by Nadia as she was on the other side still left behind by him as he told her he’d touch it first. Dante didn’t know it yet, but he had been transported back in time to Ancient Greece where he took over the life of his past life back in Ancient Greece, who he was and what he was back then remained to be seen.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia placed her hand up to her right cheek, and the woman in the reflection did the same thing – only she was smiling slyly as she did it. A twinkle in her eyes almost as you could see her coy reaction to Nadia realizing that they were one and the same. Nadia made goose lips like in a selfie and the girl in the reflection did it too. Only, she winked after Nadia had done it. This was like a sick game as the other Nadia was enjoying watching the modern self become horribly confused. When Nadia had reached out to touch her other self, Dante pulled her hand away as though he didn’t want to see her get into harm. “But but..” she protested. Her words fell on deaf ears however, for Dante decided if anyone was going to try it was going to be him. “Be careful.” Nadia urged; watching with closely and holding her breath as though he was about to go underwater. The tension was rising and exploded as soon as Dante realized that he was stuck. “they’re stuck..” he cried, pulling on his wrist with his free hand. Nadia gasped as she went in behind him and grabbed onto his waist to try and pull him back. The force however of his other side was pulling him in, and the next thing she knew he had vanished or been consumed by the liquid wall. “DANTE!” she screamed. She found herself now alone in the temple and facing her other self, who at this point was laughing. “Give him back!” Nadia growled at her other self, who simply shook her head and gestured with her finger for Nadia to follow. Thinking for a moment, she quickly looked behind her and then ran back out to get the journal. Her father’s journal. She snatched it up off the ground and was about to grab her back pack, when suddenly out of a hole in the wall, Jason appeared. “YOU!” he cried out, seeing the woman he had been hunting all this time. Nadia threw the backpack at him, and with only the journal in her hands, she raced back inside the temple, where the image in the picture was smiling. She was nodding as if to tell Nadia to hurry. Not really thinking, she ran straight into the watery landscape, where she felt the cold sensation as her body seemed to turn into liquid before being thrown out on the other side. Nadia landed with a loud thud on the ground – her mirror image was gone, however she was now dressed like her image had been. Even her hair was different, all curly and bound up with a golden hair ribbon. She was now wearing a long white robe that was tied on her right shoulder with a golden seal, and her feet had on sandal like lace up shoes. Gasping she looked back at the watery image and slowly saw it dissipate as Jason was seen running around the temple looking for Nadia. Finally it was gone, and they were both now in another time….another place. Ancient Greece. “Oh…heck.” she said, till she realized she was still holding her father’s journal. Not all was lost. <3>

IceTe3a: **Groans** rolling on his back, he rubs his head slowly “Fuck me dead, what a trip” he said out aloud as he groaned again, it took him awhile as he opened his eyes he could feel a warm wind blowing through and softly caressing his face it felt like a mid summers breeze as he looked around he noticed this wasn’t the temple, sitting up he looked, he was in a bedroom a large bed spun with white silk and pillows an armor and weapon rack to one side and a clothing rack full of females clothing on the other, like a his and hers bedroom he could smell the scent that could only be smelt in Greece by the smell of fresh flowers flowing through the air “Ugh how’d I end up on mainland, where am I…” he said as he came to stand up he noticed the other female standing there and looked her over it was Nadia.. but.. different, it was that reflection version of her “Right, where am I, who are you and what have you done with me!” he demanded as he towered over the female as he came closer, his muscles flexing into place as he hadn’t noticed he was only wearing his red cape and his traditional Greek shorts all else was bare skin and somewhat scarred as his toned muscles were there for the world to see. Noticing she was holding the Journal that could mean only one thing.. “Nadia?!” he said as he picked her up and hugged her close to him before setting her down. Turning around to get his bearings he looked out the door that lead straight to the outside, “Huh this door leads straight outside weird for a bedroom to have a door like this but not so much in ancient times, lets the air flow through” he smiled as he walked past her and checked the other rooms coming back shortly he arched a brow “We’re in an ancient Greek house a rather large one to be exact..” he chuckled slightly as he walked back to her and sat down right behind her he leaned against the walls. “Last I remember.. I touched that liquid and fell through.. I saw a pair of hot legs.. and then I woke up” he chuckled as he reached out his fingers gripped her robe as he gently pulled her down to sit on his lap and lean against him, she as much as him would need someone they knew close to them right now to get over the initial shock of it all. “So.. you’re best guess? And the journal what did it say?” he rubs his forehead as he leans his stubble covered chin against her soft shoulder and sighed in relief.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The dazzling light shone through the open door way and christened Nadia’s face, while the gentle warm breezes teased her curls, as she rose to standing. All around her was furniture and clothes from a time far removed from the modern era. Slowly, Nadia turned around so her mind could take in everything she was seeing. A rack of women’s clothes, stores of armor and weaponry. A large canopy bed and seating that was fashioned with woven fabrics. It was rich, opulent. Clearly whoever did live here were well to do and high up in society. Still clutching her father’s journal, she looked down at her own attire – a nervous hand running along the cloth, touching it to get a sense for the delicate fabric. She even picked up a lock of her own curls, and marvelled at the luxurious feel. Even her own scent had changed as though she had bathed her skin in exotic fragrant oils. Her skin was sun kissed and smooth. Her hands were without calluses or cuts like they had been from the dive back in her own time. Everything about her was different. She was just getting over the changes, when she heard the rumble from the man beside her. Oh this was the man that she had seen in the image on the wall. He looked so much like Dante, and when he opened his mouth, he sounded like him too. “Fuck me dead, what a trip” He said with a groan. He spoke English and he swore like the modern day Dante. Only thing was when he saw her, he thought she was not his Nadia. He came at her, looming over Nadia like a giant, and an angered one at that. Demanding to know who she was, until he spotted the journal and pieced together that she was in fact HIS Nadia. Enveloping her in a tight hug of reassurance she mumbled that she too had found herself being swallowed by the liquid picture. Only when he had pulled her down onto his lap and nursed her as he struggled with the enormity of the situation did he then ask about the journal. Carefully she flipped it open and she saw the very temple that they had entered, along with a mirror. “I…think we passed through the doorway to this world.” No kidding. Glancing up at Dante she then said. “If my Father knew about this, he must have been here before.” Chewing her lip, she looked around for other signs of life. “What if he is here…somewhere?” This would mean venturing out, but in this world, they were not themselves. First things first. “We need to find out…who we are.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he felt her back press up against her chest, her weight pressing down on his body was a strange reassurance that he had been getting used to through the times they have been together, he watched as she flicked through the journal and said they had passed through a portal back into time, this reassured his already guessed theory “I agree we are back in ancient Greece, this house, the weaponry and your clothing all state this” he said the last part with a smirk as he whistled at her “Your looking good Nadia” she looked exactly like herself just dressed in different clothing and her hair styled differently. Nadia stated that her father might be in this world somewhere and that they would have to try and find him but first they would have to figure out who they were. He nodded in agreement “Look, we not only need to figure out who we are in this time, but act like them too otherwise we’ll be caught out in the act. Last thing we need is trouble” he smiled as he grabbed her waist slowly and pushed her to a stand, he came up to stand behind her as his body pressed hers he gave her one last reassuring hug as he walked to the middle of the room and picked up the sword and shield with ease, he started swinging the sword around in between his fingers doing different tricks “Heh, I think I was a Spartan in these times” as he placed the sword in its sheath on his waist and the shield slung around to rest on his back, reaching down he grabbed his traditional Spartan helmet and placed it on for a moment taking to a Spartan warriors pose to try and pull it off. Taking the helmet back off he placed it on the Armor rack sitting in its right place he arched a brow as he walked over to the other side of the bed and looked at the female clothing “Huh.. I was with someone in this life” it took him a moment as he clicked .. His reflection was staring at Nadia’s reflection as she had her arms wrapped around his arm as slow as he was to come to this realization he knew Nadia being smarter would have already figured that one out. As he slowly looked over at her he rubbed the back of his head slightly his cheeks slightly starting to go red “Ahhh…” he said as he crossed his arms again “erm..” he didn’t want to be blunt about it but he wanted to see if she had come to the same thing, Giles had already known that Dante fancied Nadia, it was obvious to Giles and Dante knew that Giles knew his feelings for her were growing slightly, but it wasn’t that obvious was it? “So erm.. you don’t think Ancient Greek me and you.. I mean, erm” he coughed slightly as he glanced back at her “Looks like we were living together and stuff” he chuckled slightly as he rubbed his head once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dante let out a loud wolf whistle as he took in the new look Nadia in her Grecian clothes. It actually made her blush some that he found her attractive in this time. Her cheeks showed a growing redness as she cast her eyes down and twisted her toe into the stone floor. She gripped the edge of her robe and swung her shoulders from side to side, much like you would imagine a school girl finding out that her crush had a thing for her. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She mused as she let her own eyes dance right over his very well built form. Muscular, and with a outfit on that showed an awful lot of leg. Nadia had to admit he wore it well. Closing the book, she set it down on one of the tables, before folding her arms and then watching as Dante took up one of the swords. He swung it around effortlessly – like it was a toy to him almost. The sword was rather large, and to see him wield it like that made her wonder just how strong he really was. But the best part was when he placed on the helm. He looked like one of the warriors out of 300, and this had Nadia giggle with amusement. “I had no idea the helmets were so ornate.” The brush of red across the top made him look even taller than he really was. “It’s like you are ready to march off into battle.” Dante was quick to point out that if they were going to find out who they were, they needed to act like Ancient Greeks. Now, that might be a lot harder to do than first thought. Nadia’s range of the Greek language was limited. She started to wonder if she should claim to have laryngitis. Thinking of how they could pull this off, another thought sprung to mind and this in part was due to Dante’s sudden realization that HE had someone in his life as a companion, and when it dawned on him who, he became incredibly nervous. So erm.. you don’t think Ancient Greek me and you.. I mean, erm” Nadia’s face was one like a fish out of water. Everything pointed to them being in a relationship. “I…I only see one bed.” She said, pointing this out and then looking nervous. “The couple in the mirror…looked very much in love with each other.” That was putting it mildly. Glancing around she had to agree now with Dante that in this world, they were a couple. “You know…we can pretend here. Like…you know. I could…sleep on the couch.” <3>

IceTe3a: He glances at the bed and back at her as he nods “right so we were.. are a couple and no, what if someone came it that be hard to explain, this will have to be the real thing” he nodded as he shrugged it off coming to walk over to her to reassure her he cups her cheeks softly and leans in, planting a kiss without warning as he kissed her passionately, the kiss lasted for only a moment before he pulled back “Wasn’t that bad was I?” he smiled as he took her by the hand and led her outside to see the new world they found themselves in, they find themselves outside as he pulls her in front of him and wraps his arms around her gently as she pressed against his body. He glanced around the open plains as they stretched on for ages, the sound of men and females training, as workers did their trades it was a typical ancient Greek town. Fully self sufficient and ready to battle this indeed was Sparta as he watched people walk by and say hello or gave a nod, he arched a brow as he realized they were actually saying Hello, but Ancient Greeks didn’t know English.. “Did you hear that guy say hello?” obviously the portal they came through must have allowed them to fully understand and speak Ancient Greek, just what was going here. Pulling her back inside he turns to face her “Ok this is real stuff, let’s look for clues in our house shall we?” he arched a brow as he walked around the room and hit the floor hard first place he started to look was under the bed before coming out and going into the next room, you could hear rustling of papers and stuff as he arched a brow “Who would need all this reading material” he sighs as he comes back into the room with his hands full of scrolls and a female armor suit, it was quite revealing “Not telling me something?” he smirked and arched a brow as he threw the female leather armor at her feet gently with a chuckle. “Looks like you knew how to stand your ground, perhaps you were… a more dominate female, head female?” he chuckled as he shrugs “Suits you, oh and there’s a bath back here like the one in that temple” he disappeared back into the bathroom that was filled with hot air and steam rising, the smell of beautiful oils were in the air, this room was meant for bathing and relaxing as he continued onto the next room which was obviously a kitchen and dining room. Full of hanging herbs and meats, with vegetables stored in places “Traditional Greek cooking, oh yes please!” he walked back to Nadia and smiled “This place is awesome!, we’re on top of the hill looking down at the main town. Looks like we were some bodies in this place, a few neighbouring houses but they’re not that close that they can hear us” he chuckled and shrugs “Maybe if we yelled at the top of our lungs they would” as he shrugged he asked the obvious question “Are we known as Nadia and Dante in here or something else?” he wondered if she had found anything out whilst he had been exploring, he looks around and sees another door in which he opens it up and finds a rather large room with animal skins all across the floor a fireplace, a table with a giant map of Greece on it and lounges “Obviously the strategic and study room” he smirks as he glances back to Nadia “Bet we’d spend a few nights in here” he chuckles and walks back to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sound of the leather and metal of the female’s armour hit the floor at Nadia’s feet, and she was quick to scoop them all up into her arms, but curious about the idea that she was a fighter back in the ages of the Ancient Greeks. The very idea that she would fight men like Dante as a Spartan had her almost swallow her own tongue. Her fingers ran across the textured leather gauntlets, and she could tell that this was specially made to fit a specific person. Her. Turning on the ball of her right foot, she went over to a screened area and going behind it she decided to try the armour on. Slipping off her robe, she hung it over the top of the screen, but with the sheerness of the fabric Dante would be able to see her female form like a silhouette in behind it. One thing that Nadia was shocked about was that she had a six pack. Her stomach was like a washboard, and this shocked her. Even her arms and legs were slightly muscular. The fitting of the pants that were cutting right up her outer thighs, and then the brazier like top that left nothing to the imagination had her giggling again. No one in her college would have dared believe to see her looking like this. With leg guards and gauntlets, she finally stepped out and was clipping on the red cape behind her as she showed her new look off to Dante. “Tah dah. Okay I look the part, but can I actually fight?” She questioned, as she reached for a large sword and tried to pick it up. Sure enough, she was able to wield it with ease. Cutting through the air, the metal blade whistling in harmony with its owner. Nadia let out a laugh as she went into a series of fighter stances, then piroted and danced across the floor, slashing and swiping at an imaginary opponent. When she finally came to a stop, she uttered. “I make this look good.” Her smile was infectious, and she sheathed the blade, before going off to find Dante, who had reached a study chamber, that had maps and fur rugs littering the tables and floor. “So this is what a den looks like in Ancient Greece. Nice.” She added, only coming to see the piles of scrolls and parchments. It was like whoever livedt their knew a great deal about the town and the people. She picked up one and it was a list for a tournament being held within the village. “Did they do sparring in this era? Or just march off to war?” Nadia was genuinely curious as she handed Dante the parchment. <3>

IceTe3a: Watching her pick up the armor she walked behind a thin layer of paper just her shadow could be seen on it as she stripped down he arched a brow and gave another sexy whistle, “Dana na! na! nana!” he started to sing a cheesy stripper song as he let out a cheeky laugh, he walked over towards the study but not before he got a quick look at her without the shades covering her as he passed by and went back into the den. He was looking over the strategic map as he started to read a few of the notes “Looks like we’re the heads of this town, I think I might lead our towns army” he chuckled as he looked on the map where they were “Sparta.. We’re Spartans! “he chuckled as he remembered the movie that was so cheesy. He could hear her doing something in the next room as he took a peek he saw her practicing with the sword as he smiled lightly and snuck back into the den, cute he thought to himself as he looked out the window and smelled the food of the town, there must be a market place down there “Oh god that food smells good” he said as his stomach grumbled demanding him to eat Greek food. He watched as she came into the study wearing the full armor outfit he whistled “Damn, you make that look sexy, I don’t know which I’d rather you in that or the robe” he smirked as he looked around the den “Indeed this is a den” he chuckled as he took the paper from her and read it “Mhm, sparring was a daily occurrence for Ancient Greeks especially Spartans, they were born to battle, they train daily. They’re a warrior clan but there are scholars as well. Even the females were feared throughout Greece” he smirked as he chuckled and grabbed her by the hand leading her into the den he sat her down on one of the couches “Even though you have to fit the dominate female part, that doesn’t mean I want you getting into physical fights” he was being protective over her as always as he smiled down at her and gave her a reassuring hug “Now, what’s next? Shall we study some more, or go explore the city a bit” he smiled “We could go get some proper food into us, you can experience true Greek food, and we can both explore this new world slowly while we find your father! We just have to act our parts.” He smiled as he gave her a wink and pulled her up quickly so her palms would find their way to press against his chest along with her body.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Drawn up to standing quickly Nadia found her hands pressed flat to Dante’s chest. He gave off this noble air and at first she was awestruck of him behaving this way. Hell if this was a romance novel, she wouldn’t be putting it down for a week. His protectiveness shone through when he told her that he didn’t want to see her get into many fights if she could avoid it. Nadia had to admit that she was a bit nervous about the whole deal of being Spartans. “Okay, well you can do the fighting and….I will be your cheer squad.” Her face showing a bemused smile, but she still felt the warm tingle of her lips from when he had kissed her so passionately earlier. Could it be she was herself falling for him? Play acting being a couple was only going to cement this further. But first things first. Dante was hungry, as his stomach had protested just a few moments ago after they both smelt the lingering scent of someone’s cooking. Possibly from a market place nearby. That in mind, Nadia nodded and answered Dante in his quest to know what to do first. “Feed you. I am sure you are dying to try some Ancient Greek food. We just need to find where they keep their purses or…gold and then go shopping. I have a feeling Visa card won’t work down here.” That being a joke about how dining out in the modern day was sure to be a lot different to this era. Then Nadia looked down at her own attire and asked. “Think its cool for me to wander down main street dressed like this?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled and looked down at her as her fingers pressed up against his skin, he gives her a quick hug and then pulls away as she starts to state she’ll be his cheer squad he laughs and shakes his head “That’s right, I’ll protect you” he glances around the room as his stomach rumbles again “Ugh, I hope they have some goat cooking!” he shivers at the thought of proper Greek food as he hadn’t had any since he was with Nadia. She stated we’d need money to buy food as he chuckled “Don’t know that much about Greeks huh, They’re more than likely to feed us for free and decline our gold, Greeks are extremely friendly like that and when it comes to food, they’ll always feed anyone for free.” As he walks over to the bed and shoves his hand behind the pillows he pulls out his hand clutching a leather satchel full of golden drachma, tossing her the coin bag he smiles “You’re the female so you get the gold, that’s how it is. Remember 3 drachma can buy a full goat and 5 drachma is a lot. So it’s like 100$ for 5 drachma. 1 Drachma will get you all the food you could ever eat in one sitting and then some more” he nods as he walks over to her with a smile on his face, he links her arms around one of his as he guides her outside onto the hilltop that overlooked their city. Taking in a deep breath as the warm summer breeze blows gently against their skin, the mixed aroma’s of the foods and flowers tantalized the senses as his hues gave over the sun golden plains and blue skies. The town was bellow them as a dirt trail lead from their house, past the neighbours houses a few meters away and down to the town. “Come on!” he said excited as he pulled her along the dirt trail gently, they casually strolled down the dirt track as reached the start of the main town, the screams and shouts of men training and sparring could be heard only to have the blacksmiths bashing on his anvil drowning it out as they passed it. Potters, bakers, fishermen, clothing, furniture and more was all created and gathered from the townspeople, each town was more than self sufficient but each town had their own specialist as Sparta was renowned for having the best warriors in all of Greece. Finally what Dante was waiting for, as he came to where he smelled the food. Popping his head in with a cheeky grin he heard a older lady scream “Ahhh!! Dante, Nadia!! Come in come in!! what brings you down here, sit sit!!” a shorter and slightly larger older lady around the age of 50 comes rushing towards the two and cuddles them both as she invites them in. “Hahaha!” he grabs her by the cheeks and kisses her forehead as he would his own YiaYia (grandmother). She pats him on the back with a big smile as he leads Nadia in to sit down next to him “I could smell your cooking from up at my place, I couldn’t resist!” her face lights up with the biggest grin as she walks up to him and pinches his cheek “Oooo you’re a growing big boy, you know what’s best for you eh!” she smiled as she looks over at Nadia “Oh Nadia so beautiful, no wonder you stole this one’s heart. So feisty the two of you but you so skinny. You need to eat more, come sit I make you food” she rushes off to her kitchen which was in the same room “Grandma, don’t encourage her like that, I’m starving and she won’t feed me!” he played the sympathy card as she turned around “Aye wadda mater with you, you better treat her right or I’ma smack your head in, Vwap!” she smiled and wiggled her finger at him “Of course grandma!” he smiled and turned to Nadia giving her a kiss on the cheek, which was returned with a squeal from the old lady “Ooooo young love, so beautiful. Come come sit. I make you goat slovaki eh?.” She was quick on it too as she threw down two oversized plates with perfectly seasoned and cooked goat, Skorthalia, tzatziki, pita bread and a freshly cut lemon. Dante stared at it for just a second as he felt a smack across the back of his head “whats wrong eh? You no like my cooking? Eat eat!” the old lady had smacked him for not digging in fast enough. “No no, I love it! I was just distracted by the smell, It’s been so long since I’ve had your cooking. I missed it!” he said as he started hoofing down the meat shoving it into his mouth and half chewing it as he swallowed, dipping it into the skorthalia sometimes and sometimes the tzatziki, “Ohh your so kind to me, both of you. You know how to make a old lady happy!” she smiled as he glanced over to Nadia and looked from her to her food to point out she should eat.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With the gold satchel tied to her waist, Nadia was happily escorted from the house on the hill down the winding dirt path till finally reaching the village below. It was like something out of the set of a movie almost, but real. Everything was so colourful and vibrant. The very senses were being treated royally, and so many faces with people of all walks of life living in harmony. There was no modern technology, no cars, no buses, no people walking around like zombies glues to their phones. People here actually talked and interacting with each other on a level that Nadia was about to find out would be even more incredible, when their names were sung out by an older lady who rushed out of her home – arms wide open to embrace them both. Dante got right into the spirit and acknowledged her as though he had known her all his life. The woman’s face was illuminated by a huge smile as Dante expressed how it was her cooking that brought him down from their house on the hill. She even clapped her hand over her mouth to suppress her laughter when the older lady called him a growing boy. He was more than grown in her eyes. Nadia took her hand away when the woman told her that she had stolen Dante’s heart. Had she really? She glanced at Dante and smirked before nodding in agreement, having trouble keeping up with the fast pace talking. Was this what Greek families were like in general? She had not had much to do with her Father’s family so this was a bit of a shock to watch. Invited in and made to sit by Dante, Nadia took her place, only to have large plates crammed with food placed directly in front of her. It was a hill…no a mountain of food. She had not seen that much food on a single plate in her life. Looking around for cutlery, she then heard the whack as the woman struck Dante on the back of the head for not eating fast enough. Eek…was that the punishment? Nadia quickly mimicked Dante and picked up a piece of meat and dunked it into the skorthalia. Placing it into her mouth, she made a sound like she was having an orgasm. The food melted in her mouth, so delicious. “Oh God.” She exclaimed, reaching for another piece. She was in seventh heaven. Nadia was not going to have any trouble putting this meal away. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched Nadia’s expression as she tasted true Greek food for the first time, her face said it all as he smirked and looked at the old lady nodding over to Nadia “I think she might like it more than me” he said as he looked down at his plate he was pretty much done. The older lady laughed and waved him off as she started to go red in the face slightly “Ya ya, here eat eat” she filled his plate back up and smiled as she pulled out a glass of fresh water and placed a lemon in it for them both. “ Grandma, this is beautiful! I have to get you to cook me some fresh pasta sometime” she nodded her head in excitement as she rushed over and kissed his forehead “anytime anytime!!” she was excited they had come over to visit her, and even more excited that he was enjoying her meal. “what’s your secret eh?” he gave her a cheeky wink as she smiled and placed both hands over her heart “Love, lots of love in my cooking just like any Greek” he laughed and shook his head “Not any Greek can cook as good as you” he stated as his mouth was full of goat meat. The meat itself was so tender it fell apart at the touch, and had a almost sweet flavour to it as it melted in his mouth. After a while he finished off his plate and leaned back rubbing his stomach as she smiled. Pulling out a pipe and stuffing tobacco in it she lit it and gave it to him as he smelt it and thanked her, taking in a drag he blew it out with a sigh of relief as the tobacco was a lot sweeter in these times. He looked over to Nadia and smiled as she had just finished her plate, he looks over to the old lady who points to the rest of the food, typical Greeks over cooking leaving way to much left over “What you want me to do with the rest eh?” he smiles and nods out the door “Would you bring it up to our place and leave it in our cold storage for later?” she nodded and got up as she started pulling out more foods and cooking again “First I cook you more for later then I take to home okay, okay” he sat up and walked over to the old lady giving her a big hug and a kiss on the head she patted his arm as she was too busy with her cooking to care “You go now? Ok I busy cooking. I bring more food later.” She smiles and gives him a hug before going back to her cooking. He walks over to Nadia and grabs her by the hand gently and starts to lead her outside “You take care of her eh? Or ima smack you silly!” he laughs as he leaves the door “Cya later grandma!” walking back outside he lets out a big sigh of relief as he stretches “Now that’s food!” he said as he looked back down to Nadia and smiled “Shall we? Where to next?” he waited for her to take lead.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Stepping out of Dante’s grandmother’s house, Nadia felt so full that she actually belched loudly before covering her mouth. “Scuse me.” She said, blushing fiercely. Nadia patted her full stomach and then let out a huge sigh as she was overwhelmed by the meal she had just eaten. Dante wanted to know where to go next, and this was when Nadia pointed down the road to a place where you could see men training in the arts of swordsmanship, as well as wrestling. Excited by the sounds of shouting and noise she was really wanting to see the men fight up close. Reaching for Dante’s arm she said. “How about you work off that meal by showing me how you fight against the likes of the Greek solider, hmm?” She was actually daring him to get into a spar match for her amusement. Walking down through the town and coloured market stalls, with young children playing on the street and vendors shouting out about their wares, they drew closer to the fighting arenas. One in particular had men seated all the way around, chanting and cheering at the two that were in the middle. The clash of steel rang out loudly, and the men were dressed very similar to Dante. Coming to a stop near the entrance, many men looked up and saw the couple. A loud chant started, chorusing Dante’s name. Urging him to come in and take up a blade against one of his men. <3>

IceTe3a: She had pointed to the arena, which surprised him at first than she stated he should fight to work off the meal he just ate, he smirked and looked down at her “Are you calling me fat?” he chuckled as she basically dragged him along past the town and the market stalls, they were getting closer to the arena cheering and shouting could be heard as they walked in there were two men fighting with swords in the arena, a friendly sparing match but no blows held back as always. The crowd was going off then the two fighters stopped and looked up at him and Nadia, the crowd glanced over and started cheering then chanting his name edging him on to fight in the arena. Nadia basically pushed him forward as he stepped down and waved the crowd off “Alright you bunch of bloodthirsty beasts” this was met with a roaring laugh from the crowd of men as he left Nadia to stand on top of the stairs he looked back at her and blew her a kiss. His feet hitting the sand of the arena he thrusts his fist clenched up into the air “Spartans!” this was met with a rather loud “Haroh!” as they all stood up and beat their chest with a clenched fist before taking a seat down. “Who’s willing to fight me, hand to hand??” he smirked as one man came down, and put his hands into the air as the crowd cheered. Suddenly someone shouted from the crowd “Make it an interesting fight! You are the son of a god after all!!” the crowd cheered again but louder as two other men came walking down and stood next to the other one, he arched a brow and looked back at Nadia questioning what the other man said in his mind. He took his stance as he already knew very well how to fight in the ancient Greek style of Pankartion. “Come on then!” he shouted as he growled slightly, the first man the larger of the three pushed the other two back, wanting to claim victory for himself as he came directly at Dante. “Go Arthos! Hit him hard!!” Arthos came in fast with a right swing towards him, he grabbed his right hand with his left pushing it away as his muscles bulged out, his right fist follows through smacking Arthos in the jaw as blood came spitting out then it was on for young and old, Arthos landing a clean hit to the stomach, Dante landing a clean hit to the rib cage on the side. “Enough of this get in there you two!” the other two came in to take on Dante so all three would have better chances, he had to even out the odds as he grabbed Arthos’s next incoming blow and flipped him straight onto his back hard, following down with a deadly right blow that clipped his face breaking his nose and dislocating his jaw. Arthos the first to be knocked out as the crowd cheered, the last remaining two started to work Dante’s sides with a volley of punches as he stood there arms up taking the blows, funny thing the hits didn’t hurt as much as they should. It was almost like soft blows but he could see they weren’t holding back. A loud roar escaped his mouth as he swung his open palms on either side of their heads forcing their heads to collide smashing into each other as they stood there dazed. This is where Dante went to town on them, standing in between them he nailed the first one with two solid gut shots as he turned just in time to counter the second ones blow, throwing a upper cut it caught the guy under the chin and sent him flying off his feet back into the sand. The last guy gripped Dante from behind as he tried to squeeze him into submitting, Dante lent his head forward and sent it back with force, feeling the back of his head hit the guys face as he let go fast. Dante turned around jumped into the air as his legs gripped around the guys neck, twisting he locked the man’s neck in between his legs as they both fell to the ground. The guys hands scratching at Dante’s legs trying to get free soon his body went limp as he passed out. Letting go Dante came to a stand as the crowd cheered “SPARTANS” he cried out loudly as he was covered in the blood of his fallen comrades they all stood up even the ones that were defeated and started chanting “Haroh! Haroh! Haroh!” he walked up the stairs towards Nadia as people slapped him on the back, he looked like nothing had happened as he hadn’t even broken a sweat, the other 3 did looked injured but hardly looked fazed or even in pain as they continued to brawl around between the three of them. He made it up to Nadia and planted a kiss on her lips with forceful passion as the crowd watched on and cheered the second they kissed.