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Chapter One

The Future is Now



CharlotteCarrendar: 2079 – Sector 9 RD, part of the redevelopment submission made by ROW Corp nearly fifty years before, is still regarded by many as the Dead Zone. A testament to a bygone era. Long after the third world war and the treaty signed by the US government and the Chinese after a stalemate had effectively brought the shipping of natural resources worldwide to a halt – this part of the world still bore the ravaged scars from the chaos that had ensued and brought a proud people to its knees. Faith in Government elected officials crumbled and this made way for the rise of the Fourth Brotherhood. The Zen. With its power already established in the earlier part of the twenty first century, it took the recklessness of the elected governments to sway the people to move away from institutional democracy to an organised system whereby the Brotherhood gained control in all English speaking countries. Soon with a new strangle hold on the weakening resources such as gas, petroleum and food, all other countries fell into line, or their people simply starved. 

Corporations with CEO’s that were active participants in the Zen now had active control over the lives of billions of people. There was a new level of poverty that covered a wide scale of what were once middle income and the wealthy. Sharing wealth simply was a thing of the past. Technology had advanced to the point where the average Joe was wired…literally to central computers – their brains fed a constant stream of propaganda and ideals that were like giving lab rats poisoned food and left in a never ending maze that they could not escape. Children were programmed by the very pop songs that they loved so much. Few ventured outdoors. Playgrounds were museum pieces. The family unit of 2.5 kids, a Mom and Dad with a family dog were practically an ancient ideal. If a couple was to have a child, it would be allowed one. What happened to the other children? That is classified information. 

Our story starts in Sector 9 RD. A dark alleyway, just off Johnson Terrace. Few cars were usually seen cruising this end of town. Few could afford the gas, so it was usually officials, or the Squad. You never wanted to be caught out by them. Whispers and innuendo surround what they actually do to people. Course, the networks would never report such things. Investigative journalism was banned some forty years before. 

~BLAM BLAM BLAM!~ A man in a dark suit collapses as his assailant is still holding the smoking gun. A deal gone bad. The mob discovered the suit was selling them out to the Squad, so this was how they took care of business. It was bloody – ruthless. Flicking the cigar stub from his finger, Joe Joe Bennin chuckled as he pocketed his revolver into his holster beneath his jacket. Wayne Arthurs stared at Joe Joe and said. “We gunna chop him up and dump the body in the harbor?” He spoke with a heavy Chicago accent, having moved to Sector 9 after his wife left him for another woman. Talk about a low blow. Joe Joe shrugged. “No fool be stupid enough to come down this end of town, Wayne. You know that. I could kill my Mother and just leave her on the sidewalk. This is the Dead zone. Got that name for a reason.” Suddenly, the terrible sound of the Squad helicars was heard. Flying vehicles that used a form of fan propulsion to stay airborne. With a large spot light going along the street near the alley, it soon panicked the contract killers. “FUCK!’ Joe Joe said, making a bee line for his car, while Wayne stared skyward, always having marvelled at these machines. “WAYNE, YOU DUMB FUCK!…COME ON!” Hearing the urgency in Joe Joe’s voice, he hotfooted it to the late 2012 model sedan and jumped in, as Joe Joe hit the reverse and drove the car back out the alley, leaving the dead body for the rats. They managed to get past the helicar without being spotted, since the Squad were on the lookout for something else….or should I say….someone else. <3> 

IceTe3a: -Adam was born on October 19, 2041 doomed to be a orphan for the rest of his life his biological parents died from poverty inflation, his father died of terminal sickness not being able to afford the cure for it as it was made for the wealthy or those who were willing to give up everything to live. His mother was killed in a brutal attack during the start of the civil war between the factions leaving Adam to become a orphan. At a very young age he was one of a group of infants subjected to experimental genetic therapy treatments by the government’s military science division in the hopes to create a super soldier. All of the children, aside from Adam, died as a result of the treatments. Two scientists in charge of Adam found out they had succeeded with him, but had grown too attached to let the government continue experimenting on him. Also, not wanting any more children to undergo the same treatments, they burned down the facility where the experiments had taken place. They were murdered by the government agents and later reported as fire casualties, but their plan worked and infant Adam, was rescued from the fiery pits by a General Jaron former black ops enlisted now running the black ops military division, knew what they did to Adam. The military deciding to use him as their first ever super soldier as all their prior records were lost in the fire, kept Adams past life a secret until he was old enough to understand the why’s of what they did. He grew up unaware of his origins, and believing that his foster parent General Jaron was his real father. However, unbeknownst to the government, Jaron and Adam the Gene therapy had permanently altered Adam’s Biochemistry. 

His body wound no longer damage Ntech electrodes with glial tissue buildup. 
Ntech electrodes, almost all implanted neurostimulation devices on the market place were based on the use of metal electrodes coming into contact with neural tissue. The better the contact the more useful the device would work. However not everyone was able to handle this patch over of Ntech devices to their bodies as it would rejected them completely and in some cases completely fry the brain of the person. Therefore only a handful of people had Ntech uses, governing the hire rate of the Militaries of this age to only those whose bodies were able to utilize Ntech, Ntech being the new age technology there was class 2 Ntech for the rich people to make their lives more comfortable and easy going, than there was Ntech class 1 Military grade used only for those in the Military. 

This grade of Ntech was implanted into Adam’s body, His eyes modified to see thermal heat, Electric pulse, Night, Long distance with a perfect hand to eye co-ordination among other things. As an example, over 10,000 patients have had a deep brain electrode inserted into their skull to reduce tremors from Parkinson’s disease. Since there are no pain neural fibres in the brain, the operation is performed while the patient is awake. When the electrode is inserted in the proper location, the tremors stop instantly thus giving the rich of life an immortal feel to their upper class selves. Instead of building up and killing Adam they would form a strong bond with the electrodes – meaning that if he were to be augmented, he would not require Neuropozyne. 
As a young man Adam gained entry to the Militaries Black ops team, called upon to make people disappear, waging silent war against other factions. He learned quickly do to his gene therapy, adapting the information all at once to physical use it didn’t take him long to learn what he was nor what he could do as he continued to work for the government as their dirty hands, he rose quickly eventually becoming the commander. But his career came to an end during an incident known as the Yingyangtown Massacre. A young boy was identified as a threat to their government and Adam was given the order to kill on sight. Refusing that order and it was passed to another member of his team, David Haas. It all went sour from then on in David under high pressure couldn’t handle the op shooting himself before Adam could stop him, leaving Adam alone in the backstreet alleyway along with the large group of thugs from the YingYang crew. Needless to say they left him for dead, tearing his body apart and leaving him to bleed on the street; The government agency picking Adam up to recover their valued treasure before anyone discovered what he was, to them he was a tool of war, their tool. 

Adam sustained fatal injuries, but Ntech took advantage of Adam’s genetic condition, and a clause in his employment contract, to augment Adam to an extent which would have been impossible for any other individual. Adam received the most advanced augmentation that Ntech Industries could produce. The result was, at that time, probably the single most extensive cybernetic modification that had ever been performed. These augmentations being that extensive were subject to being able to be updating their software, usage. In total several major augmentations were listed in the op them being. His cranium allowing him direct if in line of sight access to simple computer system overrides. A infolink telecom package allowing him to receive and transmit messages without generating audible sounds through implanted cochlear and vibration detection devices in his head and eyes (He can hear someone calling him from his Personal uplink com in his head and see their face through his left eye like a HUD)). His eyes augmented with smart vision allowing optical membrane implants into his eyes via direct contact to his neural tissues. His arms replace mostly besides his human skin overlaying and muscles by Cybernetic arm prosthesis, the cybernetics arms replaces Adams organic limbs with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. Initially, the augmentation allows Adam impressive feats of close-quarter unarmed combat, allowing him to displace heavy objects, carrying at an increased capacity and compensating for weapon recoil. 

His torso shot up and left crushed and ripped apart by the mob gang was replaced with Sentinel RX health systems in a combination inplant that uses electro-cardio action, adrenal stimuli and protein therapy to fight infection and injury, throughout a limited ‘regenerative’ capacity. While it is no replacement for proper medical care, it can keep Adam alive in a most critical of circumstances. A decentralized augmentation made up of several smaller units; the primary components are a series of hair-fine sensor probes connected to all the vital organs, providing a real time biomedical data to a certain health monitor unit. ((ß allows someone to watch his body’s condition from half way around the world)) basically this allowed him to run faster and longer and take more hits due to his Synthetic lungs and heart. 

All these and more were done at great expense from Ntech and the Military, Adams body was no longer his own to own as it was now property of the governments and he was registered from stepping out of the operation as a lethal weapon and tool of the government. His human side and life was terminated as Adam no longer ‘Existed’ and was reported dead to all his family and friends. He was allowed free roam of his own life but on constant call, the first night he got home he tore up his entire apartment after seeing himself for the first time. After awhile of being the government’s tool, Adam went A wall and disappeared while on a Op, changing all his sensor details and encryptions he was no longer controlled by the government and they could no longer tap into his feeds of view, or status nor his Intercoms. 
IceTe3a: *Bang Bang Bang* He was in the shadows of the alleyway, not that anyone would be able to see him there, only if he allowed them to see him would they know of his presence.. Adam watched on as the two thugs ruthlessly disposed of a possible rat in their posse, it was simple business nothing more nothing less. ‘We gunna chop him up and dump the body’ the first one asked. As Adam’s eyes flickered through its fields of visions to nightlight mode (Allows him to see in the dark) his hues zoom into their faces, not recognizing them he had no clue what was going down, some small time thugs maybe? As the other one stated they were in the dead zone. He was right.. This was the dead zone and there was a war going on a civil war, this wasn’t the place for anybody right now. A simple smirk appeared across his face, he had lost most recognition of emotion whilst he was on the job. Sirens start screaming in the distance, Squad helicars… on patrol at the very least they were after someone.. Flying vehicles hovering mid air above the buildings shining their bright lights through windows and alleyways as His hues flicker from the Flying machines to the two thugs who have all but run off in the commotion. “Who are they looking for..” he said in a light whisper as he kneeled there in the dark, not him obviously; they didn’t know he existed still. The government hadn’t seen head or hair of Adam since that day he left, he was always careful to keep what he did a secret, not to leave any traces. But no one was perfect rare sightings of Adam showed up on the governments desk but still.. they weren’t after him he was just going for a walk this eve… who or what were they after? And what have they done. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – ~3 Hours earlier~ The hot water jets blasted over the young cadet as she was in the cubicle for her allotted two minute shower. She was used to making best of the water restrictions and had been wise to use the gel before getting into the cubicle. As soon as the time lapsed, the water shut off with a loud groan in the pipes from the pressure. The glass patition slid back and Rayne took up one of her chammy towels to dry herself down as she stood on the kitty bath mat in her tiny bathroom. Why they called them bathrooms she didn’t ever understand. Baths were something of a novelty for the rich. Ah, to be able to soak. What a dream that would be. 

Out in her one bedroom apartment, which was more like a box than what one would regard as a living space, Rayne wandered out to the bed area, where her uniform was laid out on the small bed. Being a patrol officer for the Squad had its advantages, but she had been trained for another division which was shut down recently by the Zen after certain officers had stolen classified documents and tried to broadcast it through the underground Militia network. Everyone knew about them, but the Zen had struggled in its efforts to find the Source. The one known as Phoenix. Rayne didn’t dare question her Commanders, but in the back of her mind she knew that there was a reason for the leaking. 

Dressing quickly, in the long pants and fitted jacket with the Squad emblem, rank bar and code, she quickly brushed her back into the regulation hair style; a neat plait that ran down to between her shoulder blades. Lastly her patrol cap and standard issue boots – black, and she was ready to go to the Depot to sign in and pick up her helicar and navigator for the night’s operation. Rayne had a bad feeling about tonight’s run. Rumour had it that a few good men had been taken off the street in Sector 9 RD, known as the infamous Dead Zone. She knew when Carver wanted her to switch shifts that she may have to work that section. It left a very dry sensation in her mouth. Shutting off the power to her apartment, she left the Statesman Ridge residence and caught the Number 79 shuttle to the Depot. 

IceTe3a: Lurking in the shadows, his trade skills from his past life allowed him to go unnoticed when he wanted, his breathing regulated to a silent breath as he waited for the coast to be clear. *Ring Ring Ring Ring** The inside of his head was ringing, a screen pops up in his left eye only visible to him due to his cybernetic eyes, the vision of the person was distorted obviously done so the person’s figure was not recognized. “Evening Adam, Out for a casual stroll are we?” the call and the voices including his was only in his head due to his Intel communications chip implanted in his brain. “How’d you get this number?” His usual rusky tone echo’d and transmitted to the caller. A simple laugh was heard “Never mind that, 10,000 credit’s have been transferred to your personal account. His right eye bringing up a transparent tab of his bank account as it showed an extra 10,000 credits being wire transferred to his account confirming what the caller said then the tab disappeared. Adam was able to access such sites and data ports through his HUD unit. “We’re pleased with your last job and how it went. Your payment is in full, I contact you directly to offer you a full time position” *Heh* a rusky half laugh escapes Adam as the caller went silent “I’m a freelancer, not a fulltime body guard. “ purposely Adam closed the transmission call, blocking the caller from being able to tap into his personal Communications chip line again. 

It had been ten minutes and the streets had a ere silence to them, as they always did. Coming to a stand he walked out from the shadows, His long black trench coat covering most of his body and chest, concealing his blade in his forearm and his custom pistol strapped to his waist. He could hear Squad cars passing by in the distance doing their usual routine checks making sure everyone complied. As he walked out to the main street path he kept to the side walk as he continued to stroll down the path casually. Not many people were out in these streets in the day time let alone at night, it could be said anyone walking around these streets at night were looking for trouble, in trouble or the unfortunate shop owners who didn’t have enough cash to relocate their shops to the safer side of this large city. He kept to himself and people’s curiosity down, but he was a walking tool of the government and they’d never let him have a nights rest if they could help it. They wanted him back badly as they wasted constant resources on him, unable to reproduce on others what they did to him he was a constant walking target, but he always managed to keep under the radar, most of the time… 

Coming to a stop at the corner of the pathway as it met the road his hues flicker to the right as a Squad heavily armored jeep rolls past, two Squad members hanging off the railings on one side, Automatic rifles strapped to their chest as they drove past his hues followed them as one gave a casual glance just as the jeep drove past. He kept his head down, not to spike their interest as everyone knew the squad were dirty, corrupt even. If you had the cash, they were best of friends with you. If you were someone important, you were above the law. But if you were a poor no body.. you were target practice for them, a easy meal for them to steal what little you earned. This whole town had gone to the dark ages a long time ago, if there was one hole in the world this city took that title by a land slide. Walking across the street his feet made no sound as they hit the tar roads. He hits the sidewalk on the other side again as he passed by fast food shops, they were in abundant in this side of the city, cheap to eat in, surviving your meal was another thing.. if the food didn’t kill you, the shop owner might; fresh meat was hard to come by. So when they said they were selling meat.. what they meant was they were selling something that resembled meat, it was living once but it was a lucky dip as to what it was before it sat on your plate. 

Pulling out a cigarette he lit it as he took in a drag, another symbol of those with cash. Cigarettes were for the rich and the poor could not afford them, those who were addicted either killed for a smoke or went without. It was one of the many currencies used to barter within the underground society, the main currency being credits of course which Adam preferred to paid in, accepting no jobs that wouldn’t pay in credits. He took all sorts of jobs from assassinations, Kid napping, Theft. Anything that came his way really, and he had made himself quiet the name, that’s why he could walk these streets without being bothered by the petty thugs and muggers that called this place home. One thing was for sure, he was on the constant look out for the government agencies looking for him, he had to remain one step ahead every time. 

CharlotteCarrendar ~The Depot~ Large iron gates and a 15 foot stone wall surrounded the perimeter of the Depot which was one of the cities largest Squad bases. Many on the commanding officers had been on the Zen’s files for years. Most loyal but many were corrupted. It was only fitting really, since the lust for a rise to a station whereby you could enjoy the pleasures afforded to the Elite. Rayne had a long way to go before she would even be considered for a promotion, let alone to ever make it to a Commander level. Getting off the Number 79 shuttle, she saluted a group of higher rank officials, as she made her way to the check point. The Guard on duty – a rather grumpy man by the name of Blaze checked Rayne’s ID pass, before letting her through. “You doing the Dead zone tonight? The Gods must hate you. I been keeping a tally. Over fifty have died or gone missing in the last two years. I bet you will be another notch on my wall.” Rayne took back her tag and waited for the gate to rise impassively. “The only notch on your wall, will be when I smash your head into it.” She spoke with some finality, as the gate finally opened. Passing through, there were many officers preparing to get their shift charts and allocated a helicar. Waiting in bay 73, was a droid named SpencerH. Rayne got her time sheet and locater then read the bad news. She was slotted for the Dead zone with a droid. Rayne looked to the heavens and then pointed as though talking to God. “This isn’t funny.” Snatching her chart from the night patrol leader, she marched over to her craft, while the droid kept a close eye. “Evening #9283.” Rayne waved a hand at the droid dismissively. “Come on you bucket of bolts. Can’t serve and protect if we are in the hanger listening to you audition for “Y” factor. 

The helicar had just finished having its tank refuelled, as Rayne walked up the underside to the drop down stairs. She brushed her hand along the metal hull, before disappearing inside. <3> 

IceTe3a: His heavy boots certainly smacking down against the concrete pathway but with no noise coming from his steps as he passes a dark alleyway, *Ugh!!* *Bang, smash Bang* Coming to a stop he looks down the pitch black alleyway as his hues zoom in, -Heat sensor mode activated- three males, two standing over the third one who was in the fetal position on the floor, the two standing obviously muggers. “Life’s a bitch” he simply said –heat sensors deactivated- he continued to stroll down the pathway as he comes past his usual pick up point for food. The one man he trusted enough to share where he lived a old Chinese man who made according to Adam, great Chinese food. The old man was ready waiting outside with a takeaway bag as usual and a Credit swipe, Adam simply grabs the bag with one hand, and waves his card with the other instantly transferring the amount for the food in the old Chinese man’s account. He didn’t bother to stop as he started to head for home, there were security camera’s everywhere, as Adam came to a stop he glanced over to one as it zoomed into his face he didn’t bother with it as he continued to head for home, No one ever manned those camera’s anyway. 

Kicking a fence gate open he walks down a dark alleyway, turns a left as he comes to a door. He places his hand on the wall next to it as it glows, Obviously some sort of dna scanner, as the door swings open allowing Adam into his apartment, One wouldn’t think to look for a hide out back here. But then again no one’s stupid enough to venture down a dark alley way. The inside of his apartment wasn’t exactly… regulation standard as most of the items in his place was illegally obtained anyway, he walks past his Old 6-‘s juke box as he hits the top of it with his fist. It starts to play a old 60’s rock and roll song as it echo’s out into the alley way, there were no windows to look into or out of so he could have and do what he pleased in here. Books shelved in high book shelves that reached the ceiling. He had full access to the data stream from here as he had a computer setup on one side of his loft, not that he was very skilled in computers he had all the equipment he needed to perform a routine maintenance on his body and upgrade the firmware and software, he was barely able to do it, but he got it done.. Eventually. 

Obviously he had a weaponry and tech section, this is where his weaponry his New Ntech upgrades and other gagets were stored, allowing him to tinker with them as he saw fit. It wasn’t every day he needed those big guns but better to have and not need than to need and not have. He walks over to his rather large old style brown leather couch as he throws off his jacket and pours himself a glass of scotch. Alcohol another thing that was for the rich, but if you had the credits, you could buy anything from the black markets. He sat down and sprawled out across his couch as he lit another cigarette and sipped his glass of scotch, the old style music still playing in the background as he glanced down and blew out a puff of smoke. He still wasn’t used to seeing his body in this shape, muscular but so much Ntech 70% of his body was Tech, but it wasn’t on the grid anymore. Not even the best hackers could get into his tech as it was a once off design Ntech. The only other people who could ever get into his Tech and fuck around with him was those who managed to get similar Tech or were Ntech agents. There was rumors though, of a female who could not only enter and change Tech and any thing to do with computers which is basically everything in these day and age but control them and more. He didn’t know a lot about this mysterious female but the rumours were out there about her, and they were everywhere. Seems like someone has either made a name for themselves or they were lying about their skills, you can never tell until you meet the person though. 

Taking another drag from his Cigarette he glances around his apartment as he starts to plan his next move, he’ll have to figure out his next job, and soon. The squad force never really got in the way but he had killed more than his fare share of squad members then the time came down to it. Taking a sip from his glass of scotch he glances over at the Juke box as the music turns up louder, obviously he had implanted a simple remote chip into it so he could control the juke box from a distance. He sighs lightly as he leans back and closes his eyes, sinking into the cushions of the sofa. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – ~The Dead Zone~ The lights on the Helicar searched the buildings one by one. Many had been abandoned and those that remained were too poor to live elsewhere. Thermal imaging cameras darted from room to room, while the droid flew the craft, and Rayne kept downloading the files of information. On another sweep a red haze is picked up from a dark alley beside one of the derelict building. “We got a live one.” Rayne said into the headphone mic. The droid spun its head and Rayne pointed on the screen. “Land the helicar, I want to see what it is.” The Droid had to obey who she was, even a young officer. 


The helicar landed not far from where the man who had been shot’s body lay. Getting out of the helicar, she turned on a special camera fitted to her hat, to keep track and record everything that happened. Rayne took out her flash light, and started for the dark alley but as she did this, the helicar suddenly exploded. The fire ball illuminated the night and shattered windows in abandoned buildings, as well as setting off car alarms at a fair distance. Having shielded herself behind a large dumpster, she came out to see the blackened halo on the ground where she had last seen the helicar. Rayne tried to radio in using her transponder, but the signal or frequency had been jammed. Was this a set up? A wave of panic filled her as she now wondered if she had been followed. Nothing appeared to have followed her, but then she remembered the signal coming from the dark alley. The red haze. Nervously, she followed her instinct and ventured in to the alley. Rayne removed her fire arm, and held it up in line with the torch. The Squad officer must have held her breath for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, there was a large clang and clatter followed by the scream of an alley cat. It knocked off one of the garbage can lids that fell to the ground clattering and spinning. Then out from the darkness came a dark chuckle. “ If you were my student, you would have failed, Officer Redding.” <3> 

IceTe3a: *BOOOOM* His eyelids open slowly as his head turns slightly to the right to look behind the couch towards the direction of the explosion. *Sigh* slugging down the rest of his scotch he sits upright on the couch as he places the empty cup on the table in front of him.”Someone got hit, but who” He’d have been in too many combat zones to not know exactly what that sound was, some hearing it would think it was just an explosion. But that explosion came from a RPG that was for sure. Rubbing the bridge of his nose he glances over to the weaponry rack, he knew better than going out for a look to see what it was, he needed to keep under the radar and going up to look at who shot first could jeopardize this. 

“Fuck it” he said loudly to himself, with his right arm slamming down on the couch he pushes himself up into the air and over the side of the couch, his feet hitting the floor he goes into a slightly rushed jog as he runs past his weaponry rack. Passing the rack his left hand extends as he grasps a M107 custom rifle with a adjustable zoom scope. Military grade gear, he had hit a couple of the military stock piles in the past to make sure he had the best gear to do his job. “Thank’s Ntech” he smirked as he swung it to rest on his shoulder. Running towards a wall with a lonely ladder against it, he quickly propels himself onto it. As he grips the cold metal it scans his DNA through his fingers. **Beep Boop** a hidden hatch that leads to the roof opens up above the ladder. 

Climbing out of his loft and onto the roof, it gave him a 360 view of his surroundings. He purposely chose this location for that exact reason; it allowed him to easily defend his position whilst seeing who and where they were coming from. He kneels down to a crouch as he slowly walks over towards the edge of the building towards the explosion. Needless to say he didn’t have to look very far to find the location; the burning wreck of the helicar was a bright enough signal for anyone to see. He extends the bipod of the rifle out so the three stands were lowered and resting on the floor, the barrel of the rifle was resting on the extended heightened lip of the roof, it gave him ample cover from most directions but not perfect cover as he came down to a prone position. 

Peering through the scope he scanned the immediate roads for any sign of life, as he wires in on a one way frequency to the Squad’s radio system. He could hear their chatter but they couldn’t hear him. Listening closely… nothing, not one single alarm was raised; the chatter going across the feed was typical of a night. No one knew about what had just happened, did the squad member not report in for back up? Or is he already dead? Who knew, as he started to scan the wreckage of the Helicar, it was obvious side hit from a RPG. They were on the rooftop that was for sure. Quickly he moved his scope to start scanning roof tops, this must have been a mob hit to show their power and teach the squad a lesson. 

‘One… Three… eight.. ‘he was counting the guys he could see, this was a obvious move by the mob to seize power of the dead zone, a strong move that happens once in a while. The power play between the mob and the Squad was constant as they battled each other for turf. Eight guys on the roof tops but there either was more around or more on their way, “Poor bastard” he chuckled softly to himself, he wasn’t going to start shooting and take out the mob members, that would give away his position and put him on their radar. Although he has had dealings in the past with the Mob doing jobs for them in the past and buying black market items from them, he wasn’t about to give them a reason to hunt him down and attempt to kill him. 

Kneeling up his eyes turn to infer red mode –Infer red active- as he scans the area for the Squad members, there should be at least two to four. As he looked from the wrecked Helicar to the sides and finally a signal appears, hiding in the alley way was a single female Squad member, he was able to tell she was a female due to where the heat signatures were at their peak on her body, there was a distinct difference between male and female heat signatures. He arched a brow as he switched from Heat to electronic current view, her signature disappearing as another next to her appears, a Ai system was with her; A bot as her partner? “Oh you unlucky bitch” he chuckled the signature of the robot was weak, obviously sustaining sufficient damage in the explosion, that thing would be no help to her that’s for sure. She was wearing a earpiece, obviously it was standard issue, and it glowed still working but why wasn’t she reporting in? 

He kneels down again pressing his back against the wall as he pulls out a cigarette and lights it, on his left arm a panel pops open exposing a holographic keyboard as he quickly types into it, his hacking skills were good but not the best, and he usually found other ways to gain access to computers rather than hacking them since he couldn’t get his head around how to do it, but someone down the line taught him a little trick. Communication devices were the simplest things to hack into, well the Squad ones anyway. The squad and military ones were anyway; their computer and security systems were another thing. But AI systems and communication devices were simple since no one really thought someone would want to hack into one, he made to connection with her coms device the voice mode activates so it would stream his voice at a low tone so only she could hear it and no one else could hear them talking besides himself and her. 

“Rough night huh?” a slight chuckle echoes through the ear piece as he takes in a drag of his cigarette keeping silent for a while before blowing the smoke out with a sigh. “You’re either very stupid to come to the Dead zone alone with the bot, or very unlucky.” He had successfully taken over the communication device as his exact voice was coming through, unfortunately this gave anyone else a direct access to his own body, and since he was one big walking computer, anyone with the skill set to gain access into him would be able to do so with ease. But that kind of skill set was rare, since his tech was one of a kind no normal Squad member would ever be able to hack into his systems. 

“I’d suggest running to start with, but if you can’t run I’d say my prayers, I count eight guys to your one with more coming” he sighed as he took another drag from his cigarette and kept radio silence from now on ‘If you were my student I’d have failed you’ he heard over her comms someone was with her and he wasn’t friendly , still linked into the feed, he wanted to watch the action it would give him something to do for the night, “To late, this is where your training comes in handy, Are you just a simple Squad member? Or something more” he questioned her field skills, not knowing who she was or what she actually was. 

He hacks into a local camera across the street as the holographic screen comes up in his left eye, showing him what the camera see’s it would be confusing for some to have one eye having the view of the camera and his other eye having his own view in sight. The camera glances down to the female as he glances over her, a typical Female squad member. As stock as they came, with the uniform clean, pressed with no creases, the mandatory hat and hairstyle it was all sheepish as he took another drag from his cigarette. “I’m not here to help, just watching the show” He then went back to being silent as his hues glance out to the street, he could hear whispering as he knew they were being brave and coming in to finish off the job “Here come more” he said simply as he kept watching the event unfold. 

IceTe3a: He had already broken his own rules by going up to the roof top and then making contact with a random female Squad member, he was really pushing his luck. He had a thought about racing over the roof tops and stepping in, but he decided against it at least for now, he’ll wait to see how the female handles herself. ‘Who knows perhaps she’s some highly trained Op female that’s why she rides solo’ he thought to himself as he laughed loudly over the mic, she would be able to hear him laughing as he took another drag from his cigarette.