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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 14, 2014 07:28AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Eight

Cursed words



IceTe3a: The tip of the blade sinks deep into the beasts face as it rips down diagonally tearing her flesh in half leaving a nasty rather large gash, blood spurts out as it covers his upper torso and face. His feet hit the ground as he kneels down on one knee to support the drop, his blade pointed upwards towards the roof behind him as the blood trickles down the side of the blade slowly it reached his hand as he looked up at the beasts face with a smirk. The beast lets out a painful road as it starts to morph back into the queens human form. The large gash visible across her face as it bleeds slowly, “At least you’re slightly bearable to look at now” he chuckled as he came to a stand flicking the blade so the blood splats against the floor leaving his broadsword shining and clean. He watches as the queen rushes back to the throne she grabs the staff as the globe starts to glow, she points it towards him as a green aura starts to pulse around the orb “Interesting..” he said as she started to chant in a magical language a massive blast of energy covers the entire room as it makes its way towards him, destroying everything in its path it ripped up the concrete on the floor leaving nothing but dirt behind, quickly engulfing Ice as he raises his arms to the side with a smirk on his face. A direct hit as he gets sent flying back his back hits the ground hard as he slides against it harshly the power of the blast still pushing him back as it dissipates leaving the room clear to see the damage from the blast, the structure had copped it as the roof had all but disappeared along with a lot of the floor. He laid there on his back as steam slowly rises off his body, his long coat had disappeared as he needed the free movement to move around. Coming to a stand he stretches as his back was all cut up and bleeding, very slowly it started to heal as he cracked his neck. “That was a blast” he smirked as he looked at her and shook his head “You’re insane if you think you could ever defeat me, I own your soul.” He chuckles as he slams his blade into the ground the blade sinking deep into the ground like butter to a hot blade, his right arm going transparent as it started to phase in and out of reality he was going to rip her soul out of her body “Time to pay the devil” he chuckled in Daemonic voice as he was collecting what was owed to him from his father’s deal with her, her time was well past due that was for sure as his daemonic eyes glared at her. His body started to morph from its human form, his clothing becoming part of his body this form of his was his daemonic form and was rarely used and never seen by anyone but he thought he’d bring it out since it was a special occasion. His body fully morphed as he stood there red and black were his choice colors as a glow of bright yellow almost a white veined throughout his entire body and seemed to collect in the centre of his chest, it looked like he was wearing armor of some kind but it was in fact his naked Daemonic form. His arm still phasing in and out of Transparency as it prepared to allow him to reap souls right from the living body of his victims, when it was fully transparent it would be ready for him to rip her soul out.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The Queen’s maniacal laughter filled the hall as her sceptre of power blasted across the room and made a direct hit upon the daemon, whom she thought would not be able to possibly withstand such a blast. However, the horror of the situation became apparent, when his smoking form arose from the destructions; dust and debris falling in a fine drizzle around him as he mocked her for the Queen’s pathetic attempt to bring him down. The Queen’s face creased with disappointment, and she cast her sceptre to the floor to the side of her, its energy now spent. “CURSE YOU, BOY!” She spat with her spittle dotted with a green venom. Her skin became charred as she tried to build up more power within herself. It was clear she had decided to match herself against one…the only one that had ever been set to take her down. Her nails extended and her arms lifted slightly, her aggression on for all to see – those that were stupid enough to remain. “I could have given you everything…EVERYTHING! But now you are cursed to remain shackled to that Elf…till YOU ARE THE ONE BEGGING FOR MERCY!” Her voice was like a rasping snake, the true ugliness of the woman coming to the fore. A witch, she was both vile to look at as she was to face. On Ice’s call that he owned her soul she screamed “LIAR…Only HE COULD EVER OWN ME!” Oh how wrong she was. Ice had killed his father and taken his rightful place. With nothing to lose, the Witch levitated, and with both arms extended, she flew straight for him, her aim to lock her gnarled hands around his throat. She was insane, if she thought she could survive this. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches her as she stares at him yelling and carrying on as she cured his name, she disputed the fact that he now owned her soul due to him killing his father and taking over his throne. He simply smirked as he watched her throw down the staff obviously out of energy she used it all in one giant blast. Shaking his head “Never put all your chicken’s in one basket don’t you know?” he laughed as he watched her curse him once again. His arm almost completely transparent as it started to phase back into reality less frequently. She starts to levitate off the ground as he arched his brow he watched as she extended her arms towards his direction and flew straight over to him, screeching loudly as her fingers aimed towards his neck. He simply stood there as her old wrinkled hands wrap around his neck, he feels nothing as she attempts to choke him his Daemonic hues look down at her as his arm fully phases out becoming completely transparent, he pulls his right arm backwards as he twists his wrist , his fingers slightly curled and pointed in her direction. “You’re time is done” he said as his Daemonic hues glowed immensely leaving a trail of yellowish flaming glow to trail behind his head. He plunges his hand deep inside the body of the queen, no physical damage would be done to her body but she would be able to feel every second of the excoriating pain that was being dealt to her. His fingers clench around her very soul as he smirked and slowly started to rip her soul out of her body, her soul started to scream as the ghostly figure starts to appear out of her body, soon she would die.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Despite her best efforts to sink her sharp nails deep into the flesh of his neck, she is unprepared for the ferocity in which he was about to end her. Snarling and growling like a vicious hell hound, she thrashed about wildly but it was all in vain. Four simple words would he speak, and each one spelt her doom. The Queen’s face soon turned to one of horror as he plunged a hand deep into her chest. Green blood oozed from her nose, mouth and eyes – those were also bulging as she screamed. She could feel him penetrate her insides, pushing past her internal organs. But it was to be her soul that was his prize and as he pulled his hand back, the life force of the Queen went with it. A last scream passed through cracking lips, as the remaining body startled to crumble as if made from a porous stone. The ground was littered with a blackened ash as she disintegrated, however her ghostly shadow remained. The once beautiful woman – her soul uncompromised stared at the daemon and then with her final moments within this plane, she spoke the words that would haunt him for the rest of his days. “The one you hate most is the one YOU will love – and that be your end.” With that she became nothing more than a mist that would be absorbed into the very Daemon, who would be left standing alone in the destroyed audience chamber. When the dust settled there was a whirling of wind and then out from the cloud came the same wizard that they had met on arriving at the Ivory City. He moved across the floor and picked up the sceptre, which had been cast aside by the Witch Queen in her fury. The Wizard held it, contemplating just what to do with it, when you could hear the dragging of chain, and see the silvery head of the Elf pop in the gaping hole where the great doors once stood. The Wizard actually broke into a smile, as he winked at the Daemon. “Well done…well done indeed. The people of Ivory City will rejoice in the ending of the reign of Esmeralda.” Nip looked about and could see only a pile of ash where the Witch Queen had been right before her death. “She’s dead?” Nip enquired, having not seen her at her final moments. The Wizard snapped his fingers and the ashen remains whipped up into a whirlwind, before swirling and entering the Green jewel on the tip of the Sceptre. “Quite.” He said simply. “Your Daemon did a wonderful job.” The Wizard crossed the floor and handed the young Elf the sceptre. “A gift…with our sincere thanks.” He bowed before the young Elf, then glanced back at the Daemon with a smirk. “Your journey is far from over, Daemon. Be sure to enjoy the city before you set sail.” With that, the Wizard laughed loudly and dispersed into a black cloud of mist before spiriting away. The crow, that had started all this cawed and flew out of the nearest window, not wanting to stick around for the Daemon’s wrath, which was sure to be substantial. Nip held the sceptre and studied it. “What do I do with this?” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the Witch turned to ash before his eyes, the ash seeped through his fingers and to the floor as he watched the ghostly figure scream and moan in terror as they all do, he shook his head as the soul started to disappear but not before speaking its mind “ The one you hate most YOU will love – And that will be your end” he arched a brow as he thought to himself? ‘Love, she said love didn’t she?’ he chuckled slightly and shook his head “I don’t register emotions like you pathetic mortals” with that he flicked his hand down to his side as the soul disappeared into the air, obviously transferring to his kingdom down in hell. He knew many people who wanted to see him dead, his life was always in a constant threat of dying although the newest person to threaten to kill him was the pathetic female elf that constantly acted like a child, but to love someone? This didn’t register to him as he chuckled at the thought “I don’t flinch when I kill a baby in front of its mother, What good is love to me” he said before the crowd of people who were staring in awe from the battle scene. The winds picked up as the Wizard appeared in the room praising him for killing the queen, little did they know the only reason he decided to kill her was out of pure boredom. It gave him a small amount of entertainment in this obviously bored world. The Wizard picked up the staff just as the elf came in “And as always the stupid elf walks in at the last moment” he stated as he turned to her “Grow up will you” he sighed as he heard the wizard state that she owned him “I am not one of her objects” he growled as he glared at the wizard, handing her the staff the wizard turned to him and said his journey wasn’t over yet and to enjoy the city before they set sail and with that disappeared from sight. He arched a brow obviously confused on what the wizard meant as he heard flapping wings he glanced as he saw the crow flying towards the window “You better run you little fuck! When I catch you, I’ll skin you alive and shove your beak up your arse!!” he hollered out as the bird high tailed it outside. Turning to face Nip his brows furrowed “What does he mean set sail again?” he growled as he walked closer to her “We are not going back on that shitty boat” he growled as he raised his right arm opening his palm a fireball appeared “Where has he gone? You said he would be able to take this chain off of me, Did you lie to me and drag my ass across this world for no reason?” he growled as he hurled the fireball a few meters away from Nip, it wasn’t aimed at her so the chain didn’t stop him, another one appears in his palm as he gets closer “I swear to god if you make some other bullshit story up, I’ll feed you to the next bad guy who comes out fucken way” he throws another one landing a bit closer to her as he tested his limits.

CharlotteCarrendar; Once again, the Daemon started with his angered rants. Another trip on that leaky boat? Hell no, he was assured the Wizard would help remove the chain that kept the Elf to the Daemon. All she got however was the sceptre that belonged to the Evil Queen. Now, while the Daemon was starting to hurl fire balls and threatening to do even worse things to the Elf, there was a great crowd that entered the Audience chamber. Now, they took one look at Nip holding the Queen’s sceptre and all cheered loudly. “SHE KILLED THE QUEEN!…SHE HAS THE SCEPTRE!…LONG LIVE THE ELF QUEEN!” yes, you guessed it, they all thought that SHE had ended the reign of the Queen, not the cranky pants Daemon who was still carrying on like a spoilt child. Before Nip knew what was going on, she was swept up by a crowd of about fifty townsfolk and carried out of the Audience chamber to meet her happy City of subjects. There were thousands, hundreds of thousands that all got wind of the death of the Queen. Word was spreading like wildfire and the city went into a celebration mode. The Elf was trying to say she didn’t do it, but was drowned out by the many thousands that were cheering and chanting. No doubt, the chain was only so long and sure enough the angered daemon would get ripped off his feet and dragged along as a large procession filled the street, with bands and many people waving flags. For the Elf, it was all a bit much. <3>

IceTe3a: -He arches a brow as Nip once more has nothing to say on the subject, he shook his head and grumbled. He was done with this elf, the next chance he got to get rid of her he was going to take it no matter the cost as he suddenly heard someone shout ‘She killed the queen, long live the elf queen’ he arched a brow as he watched the crowd cheer and pick up the elf carrying her off leaving him alone in the chamber he sighed “That slow minded retard couldn’t kill a fly if it was trapped under her shoe” he sighed as he knew he’d have to follow eventually or get dragged along. At least he had enough chain extended to be far very far away from the crowd and the elf. As he walked out side he kept his distance from the crowd and the elf as he watched the city start to celebrate the death of the queen “This is getting more and more pathetic by the second” he sighed as he had a passing thought to start destroying the city again out of sheer boredom, but he just wanted to be rid of it all as his hues flickered over to the elf who was in the distance still being carried by the crowd “I think it’s her plain stupidity and immaturity that digs into me the most forcing me to want to kill her. “ He said with an annoyed voice as he slowly, there was no way he was going to spend the rest of eternity stuck in this castle while the elf played queen. He sighed slightly as he just wanted a way out, he thought about calling upon Gambit to help him out in this situation but gambit was two sided with everything, what he could do and what it would cost are two entirely different things and personally he didn’t want to find out what Gambit wanted from him in order to help him out. Something pathetically stupid hard to get no doubt as he sighed and waved off that idea, he followed some more keeping the distance but making sure the chain wasn’t going to yank him as he sighed slightly, at least the people weren’t bothering or touching him otherwise he’d start killing them again.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Finally the people placed the Elf on a small podium and all clapped as she stared at the gathered throng, startled by all the fuss. She could see Ice the daemon keeping well back and she had to be thankful that he hadn’t set anyone else on fire for the spectacle that was playing out. She had to think quickly to difuse this situation before he got so bored, that he would start tearing the town and it’s people apart. Raising her hands to quell the noise, she then announced. “People of Ivory City. While I thank you for your kindness, I cannot accept the role of Queen. I am on a quest…a very special quest that will lead me far from this land. So I give the sceptre to the Mayor, to rule over you till another is chosen.” The crowd all cheered again, and the Mayor approached to accept the sceptre. Thankfully, he was mortal and the sceptre’s powers remained locked from his use. He started his acceptance speech, as Nip and her baby dragon cut through the crowd and she made her way back over to the daemon. Her companion it seemed for longer than she wanted. “Shorten” she commanded, and so the chain did shorten. She had heard all too well the things that he had called her and some rather nasty things at that. Sighing she said. “So…I was wrong about the Wizard. A girl can make mistakes. But…you did get a yummy soul, and got to blow up a bloody building, so that should sate your lust for destruction.” Knowing that the daemon didn’t want to use the boat again, the Elf started to walk on the path that would lead out of the town and into the nearby mountain ranges. Where was she heading? In all honesty, she didn’t know, but somewhere out there…was someone that could free them from their cursed bond. It was going to be another long day. <3>

IceTe3a: He was standing just as he noticed the elf start to walk over towards him ‘Great, what does she want’ He thought to himself as she came closer to him, ‘Shorten’ she said as the chain magically shortened it pulled him a step closer as he growled when he was yanked “No you can’t be wrong once in a while, learn your bloody facts” he growled and shook his head as he glanced back at the castle “That hardly quenched my thirst for destruction, the only reason I killed that woman was out of sheer boredom nothing more” he yawned slightly as she started to walk towards the gates that lead out towards the mountain trail “And just where do you think you’re going?” he said as he was forced to follow behind her “There’s no way you’re aimlessly dragging me along another wild goose chase around the entirety of your shitty world to no end” he said sighing as he continue to follow her “What’s your plan Aimlessly walk around hoping you’ll eventually bump into someone that can help us out in this situation? You’d die from old age first” he glanced around as they started to reach the outskirts of this town, this was going no where fast that much was obvious to him as he knew she was just going to drag him around hoping she’d find some way by miracle. His broadsword disappeared from his back as he pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke it with a sigh slightly in between. “For both our sakes, grow up and come up with a plan instead of walking aimlessly. Otherwise do us both a favor and put yourself out of your misery” he smirked as he arched a brow.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ~SLAP!~ out of the blue, right to the side of his face. The Elven girl brought her hand up and struck out at him with all the anger, frustration and annoyance of someone who had clearly had enough. “Don’t you DARE..speak to me like that…Telling me to kill myself?” Her eyes were full of fury, and even glinted a mysterious silvery gleam. How long she had wanted to hit him. And damn…did it feel good, even though she hurt her hand If she had hit him hard enough the cigarette in his mouth may have well been knocked clean out. “I thought this was the place. I thought the Wizard had the magic to break the curse. Clearly, he didn’t and I WAS WRONG! Least I can admit that. So, I have no idea where to go next or what to do? But I am not going to sit on my ass and wait to die being stuck with you. So MOVE YOUR ASS!” She yelled. Turning on her heel she then started to march down the path, and drag him if necessary. <3>

IceTea: He arched his brow as she slapped him his cheek shivered slightly as he chuckled and blew out a puff of smoke into her face as she went off at him. “ Next time don’t be so stupid than” he smirked as she went off again stating how he shouldn’t tell her to go kill herself and telling him to move his ass as she started to march down the path. He had hit a nerve as he licked his lips “ You want out, kill yourself. I can’t kill myself unfortunately so it will have to be you” he arched a brow as he pressed the matter continuing to follow her he knew she had no power to stop him from saying what he wanted to say. As they walked out of the city and onto the open road he sighed and shook his head “No you’re not sitting around wasting your time whilst you wait for death. You’re walking around randomly in circles like a puppy chasing its tail to no end. We both know no one in your pathetic realm has the power to undo this. So why bother keeping hope or even trying to find someone when there really is no one, don’t lie to yourself you know what I say is true” he sighed as he flicked the smoke into the grass not caring if it set the field on fire. Glancing up he looked for the skies as he got bored of talking to her and started to think of how he could get rid of her next.

CharlotteCarrendar: – All the words and the venom that the Daemon had spat at her had grated away at her very being. She hated being trapped to him. She hated having to listen to his endless insults and accusations. Demands that she had to kill herself, cause he couldn’t die. You could see the effect the poison of his words was having on her and the sting of bitter tears on her face were a testimony to that. She hung her head at first, for she had never hated a person or creature as much as she hated the Daemon right at this point. She wanted to hurt him, she wanted to make him understand that she had had enough. All of a sudden a revelation hit her. One that slowly had her raise her head. You could see the fire of determination building as she raised her hand with the wrist that held the chain. She took a step back and said. “Lengthen.” The chain started to, but she started to do something with it. She started to go around the Daemon, crying “Lengthen” through bitter tears and gritted teeth. Again and again till she was becoming a blur of silver, the chain winding around and around the daemon, till finally she stopped and screamed “SHORTEN!” What this would do was to suddenly bind the daemon up so tightly in the mass of chains that had wound around him that she would be brought right up to his face. And with her free hand she placed her hand to the back of his head. “I KNOW YOUR SECRET!” And with that, she kissed him, holding his head in place with the back of her hand. The force of this act, was to drain him of his power, and fill her accordingly, while keeping him caught up in the tight constriction of the chains. She wanted to see him suffer for once. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as she comes to a stop he stops on the spot as he arches a brow ‘Lengthen’ and again and again, “What are you doing?” he glared at her as he couldn’t figure out what she was up to, she suddenly starts to run around him as the chain slowly wraps around his body, his eyes follow her as he stands there confused to what end she was trying to make. “Is this another childish game, elf?” he said as he was half way wrapped up by the chains. She continued to do this until he was fully wrapped up in chains his body was stuck inside unable to move or force the chains as she came to a stop in front of him with wide grin across her face, what game was she playing at. ‘Shorten’ his brows furrow as he gets pulled really close to her, looking down at her as she continued to smile he growled slightly “What are you doing?” he said once more as her lips parted “I Know your secret” she stated happily as he arched a brow a again “Oh? And what is my secret” he chuckled slightly just as he stopped laughing she kissed him, her lips forcing themselves onto his as he was helpless to move her hand pressing against the back of his head as she continued to kiss him. He could feel his power being drained from him as veins popped up across his face bulging out of his skin, he tried to break free but the chains were too strong for him to move. Slowly she started to drain his power from his body temporarily, as it transferred over to her. His body getting weaker as he fell down to his knees before her, growling at her as his daemonic eyes glared at her slowly they started to fade to white the longer she held onto him the more power she would transfer from him. ‘Was this the secret she was on about? The fact she could temporarily transfer his powers to her for a short while or was there more to what she said? Just what had she figured out exactly’ the thought to himself as he fell down on his back his body getting weaker by the moment as the pain from the transfer started to hit him, his muscles flexing and tensing against the transfer and pain as he growled lightly.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Power swelled throughout Nip’s body, her hair blowing about her face wildly as her very eyes changed colour right before the daemon. To any other that wanted his power, they would have craved it, become addicted. But not Nip. She did this purely to hurt him. It would be rare for anyone to harm him for few could get close. But she could. Releasing him she then fell back and wiped her mouth as though she had kissed something foul. Panting she whispered “lengthen” so that the chains would fall off the daemon as he was down on his knees. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at him anymore. Moving to the nearest rock, she sat down and waited for the daemon to recover. She kept her back to him, and picked up her fat little dragon stroking him as she rocked slowly. One of her worst fears was becoming the very thing she hated most. Him. After a good ten minutes of silence on her part, she would rise to stand, and start to walk. She had no idea where she was going, but she had made her point clear. If he continued to punish her with his reckless words, she was going to give it right back. <3>