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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 12, 2014 06:44AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Seven

A Queen’s Desire



IceTe3a: He stood there as his fiery daemonic hues glared over to Nip, as she was talking to the wizard. He looked over to the small armed men who were still dazed from what just happened, honestly he hadn’t even attempted to kill them and this was their best? They would have to step up their game. Suddenly the wizard disappeared he stood there for a moment whilst Nip didn’t move he arched a brow and growled deeply as he started to walk over to Nip “Tell me he’s fucken disappeared to go home and get something to help us” he was getting closer as he looked pissed “Tell me that you did not force me to sleep for an entire day and keep me trapped on a small boat for no fucken reason” he came to stand next to her “I swear to which ever god you pray to, If you’ve been wasting my time I will skin that oversized lizard with wings while it’s still fucken alive” he growled as he crossed his arms and looked down at her. He looked up towards the guards as they seemed to get their act together and stand back in formation preparing to attempt to capture them again, he walked around in front of Nip as he glanced back at her “I’m not done with you” he grumbled as he faced the small army and its general “You want some fucken more? Because I can go all out if you want” he growled as his muscles flexed the pressure around him was getting heavier as he started to power up *Cracking sounds* the concrete floor under him started to crack from the sheer pressure build up of him powering up as he sunk down a Perfect circle caved inwards like a giant bowling ball had been dropped down and left a huge dent, the area inside was all cracked as his Aura from powering up was now visible to the naked eye. It almost looked like he was fading in and out of sight with visible lines appearing horizontally every so often all around him. “You will rule the fucken day you stepped up to me, I’m fucken over people” he said in his deep voice as electrical sparks started sparking off his entire body hitting random objects around the place and destroying them. “Anyone who gets in my way of trying to get myself free of this stupid elf child will wish I have killed them” as he crosses his arms a loud *Bang* appears as a blast of wind flies out in all directions around him buffering everything in its path, he was powered up to what he needed to be able to fuck this place up. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t peel your skin off your bodies slowly.” A devilish smile crackles across his face as he tilts his head “1…” he seemed to be counting down for some reason, soon they would find out why.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Whilst sitting upon her throne, hearing the pleas of another sad and sorry peasant, the Queen then heard the rumble in the distance of a great explosion. As though rock itself had been blasted by some great force. Larger than that of a cannon ball strike, and yet it was not natural. Earth quakes were uncommon in this part of the world. The Queen edged forward, her sharpened nails burrowing into the wood frame of the arm rests. Her eyes narrowed to slits while the mark upon her neck started to glow and burn white hot. A gasp escaped her lips while her heart beat faster. Her chest rose and fell sharply beneath the bodice of her gown. Could it be that the one that granted her great power had in fact come to reap his rewards? There was the flutter of wings in a nearby window and sure enough the Devil’s crow had landed. Bowing low as he caught the eye of the Ivory Queen. He knew who she truly was. Not this dour ivory draped creature whose beauty captivated many men and led them to their downfall. A former bride of Satan himself – let loose upon the land of mortals. The crow extended his wings and then folded them again, while red eyes blinked in a Morse like code. Had he lost his voice all of a sudden, or was he part of a Master plan that was unknown to all? The Queen brought her jewel encrusted hand to her lips and tapped those same plump lips as the edges curled upwards – ruthlessly. “My dear crow. Long time no see.” The court were all watching with curious expression, glancing to each other in wonder. Realizing this she rose to standing. A slight turn of the head and the Lord Chammersmouth quickly banged his staff to the floor. “That concludes today’s appointments. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!” Many replied but their voices soft – racked with disappointment to not having their pleas heard. The shuffle of feet leaving the grand Audience chamber followed by the slamming of the door then gave the Queen the opportunity to take on her true form. Black seemed to rise up like an oil slick from the very ground and changed the colour of her dress. Her hair was to become the colour of blood falling down from the ivory ringlets to flowing down her back in a torrent that just kissed the top of her ass. Her dress was now like one worn on their last day – a gown suitable for a casket, not a Queen’s court. The Queen glided across the floor and then placed a slender finger under the crow’s beak. “Speak…tell me who has come to call on me?” The Crow then started to chuckle as he was the one that helped it be. “The King of hell himself. But…he has a slight problem.” This brought a quizzical look from the Queen. “What do you mean, problem?” The crow danced about then pointed down to the village with his blackened wing. “Chained to an Elf. The bond is unbreakable.” The crow then waited for the Queen’s reaction, who started to laugh. “Ahahahaha. An Elf. Why, it’s simple. I kill her, and I get to keep the King of Hell for myself.” She raised her right shoulder up, becoming coy, before turning towards the doors. “Guards!…Bring me the Daemon and his Elf. I feel like…being social.” She waved her hand over herself and reverted to the Ivory Queen, while the Lord Chammy was nervously standing in behind her. :: Down at the town square, the Guards were falling back in horror as the blast of power knocked them all clear off their feet. But soon enough, another garrison arrived and this time they surrounded the daemon and the Elf. “The Queen…wishes to see you both.” The newest General said. In the distance you could hear the cackle of the crow. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as the guards were blasted off their feet, he shook his head “Pathetic” as he turned to face Nip his smirk disappeared “Well say something” he growled as he looked down at her. Hearing footsteps surround them he noticed that they were now surrounded as he didn’t care he wanted answers from Nip. “I swear nip you better bloody set this straight” he shook his head as he knew her promises of this great wizard were all falling apart at her feet. ‘The Queen..Wishes to see you both’ he quickly glared at the one who said this and growled “Oh now it’s a request? Before it sounded more like a demand” he crossed his arms as he glanced around him counting the men “Well unfortunately I can’t go anywhere unless this pathetic child behind me moves” looking down at the chain he kicks it “Kinda stuck by her side” he turned to face her “The Queen requests us Nip, shall we go or are you going to make up another grand story and drag my ass half way around your pathetic world” groaning as he shook his head he rubbed the bridge of his nose “I can’t believe my shitty luck, honestly” Walking over to the guards he points at Nip “Drag her ass up to the queen and I’ll surely follow” as he stood aside so the guards could do their job.

CharlotteCarrendar: And as ordered two of the guards seized Nip and her dragon to cart them both off to see the Queen. Nip struggled and kicked as she was forcibly moved along by the well built guards. Her moving would have the daemon follow of course, since the chain that bound them together gave them no choice. “Take your meat mitts off me!” She squealed as they simply laughed at her protests and cries. The small dragon hissed and chattered angrily as his Mistress was being man handled. Nip even threw a look over her shoulder at the Daemon as if to ask for his help, but he was more than happy to see her get rough housed by the guards, in fact he was probably loving it a bit too much since he himself could not harm her. Oh to have someone else be the bad guy. What a thrill. Up the winding path they went. Past hundreds of curious onlookers who knew only too well the fate that was in store for those that visited the Queen. Many did not return from being taken by the guards. A personal squad hand picked. All bearing a strange mark. If Ice cared to pay attention he may well recognise this brand. It was his fathers. Higher and higher, step after step the hapless Elf was dragged, till finally coming to the castle entrance. There were fewer people in behind the walls, for the Queen was very selective about who she employed. Down another path, through the courtyard and then up the one hundred steps to the Audience chamber. Within, the Queen was seated upon her throne, looking smug as she could hear the cries of the Moon Elf. “I am impressed. The guards are making good time, Chammy.” The Queen remarked off the cuff to her chief advisor. He simply stood solemnly as the doors burst open, and the Elf with her chained Daemon were brought inside. The guards threw the Elf on the tiled floor at the base of the Queen’s throne podium and stepped back as she rose from her throne. “Leave us.” She ordered to her guards, all except Lord Chammy who she made stay. At once, her ivory eyes clapped upon the gorgeous looking hunk of Daemon that was Ice. “Well…hello.” Her voice was smooth like velvet and she gave off a very sensual air. “I’ve been expecting you.” At this the crow flew into the room and landed on the Throne backing, cawing as it saw his two good friends again. “A little bird told me of your plight.” At this she slowly glided down the stairs, her dress figure hugging and showing off her delectable curves. She smelt of lily and wild flowers and she approached Ice only to let her eyes fall upon the spiked collar. So this was how they were joined. The Elf at her feet raised her head slowly and saw how the Queen was admiring Ice. “You seek to be rid of the bond, M’lord.” She knew who he was alright, but did he see his Father’s mark on her neck – glowering. She walked around him slowly, letting her hand trace with her finger along his chest, forearm and then back. Coming to a stop she leaned forward and whispered. “I can make it happen.” <3>

IceTe3: His hues watched as the guards walked straight past him over to Nip, “Try to lay a hand on me and you’ll lose it” he simply stated as he continued to watch the two men simply grab Nip harshly, picking her up onto her feet as another guard grabbed the dragon. He had a slightly pleased and smug smile across his face as he continued to watch the show, serves her right for bullshitting to him and dragging his ass all the way across here for no good reason. They started to drag her off as he followed slowly behind, he watched as she struggled against their grasp, occasionally blurting out for them to let her go, she really was pathetic. She had a sharp sword she could have summoned at anytime but this pathetic child never even thought of it, as they went up the road towards the grand castle, people were watching at a safe distance as he glanced casually over to them. He didn’t know if they were more scared of him or the queen’s guards, this would turn out to be interesting. As he came up closer to the guards he took notice of the symbol chosen to be displayed on the guards, how interesting. His father had already been to this world once before, well his now dead father; He smirked as he licked his lips and continued to follow them up to the main gates of the castle this just got even more interesting. “Oh yeah, keep struggling that’ll do the trick” he smirked as he noticed Nip looking back at him pleas for help in her eyes as he chuckled slightly shaking his head, stupid girl. Finally they went into the castle through the first room as he noticed not a lot of people worked here, very anti social bunch. Coming back to reality he looked at Nip who was still struggling against the guards this entire way, you’d think she’d catch on that doing that would bring her nowhere as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in disappointment. Finally they were showed to the audience room as he watched the guards toss Nip onto the floor she fell with a bang as he glanced down from her up to the female sitting in the throne, obviously the queen. ‘Well.. Hello’ she greeted him as his fiery red hues were looking directly into hers, he watched as the crow flew over to the throne chair and perched atop of it, this indeed proved his suspicions that his father had been to these lands, with his father’s mark on every guard he knew the queen had something in this but what did she gain exactly? She came to a stand and glided down the stairs as she walked directly to him she circled him eyeing him slowly as his hues followed her every movement. Her fingers trace along his chest and arm and onto his back ‘You seek to be rid of the bond M’lord’ she states as his hues follow her hand he arches a brow as it looks her up and down head to toe he was looking for something as his brow lowers, there it is peeking out his father’s mark was on her neck as he smirked ‘Such guts to touch me, either stupid or brave’ he thought to himself as she came to a stop behind him she leaned forward and whispered “I can make it happen” so she claims she can help him in his situation but what exactly did she want. He raised his right hand into the air slowly as his index finger pointed to the roof the queens body would slowly float off the ground leaving her hovering about 3 foot off the floor as the mark his father gave her started to glow. Slowly she spun around him circling him as he crossed his fingers “Firstly, M’lord was my father. I killed him and took his place and everything he owned” he licked his lips as she passed his face once more, she would circle him slowly once more before coming to stoping front of his face, “What exactly do you want? Remembering you are under contract already” His eyes come to glare at her as the mark his father put on her glows more intensely as a slight burning sensation would be felt against that spot with a slight sizzle. He was showing who was still in charge, since he killed his father and took the throne and everything that came with it, all the contracts his father made were now his, although he never got around to changing them all. Arching a brow his hues flicker over to the crow “You, I will turn your feathery ass into a pie. That’s for sure” he smirked as his eyes quickly flick back to the queen the mark stops glowing as she falls down onto her feet in front of him, he stood there towering her as he continued to have his arms crossed. “Well you offer to free me from this pathetic female, what’s your price” he arched a brow as he licked his lips and glanced down to Nip.

CharlotteCarrendar: As the Queen was lifted off the floor by the swirling finger of the King of Hell himself, she actually felt a wave of his power ripple through her being. It was intoxicating and she was gaining great pleasure from it. You would think she would be scared by such an action, but you have to remember, she was once a bride of Satan herself. To her, this was foreplay. A dark chuckle escaped her lips, as she continued to twirl effortlessly about the daemon, all the while the Elf was on the floor, staring up at the two. Fear was etched in her face as the two power houses were getting to know each other. When the Queen said she could break the bond between the Elf and the Daemon, Nip had to wonder how such a thing would be done. For nothing else had worked, and even the Wizard said that it was not the reason they had come here. What had they gone there for? Was this all part of a Master plan? The crow seemed to enjoy the show greatly, even under the threat from the Ice lord. He ruffled his feathers and extended his wings as though he couldn’t care less, but in truth…he did. When the Queen came to stop right before the daemon and he asked her what her price was to free him from the Elf, she suddenly found reason to smile, and it was a wicked – dastardly grin. “I want what your father could not give me.” She got in close…real close. Her lips almost touching his. “A son.” That’s right. She had not been able to produce an heir with Satan, but now presented with the current King, she wanted to try her luck. She pulled back slightly and glared down at Nip. “Such a pathetic creature you are, child. The Gods must be crazy to have allowed you to be shackled to a King.” The Queen then looked back at Ice and made a face that was one of trying to be cute. “Just say the word….and I shall set you free from your bond.” <3>

IceTe3a: He arches a brow as she leaned in and stated she wanted to have a son, not just any son his son. This made him smirk as he chuckled slightly, rubbing the bridge of his nose he looked down to Nip as the queen stated how pathetic the child elf was, at least she had one thing right he chuckled as he shook his head and looked back up at the queen who was trying to make a cute face, something she should never do again in Ice’s opinion. Obviously he wasn’t going to give her a son this would not be in his best interests “And what makes you think I’d do such a stupid thing, Having someone else from my bloodline perhaps threaten my throne? Besides, I’d end up killing him like I do everyone else that falls under my gaze” his fiery hues went black as he glared at the queen, suddenly a *BANG* sound cracked and echoed through the room as the queen was hit with a invisible force sending her flying back into her throne. “As bad as this stupid child is, I’d rather find another way to remove her from me, than give you a son” he smirked as he looked down at Nip. “Get up child we’re leaving” he growled at her, as he shook his head still disappointed in her for being so childish and weak. He glances back to the queen and smirks “If you ever set your monkeys on to me again, or dare bother me well.. My father made you what you are, I can take that away” he smirked as he chuckled and shook his head “Now Nip” he grumbled as he flicked his wrist, the Audience doors flew open with a rather large bang. He turned his back on the queen and started to walk towards the door Nip would surely follow, although he was expecting the queen to attempt something stupid, that was for sure. “Oh, and I’ll be back to collect what’s rightfully mine soon enough, So enjoy what you have left” he chuckled and shook his head as he continued to walk towards the doors.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The playful look on the Queen’s face soon evaporated on the words of Ice. Outright rejection. You could see the blood boiling beneath the Queen’s alabaster veneer that was nothing more than a glamour trick. No one…but no one rejects Esmeralda and gets away with it. But as she was about to raise her hand, to strike his face with a vicious slap, her body was sent hurtling towards her throne, where she landed awkwardly – her head hitting the back of the Throne with a thud. In an instant, the glamour of the Ivory Queen wore off and she snarled viciously at the pair, as Ice demanded that they leave and that she get up off the floor. As Nip was about to, the Queen started to morph into a hideous beast. Like a massive black and red dragon, but more like a beast from the pits of hell. It was over thirty feet high with its head almost touching the ceiling. A loud roar escaped it’s gaping maw as it thundered towards Ice and the Elf. If she could not have his baby…she was going to finish him in one bite. Massive rows of razor sharp teeth gnashed together hungrily, while Nip stared back in horror. Her baby dragon squawked and freed itself from the guard holding it, trying to run across the floor to his Mistress. “YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE!” the beast roared as a blast of fire was blown out of the Beast’s mouth straight at Ice. She was that serious that she was risking her own life to get what she wanted. The beast thundered towards them, as many guards were fleeing in its wake. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard the roar of a giant beast, the thundering footsteps were next as he turned around he looked up to see the queen had disappeared instead stood a giant hellish beast like creature that slightly resembled the queen “Yes Nip, that’s the queen she morphed” he chuckled and shook his head as she typically like all people forgot Ice was born of fire. He quickly turned his back to her as he covered Nip as he glared down at her “You’re so slow, seriously you’re useless in a fight just keep out of my way” he smirked as he chuckled in the flames as the fire caressed his body it tingled against his skin. His skin loving the feeling of the fire against it as it shivered slightly from within the flames his Daemonic voice echoed out “ You only adopted fire, I was born in it… Molded by it. Why I didn’t see anything else besides fire and brimstone until I was a man” his hand gripped Nips back as he slid her over out of the way towards her dragon he shouted out “Extend the chain by a lot! And keep the fuck out of the way!” he stated as his giant broadsword appeared in his right hand pointed directly at the queen. “Heh, I knew you were ugly but you bring a whole new term to the saying only a face a mother could love” he always taunted enemies like this, it was more or less his thing as he raised his left hand wiggling his fingers back and forwards to dare her to try and take him on “You want me to take what you owe now, Alright well it’s your funeral” he smirks as he clicks his fingers on his left hand and a guitar starts strumming away into the air but there was no band in sight, he had just summoned some music to play while this fight lasted

“Let’s get this party rocking shall we” he flicked his head as his snow white hair flows away from his face, his piercing green eyes glare at the Queen as he disappears from where he was standing, he reappears high up in the sky his blade raised above his head as he forced it down fast aiming for her face if it hit her face it would slice from the top right down to the bottom left of her face leaving a rather nasty scar.

CharlotteCarrendar; Nip was flying across the tiled floors and as she did so, she heard Ice yell out for her to lengthen the chain. It was the only way to keep her and the baby dragon out of harms way as he battled the angered Queen. “LENGTHEN!” she cried, right as she scooped up her baby dragon and then slid right out the door of the Audience chamber only to go bumping down the one hundred steps. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” You could hear Nip’s voice trailing away but at least she was no longer in the chambers with the hellish beast and the Ice King. The hellish beast roared at the daemon. “YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR ME!” So sure she was she could end him. If his Father had been than surely Ice could be defeated. The hellish beast reared up and again let fly with another barrage of fire in Ice’s direction. But little did she know how skilled he was with the sword. Music suddenly started to play, and this was when the Crow took flight. “I can’t watch” he squawked, leaving the Queen to her fate. Ice had somehow darted from his place on the floor, to being high in the air above the hellish creature, with his blade coming down hard to slash open the beasts face. It was a full on hit, with the creature bellowing in pain and anger, stumbling back as blood gushed out of the gaping wound. The Creature lumbered back and morphed back into the Queen, who now had half her face slashed open, large flaps of skin hanging down. Her eyes were blood red as she ran for her magical sceptre. A gift from a passing Witch. The sphere within the tip of the sceptre glowed a sickly green colour as she started to chant an incantation to bring it up to full power. She aimed it at Ice, with a determined expression and then released a massive blast of energy to knock him off his feet. <3>