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Chapter Four

Z is for Zen Labs



CharlotteCarrendar: The overhead thunder of the Legion Gunner ships was deafening as they continued to scour the Dead Zone for the missing Officer. Adam, the mercenary has already been picked up by a squad after being tipped off by Bexter. Needless to say the hotel manager got his revenge against the merc, after he roughed him up over finding Rain. He had watched Rain run out of the foyer wearing the merc’s jacket and he spotted the same firearm that the merc had been wearing. He could have told the Zen’s men, but he didn’t. She was a pretty looking girl, who was probably on someone’s wanted list. He was satisfied enough to see Adam’s body carried out of the building and into the waiting truck outside. Bexter was paid for his information, and went back to watching the latest Master Chef cooking show on the state television network. 

Out in the streets, Rain was running between buildings, with the black long coat fluttering behind her. She knew exactly who she was now, and why the Zen masters would want her back under their control. The former Officer knew that there were only three people on this god forsaken earth that she could trust, but she feared that they too had been “rewired” as it were. 

Ducking into another small alcove of an old factory entrance, Rain watched as a large army truck went roaring past, and it had soldiers mounted all over it. Flood lights at the front of the vehicle lit up the night and Rain tried to keep hard pressed to the wall, to avoid detection. Little did she know that the man that hunted her, had become the latest target of the Zen Brotherhood. If only she had known, things probably would have turned out differently. She knew she had to get out of the Dead Zone. Even if it was difficult to travel through at night. Chewing her bottom lip, she kept a watch out for helicars or more army personal. Taking a chance, she made another made dash across the lit road, and just avoided a high speeding cycle. It whipped up her coat as it rocketed past. Strange to even see a bike like that in such a place. People with wealth tended to avoid this area if they could. 

Coming around another corner, she noticed a late model car pulled up near a dumpster. The car seemed to be bouncing. On closer inspection, Rain could see a man in the front seat, and a woman riding his lap. Seemed one business was still lucrative in this part of town. Creeping up behind the car, she then undid the passenger door at the back and slid in, as the couple were still engaged in the sex act. Only when the girl happened to glance back into the back seat, to see a gun pointed to her face, did she let out a scream. This made the man groan louder, thinking she was getting off, when in fact, she was scared of being shot. 

“Get out of the car.” Rain said, cocking the gun at the girls’s face. She didn’t need to be asked twice, and immediately got of the man’s lap, who had just figured out what was going on. “Hey!..What the fuck?” Rain pressed the barrel end of the gun into the back of the man’s head. “When the bitch is out, you are to take me to Sector 7 EC.” The man froze as he felt the cold metal of the gun through his hair. “I haven’t got enough fuel for that.” He lamented, as the girl hot footed it out of the car and ran off into the night. Rain shrugged and replied. “I got credit. Now let’s get going, or I will blow your Goddamn brains out.” The man started the car, causing a large cloud of smoke to gush out from the exhaust. He hit the gas, and took off down the main street, heading out of the Dead zone, and taking Rain back to where it all began. <3> 

IceTe3a: He was starting to come too as his systems started to reboot once more, oh they were going to cop it and so was she. He groaned as the men in the back of the truck gasped knowing full well who he was as one of them started blabbing, a guard swung the back door open and ran outside he turned around and pointed the gun to the back of the car fully loaded and waiting for the worst to happen, a coward really. The other guards looked at each other as they glanced back down to him. His systems had rebooted and he was close to the two remaining guards…real close. Sitting up he extended his arm upward with a powerful thrust his palm collecting the first guard from under the chin shoving his head into and through the side of the cars wall instantly the man’s head exploded as blood came gushing out running down the inside and outside of the punctured wall, he turned quickly and grabbed the other guard who was screaming out “No..No…NOOOOO” *Crack* Adam had just cracked his neck as he picked up one of their standard issue pistols. **Bang.. BANG BANG* the last guard drops like a bag of shit, two perfect shots to the heart one to the head. Jumping out of the truck he growls as he knew he had to catch up with… Rain “Oh it’s payback time bitch” he started to walk in the direction of the tracking signal as he heard a engine roaring in the distance. He extends his arm just in time to grab the guy, ripping him off the bike as the bike came to a stop and slid on the road. “Mine” he growled as he tossed the man on the floor, who quickly and without warning ran off into the darkness. Now he had a bike to chase her down with as he hopped on the bike and drove off after her. Suddenly two Warbirds fly right behind him keeping their distance but tailing him as they kept their spotlight on him “Pull over Experiment 2961 or die”. He growled as he whipped his left arm out with his pistol and started to fire a volley at the two warbirds “FUCK YOU” he screamed as he was getting closer to the signal. A car was driving up ahead, he looked up his transmitter.. It was her, as he started firing off pot shots at the back of the car “That bitch will pay” he drove the bike across the park to cut her off, and cut her off he would as he arrived at the only path they could take, he knew they would come down this way as he stopped the bike and got off it. He was waiting for them when out of nowhere a squadron of 20 soldiers drop from the air and surround him. “GET DOWN GET DOWN, DON’T MOVE.. DOWN NOW” they were all shouting at him they all had their weapons drawn and the two Warbirds were hovering overhead their guns clearly aimed at him as the lazor dots shined all over his body. He had no choice but to kneel down on the road his hands resting behind his head in the surrendering pose as they cleared a path and all stepped to be behind him, he now had a clear view of the road as he was going to glare at rain as she drove past and watched what was going on, he knew she would get a kick out of this no doubt. They cuffed his hands together as a solider came from behind with a large pole and a clamp on the end of it, the clamp went around his neck and closed so they could control his movements. The car engine roars as his hues flick over he could see her through the window as he glared at her. “Sir, we have captured the experiment…. Roger… We’re taking him to the scientific division to be disassembled and studied. Six guards start wailing on him using the butt of their rifles to smack into his body as he screamed out in pain, one had a stun pole and was constantly beating him with it. He fell down onto his chest as they continued to wail on him, all the time he was gritting his teeth as he glared at Rain as she drove on by and continued going, suddenly a guy comes up to him pistol drawn as he fired 6 rounds emptying his clip, they were tazer rounds not enough to kill or damage but enough to hurt like hell and force him to pass out as he gave a loud scream in pain before passing out due to the shock. He laid there unconscious as a Warbird landed, taking no chances now they were going to load him straight into the plane and fly him right over there themselves. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sudden gunshots being fired at the sedan spooked Rain, who spun her head around to see that they were being chased by a man on a motorcycle. The same motorcycle she had seen earlier. What the hell? Why would he suddenly be firing at the sedan….unless. It couldn’t be. The Bike tore around and came to stop right in front of the car. The driver hitting the brakes so hard he winded himself on the seat belt and got lacerations to his throat. Rain cursed as she saw the man get off the bike. It was the merc. Adam. And he looked pissed. “Jesus Christ!” she muttered under her breath as he started to walk for the car. The driver uttered “What you do? Steal from him too?” Well that was true, by all accounts, and Rain said. “Shut up.” It was then the loud sound of a loud speaker was heard – coming from overhead. “GET DOWN GET DOWN, DON’T MOVE.. DOWN NOW!” and from the sky about twenty armed soldiers all dropped down and surrounded Adam. Rain didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified. Why were they looking for him? As the merc knelt down, Rain tapped the driver’s neck with the gun barrel again. “Drive…casually around them” she whispered. “Are you nuts?” Rain tapped his head again. “Just do it.” Without another word the driver turned the car and started to go around where Adam was being taken into custody. Seeing him stare at her, knowing it was her and she was getting away, while he was being taken in by the Zen squad made her feel physically sick. She knew the kinds of horrors those sick bastards did to rogues. She held her breath till they were well past and the car finally picked up speed. Rain fell back into her seat and tilted her head to the passenger window. The guilt weighing heavily in her heart. “It was either him or me.” She told herself. For a good ten minutes the driver stayed silent, then he couldn’t help himself, he had to ask. “Who was that guy?” he was curious, especially to see the way in which he was apprehended. Rain paused for a moment, and then she replied. “A dead man walking.” :: Two hours later, the car finally pulls up at a junk yard just inside the Section 7 ED area. It was an ominous sight. Huge high fences, and mountains of cars, all shapes, sizes and models. This is where cars came to die. Scrap metal for the future use of the Zen Brotherhood. The driver looked back at Rain and gestured with his hand. “This is no place for a lady.” Rain gave him a blank look and then opened the car door. “I’m no lady. You best get back to your wife and kids. No doubt they will be worried.” The last two hours, they had spoken a little, about how he used to be a powerful lawyer within one of the CRU corporations, but when the Brotherhood took over, many of those in top positions got retrenched and replaced by Zen officials, leaving many hundreds of thousands out of work in the cities. Pocketing her weapon, she then beat her hand on the boot of the car, and it took off. The junk yard was called “Sam’s metal yard”, but not many knew what really went on behind those high razor wired covered fences. Rain ran her fingers back through her hair, as she wandered over to what looked to be a broken intercom. She flicked it open and then started to fiddle with the wires underneath, before slamming the cover back on and watching it switch to green. A voice was heard, but it was like radio static. “Whatever your selling lady, I ain’t buying. So take your two bit ass off my property.” Rain smirked as she heard Sam’s voice. He hadn’t changed…thank god. “Now, is that anyway to talk to your favourite girl. The one that makes it rain.” You could hear a few cursed words, and then suddenly the large iron gate started to grunt and groan as it moved along its rollers and Rain was able to enter the compound. “That’s more like it.” At least someone would be happy to see her. <3> 

IceTe3a: The car screamed off, he knew he was screwed but he wanted to get her face imprinted into the back of his head so he could remember her for next time.. Oh when he got his hands on her, what he would do with her. Unfortunately he was unconscious and they loaded his body up into the Warbird, “Straight to the science labs no detours.” The pilot nods and gives the thumbs up as the door slams closed with Adam inside. The back burners start to roar as it comes off the ground and hovers in the air slowly. Turning the jet to face the direction of the science lab it blasts off without warning, hitting top speed with ease it flew higher into the air as it lit up the sky, they needed to get him there fast before he came to so having their backburners light up the sky didn’t matter at this point and time. The Warbird flies right over the junk yard and keeps going into the NTech section of the city, after awhile it started to land as a squadron of troops were there waiting along with a Commander and a scientist. The bird touches down with ease as the door slides open “Right men grab that bastard out, make sure he doesn’t slip our grips again.” The Commander turns to the female doctor and snarls “Don’t be fooled he is as dangerous as death itself, nothing more than a tool, one of Ntechs objects. Have him studied and disassembled so we can work out how to mass produce him for our armies” he gave a salute as he walked up to Adam grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and smiled “Looks like your times up, we may have lost our other officer but you have volunteered to take her place on the cutting board” he smirked as he Pointed inside the lab “Get a move on men, put this equipment where the doctor needs him” the Commander walks onto the Warbird and hangs out of the hanger slightly “Take me to ground Zero, I need to report in. Doctor I expect results by the morning” he gave a salute as the Warbird started up again the door slammed shut just as it took off: He was coming in and out of consciousness as he opened his eyes and saw blurey visions of the inside of a plane “Ugh..” he said as he couldn’t move anything but his head, suddenly his body jolts as they landed, he gets dragged out of the plane as he tries to register what was going on but couldn’t, he feels the wind pick up and stop the jet had left the sight leaving him there in the arms of the Zen squad and the female doctor. His eyes open again as he glances up at the doctor for a moment “Where am..” he slips back to being unconscious his body still not fully healed. “M’am which way? We need to get him restrained as soon as possible so you can start your work” one of the soldiers stated as they all waited for the female doctor to advise them. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Doctor Teresa Marshall oversees the arrival of the experiment, and stands stoically beside the Commander. He expects good results by the morning, and knowing what that meant, she was going to be putting in an all nighter. She is not an officer, so she is not to be saluted, but the Zen consider her to be of high worth and so is treated with respect by the officers and soldiers in her employ. With the squad officer asking where to take him, Doctor Marshall answers. “Down the hall on the left to observation room 2E. There are restraining locks on the observation table. Fraid we are going to have to use them on this one.” Nodding to her, they carried the barely conscious man down the hall of the facility and into the observation room 2E. It was an all white room, with shiny steel cabinets and medical shelving. Boxes of supplies, gloves, syringes, and bandaging, as well as rows of high level machinery for diagnosis and data collection. The men placed the body of Adam down on the table and immediately set to fastening the clamps on his ankles and arms, so that he couldn’t move. The system code was activated, and at any time during the procedure should he try to break free of his bindings, that he would be charged with a large voltage of electricity. It was pretty barbaric but under the circumstances she knew he would kill within seconds. Once Adam was locked in place, the Doctor ordered the guards leave the room, and allow her to start her operation. She sighed as she reached for a stray lock of his hair, and said. “Zen labs. Facility Four Sector Seven.” When he heard this he would know what it meant. He was to be disassembled and studied, before being put into mass production. He was a prototype and one that should never have gotten away. <3> 

IceTe3a: He was barely waking up as he felt his feet being dragged across the floor, his eyes were still blurry as he come in and out of consciousness he saw parts of the building… long hallways, white walls. Suddenly he felt clamps wrapping around his wrists and ankles as he could hear a females voice ordering men to leave so she can start her operation. What was she on about, where was he? Footsteps echoing as they got closer and closer, something brushed a strand of his hair on his head as he heard the words that would confirm everything. “Zen Labs. Facility Four Sector Seven” Someone was making a medical entry… Four sector seven.. Disassembly.. this room was made for him, he was their only experiment to work so well, he was completely unique and they were never able to match his gene therapy or his Ntech as all data of him was destroyed in their system. Now they were going to open him up, disassemble him and see what they did right so they can redo it to more… Order taking people. His eyelids open slowly, as his hues start to adjust to the new light, slowly he was gaining his sight back as he looked over to his left and right arms, he was surely bound to a table… as he looked around the room he saw medical equipment and then a female doctor who was touching his hair.. “Where am I..” he said lightly as he looked up at her trying to make sense of what was going on but he already knew exactly what was going on he was going to be disassembled, if only he never ventured out onto that damn rooftop damn that female…rain… his face looked like it seen it all as he was staring up at the ceiling, he was obviously laid flat down on a table on his back, so the doctor could do her work. “Who are you.. “ he tries to break his restraints as he wiggles his arms and legs unable to bust his legs free, his arms were more machine then man as the clamps around his wrists start to whine from the stress he was putting on them, surely enough if he kept this up he would get an arm free, he had to escape before the doctor started to deactivate parts. “You can’t just switch me off like a computer, I’m a man!” he growled as he struggled with his arms. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was never in her medical oath to do what she did for the Zen Brotherhood. The things she had seen and done to others left her with little choice but to follow orders. She knew she was watched on about five different cameras that were capturing her every move, and word said. She was a genuinely affectionate woman, that had not had the cold heart of a true Zen follower. But with her family under threat she did what she was ordered to do, as much as it pained her to do so. The man on the table struggled under the binding, begging to know who she was. She answered simply and in a monotone voice. She couldn’t afford to show her true feelings. “Doctor Teresa Marshall, Zen Labs.” If he looked at her face, he would see the fear in her eyes. She turned away, and then when she turned back around, she was holding a silver looking gun, with a large V shape on the end. It was glowing a fierce electric blue colour. This was part of her equipment. She cast those sad blue eyes down on the patient and said. “I am just a woman doing my job. Nothing personal. I’m sorry.” That said, she pressed the gun into the man’s neck and that was when the V locked in on a special switch beneath Adam’s skin. Immediately he would start to feel his internal power source starting to deplete. “It will all be over soon.” She said just above a whisper, as she monitored the extraction. He would be in a great deal of pain. There was no drugs, no anaesthetic. This was just how it was done. A guard would peer in through the observation window in the door, and see the Doctor taking out the gun device and reholstering it in a machine, before getting out the big tools. She would need to undress him of course before taking him apart. This was done with haste, his clothes dumped in a yellow bin near the wall. Doctor Marshall then took a large scalpel, and started to cut a full line right down his chest, splitting it apart, as she was about to switch him off from the inside modulator unit. One final glance at his face, and she said her final words. “see you on the other side…Adam.” She knew his name. How was this possible? 

IceTe3a: He couldn’t do anything the clamps wouldn’t budge, he was truly stuck here, she stated her name Teresa Marshall. He was looking down at his body trying to figure out how he could escape but he was stripped of everything he had by Rain, leaving nothing for him to use to get out of this situation. He looked up just in time to see her pull out a silver gun with a V shape on the end, it glowed “What are you..ARGH!!” she pressed the gun into his neck and it forced its way down into his skin as something clicked, his body was getting weaker by the second, she was disassembling him, there wasn’t anything he could do about it. The pain rushing through his body was immense as his muscles tightened from it, He watches as he grits his teeth, she pulls the tool out and places it away as she starts to strip him of what clothing he had left and dumped it into a yellow bin. “I am self aware; I’m not a tool or equipment! I’m a living human” he growled in pain as he glared at her, she took a scalpel as she cut a full line down his chest splitting it apart each second of her cutting through his skin had him cursing loudly as he screamed in pain, he felt it all every second of it, she reached her hand into his chest and looked down at him ‘See you on the other side…Adam’ she said “ It wasn’t my choice to have this done to me!” he said at the last second before she did anything else “Curse you all” he screamed out in pain, it was still fresh the feeling of his chest being cut open and torn as her hand sat inside him moving around slowly feeling for something… what was she going to do? His piercing green hues glaring directly into hers as he grit his teeth, anyone could see he was in immense pain but he fell silent at the last moment’s he knew nothing else he could say would change the situation. *Click* His green hues slowly start to loose color, his muscles loosen up as his body goes limb, breathing stopped finally his hues lost all color as they turned a pure white, his face still held the emotion he was showing her at the very last moment as his lifeless hues stared into hers not moving he had been switched off, unable to reboot it was a manual turn off switch inside his chest. Nothing more could be done on Adams behalf, he could not turn himself on, he was and is as of this moment lifeless and dead nothing more than tissue and metal combined. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – His blood curdling screams rang in her ears, and try as she might to block it out, she simply couldn’t. If she could make it go any faster to relieve him from his suffering she would but this was operational procedure, by the books. Adam was begging, saying he was a man not a tool – not a machine. He was feeling all of this. The pain was indescribable. Doctor Marshall hated every minute of it, till finally she opened his chest cavity to do the manual switch off. Their eyes locked on each others and she had to keep herself composed and together till the final moment. Then….there was the click. The manual override switch reached. The screams, the shaking and the violent tremors suddenly stopped. He had shut down finally. Doctor Marshall just stood there, her hand still in his chest cavity. She sniffed loudly as she turned her head away, trying desperately not to cry. She rolled her lips inside her mouth as slowly extracted her hand and fell back. Tears formed on the edges of her lashes and she batted them as she swallowed hard. The worst part was over. Now to disassemble. It would take a good two hours to completely dissect him piece by piece and have him laid out specially for the mass reproduction cloning operation. By the end, Doctor Marshall ripped off her gloves and removed her face mask. It was over. A good day for the Zen Brotherhood….a bad day for Adam. <3> 

IceTe3a: His lifeless body lay limp as the doctor took a moment for herself to compose herself from the prior incident. Then she started on his body, taking tools to his limbs as it took time to remove his first arm, then his second arm both were placed on the table next to him. The guards were watching as one of them almost felt sick but they had to help move the delicate body parts to the other table. His legs were the next to go one by one he was being taken apart piece by piece leaving his head and torso left, this part would be tricky. His entire body had mechanical parts in it but he still was human and that was the housing that held everything together, but the Ntech nanowiring inside acted like his nerves. His head was detached from his body as the torso was moved onto the pile of his body parts. The doctor had left the room as the guard smirked slightly and placed Adams head ontop of his chest looking out at the door with Adams mouth open. Laughing as he left the room, he left the lights on for other people to see what went on in the room it was pretty clear what had happened as it was the talk of the building and the entire city, they had captured their most valued advanced weaponry systems and will utilize this to confirm their rulings on over the world. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Walking through the junk yard at night wasn’t exactly a simple walk in the park. For one thing Sam kept huge dogs on the property and they gave it their all, barking and snarling on the ends of their chains trying to reach Rain, who walked carefully around them before coming up to the silver type bullet trailer that was in the centre of the yard. Well concealed by great piles of cars. On reaching the trailer, Rain barely raised her fist to knock, when the door was flung open and a strange looking lad wearing a large flannel coat in plaid with a leather aviator skull cap on his head with matching goggles jumped out of the doorway and flung himself at Rain. He hugged her so hard, you could hear him struggling to breath. “I thought you were DEAD!” His voice raised as he held her out to look at her, then brought her back in for another hug. Rain knew he was a bit touchy feely at times, but this was a bit much. “Okay okay. Can you let me catch my breath; i think you squeezed all the air out of my lungs.” Sam fell back and then reached out to cup her face. “Rain. I have got so much to tell you, but first, you need to come inside and see this.” He had concerned expression before gesturing her to follow her inside his trailer. On the inside were rows and rows of monitors and computer equipment, not to mention scattered food boxes, soda bottles and boxes of tissues. She picked up a box and said. “You know that fapping too much will make you go blind, Sam.” Sam grabbed the box off her and set it down beside him. “Quit fooling. Take a seat.” She did, right beside him as he then punched in a few codes, and then showed he had breached the Zen Lab facility. “Now, I have a thing for this place. Heard they do some pretty nasty experiments and you know me, with my love of cybernetics, I just love to peek in on them from time to time.” Rain didn’t seem to know where he was going with this, but she shrugged and took out Adam’s cigarette box and tapped it on her open palm to get a cigarette out. “And…what is so fascinating at Zen labs tonight? They’re hosting an online WoW tournament?” Sam gave Rain a foul look to see she was about to light up. “Rain, what have I told you. Smoking kills.” Rain chuckled as she lit her cigarette. “Yeah, so does Zen. So what is the deal?” Sam turned back to his terminal and punched in another set of numbers and codes. “They brought in a prototype tonight. Pretty hard core. Set for disassemble. You know what that means.” Rain knew more than she was ready to admit. Was that Adam that they were going to dissemble? He was taken in tonight. She suddenly coughed up a large cloud of smoke, which had Sam waving his arms about. “Must you?” Rain fell back in her chair. This was all her fault. The memory of him staring at her as she got away in that man’s car still haunted her. Suddenly, a blue light illuminated on Sam’s cell and he picked it up. The voice on the other side was garbled, like it was being run through a computer. “Tin man. You are aware of the capture of Experiment 2961?” Sam ran his hand nervously through his hair, as he then reached down and pressed x on the link to Zen labs. The man on the other end of the phone laughed. “Turning off the screen does not stop me from watching you. Get an operative there, we want Experiment 2961 before they go into mass production. I have a team assembled for the break in. You..get your best ready to rebuild.” The call went dead, as Sam turned to Rain and said, “So, you busy tonight…heh?” The rebels had just put in their order for the day. The race to save Adam was on. <3> 

CharlotteCarrendar: The gates to the Zen labs were heavily fortified with watch towers and guards with attack dogs walking the perimeter. But when the rebels decide to do something, make no mistake they are not ones to be trifled with. A small car pulled up at the check point, with an elderly couple seated at the wheel. The gate officer came out of his small office and shone the light at the couple in the car. “Sir, Ma’am. This is an official government post, I’m sorry but you can’t go through. The old man pulled his hat down slightly and uttered in a shaky voice. “You mean, this isn’t the Museum of Antiquities? My wife has been nagging me for five months to bring her here, and now you stand there and tell me that I can’t go through!” The guard thought the old man was senile. “I’m sorry Sir but this is not the Museum.” While the couple in the car were griefing the security officer, another man came up behind him and whacked him on the head, dragging him into the small office, and then pressing the button for the gate to open, as the operative changed into the guards clothing. The small car pulled up at the front doors, and the little old lady chuckled. “Such a pretty building, Harold. Shame about what we are going to do to it.” Harold chuckled and got out of the car, and ambled towards the front doors, while his wife slowly took off her hat. It was Rain. Harold was Tin man or Sam as Rain knew. He typed into the Facility’s main computer as he go the alarms switched off on all floors. Rain emerged from the small car and then walked up where she could see a big camera following her movements. She flipped the bird and then aimed Adam’s own gun at it and opened fire. Blowing the camera to bits. That was not going to please the Zen and also made their getaway time a lot shorter. “Rain…seriously. Don’t do that again.” Rain smirked and followed him inside the facility. She tore off the old lady’s outfit and then with Sam at her side they both ran as fast as they could through the hospital wing, to make it to the observation room where Adam had been disassembled. On their way down the last hall, Rain ran smack bang into Doctor Marshall, who had finished her report for the Commander. The pages scattered as the two women collided. Not bothering to help her, Rain followed Sam into the observation room. The sight before her would stop Rain dead. Adam was completely dissected. Sam didn’t muck about, getting at trolley and dumping the body parts in it. “Come on…help me.” He urged, and Rain got too it, only stopping to stare at Adam’s souless eyes as she placed his head in the trolley. The two went to wheel him out when the Commander turned the corner. “Intruders! Stop!” Being seen, Sam took out a small round detonator and flicked the switch. “Push the trolley Rain, i got this.” He lobbed the bomb at the hapless Zen guards, and as they made it down the stairs, they could hear the screams and explosions. The building went into melt down, and under the cover of a fire drill, Rain and Sam were able to spirit Adam’s body to safety. Back to the Junk yards. Little did her realize, he was about to be saved by the woman who got him in this mess to start with, <3>