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Chapter Six

Total Control



IceTe3a: The engine roaring as he swerved taking a left corner as the Ute’s ass end hung out, power sliding around the corner, how close he was to getting caught again. Not this time, he wasn’t going to be caught off guard as he drove towards home, he’d be safe there for now that much he was sure of. It was still night time, no one was around and most of the Squad patrols had stopped as they had a cut off time, this was the hour for mayhem when the gang members, crooks and thieves came out to play. The black markets would be open by now; Adam knew exactly where they were located, how to get in and who ran them. There wasn’t much Adam couldn’t find out about something or someone, thanks to his massive database. He was close to his place as he was a block away, putting his foot down the engine sung out in a glorious rev, the sound of the engine running sounded like a kitten purring the engine was in pristine condition as he smirked, he had just gotten himself a new truck. He placed his hand over the touch screen as it scanned his DNA, went black and reset *Beep Beep* he had just reset the security for the Ute to recognize only his DNA and respond to him only. It was the new way to lock cars, no one used keys anymore that was old school, he pulled up to the dark alleyway as he drove the truck in and behind his building, cutting the engine off he sighed as he looked around the truck, the door swung open as he jumped out closing it behind him *Click* the doors automatically lock as he wanders off to his house door to his loft. Placing his hand on the wall it scans *Bzzz Bzzz….. Beep Beep… Click* the door slides open as he walks inside, lights flicking on as usual as the juke box starts to play once more. “Home sweet home” he smiled as he threw his coat off, tossing his M1911 onto the weapon’s table he walked over to his couch and collapsed onto his back, spreading out taking the whole couch as he closed his eyes “What a day… a few close calls that much was for sure” he sighed as he slowly drifted off to sleep. 

CharlotteCarrendar: It was that time of night, known as the Bewitching hour for all the hoodlums, crooks, dark players and evil doers would come out and make merry as the night patrols would have all gone back to base. Every night this would go on with the mafia and rebels able to move freely and for the most part undetected. It was in this window that Noah decided to make his move. Travelling the road towards Sam’s metal junkyard, he had someone he wished to pay a visit too. He knew he could count on Sam to get into the Zen lab and seize the experiment, but what he didn’t know was who Sam was working with. That was to come as a shock. Pulling up outside the perimeter of the yard, Noah cut the engine to the hulking Hummer XP. He sat in the driver’s seat a second, checking his rear vision mirror for being followed, and when the coast was clear, he got out of the vehicle. Sizing up the gates and the security system, he went to the intercom but noticed it had been fixed. He pressed the green button and said. “Tin man…get your ass out of bed and open the fucking gate.” Sam, who was asleep at the desk of his terminals in the bullet trailer, woke up with a start, and drool dripping down off his chin. “Wha?” At first he didn’t know what was going on, but on turning on the monitor to the camera at the gate, she saw it was Noah. “Ahhh crap.” Sam said, flicking the switch for the gates to open. He knew that Noah had come to see the experiment, who had long before hot footed it after Rain failed to stop him. The gates groaned and squealed as they ran along on rollers in the track, before it was open enough for Noah to walk through. Sam ran out of his trailer, dressed in an all one Pikachu pyjama set and matching red cap. He saw Noah and tried to cut him off before going to the hanger. Noah stared at him in surprise. “Bit late for Halloween Tin man.” Sam rolled his eyes and said. “Hardy har har. Look, it’s a bit late, why not come back in the morning, hmm?” Noah wouldn’t have a bar of it. He knew they had to have the experiment there. “Did your operative rebuild him?” He walked along through the mud puddles as Sam scootered after him. “Well, that’s the thing, she did…but he…got away.” That last part hit like a sledge hammer. “He what?” Sam wanted to run and hide. “He threatened us all and…legged it. I think Rain did too good a job on the rebuild.” At this Noah curled his hands into fists. “Rain? You mean…my Rain?” Sam cringed and nodded and this had Noah break out into a run for the hanger. He pulled open the emergency door and yelled out. “Rain!?” Inside the spare room, Rain suddenly woke up to hear a man shouting her name. Getting out of the cot, she opened the door and came out in to face Noah. “You called?” Noah looked at her as though he was seeing a ghost. He ran at her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him as he closed his eyes tight. It really was her. “I thought you were dead.” Pulling back, he stared at her, cupping his hand to her cheek. “Everyone keeps saying that.” This was the same reaction Sam had when he saw her. “I was rewired. Placed on a special duty roster in the night patrol. No one would look for me there; they have a high mortality rate.” But as soon as the pleasantries were over, he had to ask. “What happened to the Experiment? Why did you let him go?” Rain didn’t like having to explain again. “Your experiment thinks he is human. Believes it so strongly, and you and I both know he is nothing more than another Zen labs creation.” She pulled away from Noah, knowing he would be upset. He was to a degree. “Well, we need to find him before they do.” It was imperative to get him back in their control, for it would mean a whole new ball game if the Zen could mass produce Adam. Rain picked up Adam’s lighter off the work station and turned to Noah, saying. “I plan to find him, but you need to let me do it my way.” Noah could only nod in agreement. He always had a problem saying no to her. “You know the best time to move out of the city would be now. While the Bewitching hour is in force. You can take my vehicle. It’s parked outside.” Hearing this, Rain agreed. “Okay, let me get my gear together, and we can head out.” The chase was on. <3> 

IceTe3a: He laid there in silence as he listened to the old school music, he wasn’t able to sleep, today’s events were eating at him in the back of his mind. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone, *Sigh* he sat up as he pulled out another smoke, lighting it, he looked around for the bottle of scotch. “Why’s the scotch always gone” he got up as he walked over to the box of scotch bottles, taking in a deep drag of his cigarette, he pulled out a fresh bottle as he cracked it open. Blowing out the smoke he took a swig straight from the bottle; funny how alcohol doesn’t affect his systems in the slightest. His house had no mirror’s he did that on purpose as he hated looking at his own reflection, he knew he was human, his file was lost to him but he had found pieces of his life. Only fragments, He knew he was in the Zen’s Black ops squad, he knew something had happened but he never could find out what it was. What made him so special that the Ntech worked on his body so perfectly? He never knew that his body had gene therapy as a child. His father the general died in combat when he was young he was left alone and had nothing in his life. That’s where the military came into his life, it gave him a path allowed him to forget all the pain in his life; but look at him now. Alone, nothing but pain and sorrow filled these walls; He kept himself busy taking what jobs he could no matter what they were or how dangerous they could be it kept him sane.. human. The irony in that, he knew he was human he could feel his heart, his skin was real that much he knew but everyone else thought him as nothing more than a object, why? He had real body parts! Just more Ntech was in his body, obviously because he was a soldier, Fuck! He even had a dick and his balls!! That was one of the first things he checked as he grit his teeth “ARGH!” he slammed his right fist down in rage against a coffee table, the supports broke as it shattered onto the floor. Walking over to the couch he sat down as he took one last drag of his smoke and skulled a rather large helping of the scotch. Placing the bottle back down on the floor he laid on his back as he closed his eyes, shortly after he fell asleep. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – When Rain emerged from the storage room dressed in a black uniform that bore a signature mark that was of her previous rank, Noah smiled. Rain always made the uniform look good. It was figure hugging, and showed off her ass beautifully. He watched her gather up equipment she would need for a mobile operation, including a lap top and cell. She packed to a pair of MR6 revolvers in a belt holster, and had extra magazine cartridges on the back. She wasn’t going to take any chances this time. Rain’s hair was bound in a long plait down her back, and she packed a back pack of specialist parts and laser screwdrivers to help her work on Adam when she found him. She checked the racks for anything else she might need to take with her, when Sam entered and saw what Rain was doing. He approached her and said. “What about Eve?” Rain kept going through the supplies, and took down another timer device. “You’re looking at her.” Sam for a moment was confused. ‘What? You’re not a machine.” This was true, she wasn’t. “No, but I know what makes Adam tick. And that’s not all.” She then zipped up her back pack, as Noah stood waiting at the door. “Rain…please.” She gave Sam a weak smile. “You’re going to have to trust me on this.” She patted his shoulder, before heading out the door with Noah. Noah saluted Sam, who was left standing in his workshop. “I always miss out on the fun ones.” He then headed back to bed. :: Out in the hummer, Rain had her lap top on her lap and was madly typing on the keypad, as Noah started the car. He glanced at the screen and then at her face, which was illuminated by the blue hue. “Well?” She watched the streams of data run down the screen, her mind racing as she pinpointed Adam’s file. From there she was able to work out possible locations from his previous places of residence. Her eyes followed the flowing streams and then finally she grinned. “Got you.” Rain then punched in the exact location into the sat nav and Noah went to high five Rain. She simply smacked her hand to his forehead. “Don’t get cocky. You don’t know what this guy is capable of. You can do the victory dance AFTER we bring him in, not before.” Noah started the hummer and the sat nav gave him the directions as Rain put away her lap top. :: Travelling through the worst part of town they soon made it onto weathered roads that were badly in need of repair, pot holes galore. Noah thought this must be on bad ass neighbourhood. Soon the sat nav announced they had reached the destination. It wasn’t much different from the rest of the houses around it. “Looks like a piece of cake.” Noah said, getting out of his side of the hummer. Rain knew better. “I wouldn’t count on it.” She walked down the side and then saw Adam’s car. “Nice…least he has some taste.” She approached the door and saw it had a DNA trigger device. Rain set down her bag and then took out a laser screw driver, and started work to rewire it. Took her all of two minutes before exchanging her DNA for Adam’s. Sure enough the door slid open. Noah watched from behind. “You make that look so easy.” He followed her inside and this is when she saw the door to the loft and the juke box playing. A short walk and there was Adam, fast asleep on the couch. “I prefer men like this. Easier to straddle.” Not caring for her own safety, she walked over, taking out her fire arm and then straddling the sleeping Adam. She cocked the gun and aimed it at his forehead. “Wake up Adam, I’m back.” <3> 

IceTe3a: *Dream* “Go Go GO!!” *Gun fire in the background firing towards them* “INCOMING” He was running through a wrecked city stuck in a battle zone, a team of 3 other members around him. He was dreaming of the event that changed his life and killed his friends, before he was turned into what he was today. “GET TO COVER NOW” * BANG BANG BANG* He fires his M1A41 carbine killing two enemy rebels, “IM EMPTY” Kevin yelled out, as he looks over at Kevin he throws him an extra clip “ Lock and load!” *M4 going off again* “There’s too many, It’s an ambush!” Blake yells out as he ducks for cover behind a tipped car, “We can’t go back there flanking us from behind; we have to fight and keep our position! Kevin radio in for air support! “Roger that commander!” Yes Adam was their commander as he continued to fire and kill enemy rebels “What do you mean we have 2 minutes!?!” Kevin yells out as he looks over at Adam “Ground zero…” Kevin simply said as he yelled out in fury and started to fire his rifle.. Ground Zero was code name for carpet bombing the entire area, it was a last resort. The higher up brass had calculated the losses deeming them necessary sacrifices of war *Engine Roar* “INCOMING” the Warbird flies past as it drops its payload over the entire city. **BOOOOOOM** Adam and his team were caught in the sides of it, his body got sent flying back as he watched from the floor as his team slowly died, *Black out* *Dream Over*Click Click* A gun cocks as he feels a sudden weight on his waist ‘Wake up Adam, I’m back” slowly his eyelids open as he looks up seeing the face of Rain he looked down as he noticed she was straddling him “If this was a dream you’d be naked, So you really are stupid” he sighed as he looked over at the other man standing in his loft he glared at him as he looked him up and down, his hues flick back to Rain “You’re kind of under staffed for this op aren’t you?” he wiggled slightly under her thighs as he ran his hand down past her legs picking up a cigarette from his packet he places it in between his lips, he lights the cigarette as he taking in a drag leaving the cigarette to rest in between his lips, as his right hand rests back down on Rains knee his fingers strumming against it. “So have you come to finish me off? Or utilize me, Either way I hope you brought enough bullets, because If I’m not on the ground when your clip’s are empty… you will be” he smirked as he glanced over to the other man, his right eye scans his facial features as his rap sheet comes up. “ Name – Noah, known affiliation with the rebels, confirmed officer role in the rebels. Multiple murder charges, crimes against the state, small arms and assault charges, armed robbery in short, nothing more than a small time thug” a smirk appears on his face “Hardly leader material, Wanted dead reward of 50,000 credits, you might just be worth getting up off this couch for boy” he glances back to Rain, as he looks at the pistol and chuckles “I was designed for war, a simple pistol won’t kill me” he smirked as his right arm that he placed perfectly before darts up collecting her gun hand as it slams into the side of the couch holding her arm there without much effort. “Ever seen someone’s spinal cord ripping out while they were still alive? I’d start running boy” he chuckled as his hues were glaring over at Noah, and then he looks up at Rain “So, what will it be?” 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain smirked at Adam’s retort that if this was a dream of her being straddled on his lap she’d be naked. Not in a million years. His brash appraisal of Noah and how Rain was understaffed to take on someone like him, did offend Noah to a certain extent. For some reason a man’s pride can take a dent over some verbal mudslinging. “Why you son of a..” Noah said with an annoyed look, he was starting to push back his sleeves, but Rain stared him down and shook her head. Her eyes cast down to where he was strumming her thigh, and then asking if she had come to finish him off, or utilize him for their rebellion. Rain said simply that if she wanted to finish him off, she never would have put him back together. “Kinda defeats the purpose.” She was getting used to the way he acted around her, and although Noah didn’t get it, Rain was starting too. Noah heard Adam mention the bounty on his head for only 50,000 credits, and he was actually disappointed since he thought he was worth far more. “Need to check your facts on that, buddy, I am worth at least 700,000 credits.” Rain cut in. “Stop giving him ideas.” She looked back to her target who was now getting riled up. But he already had some, snatching her wrist and then slamming it into the couch. She let out a loud cry as he did cause her pain, but it was when he threatened Noah again, about ripping out someone’s spinal cord, namely his, that he should run. At this point Rain was panting heavily as adrenalin filled her and drove her to do the unthinkable. “What will it be? I’ll tell you what. You said you were human, you believe it so much, but I am here to tell you that no human would react to what I can do. You underestimated me, Adam.” Their eyes locked and that was when she began speaking, in a code that he would not be able to ignore. “Experiment 2961, code access Delta five Seven nine Razor. Override automatic function system. Switch to manual controls. User number 30279 dash 6. R.A.I. N.” Now once he heard this, it was like she had gotten access into his very mind, and was going to gain control of his functioning systems. She then said. “Let go of my wrist, Adam or I will dissemble you so fast you won’t know what hit you.” <3> 

IceTe3a: His brow arches as he heard Noah say he’s worth at least 700,000 credits *Whistles* if sarcasm was liquid the room would be flooded, ‘Stop giving him Idea’s ‘ Rain had told Noah this made him smirk as he looked back up at Rain who was still sitting on him, she basically stated he wasn’t human and she was here to prove that fact. He snarled at her as his eyes glared “Get off, I’m not a chair” he demanded as she was still straddling him, her eyes meet his as she started speaking in code his systems reading what she said as it was entered into his systems “What?” he simply said not getting what she was doing as he arched a brow once more. The system uploading the new commands to his body as his systems updates, she was making a verbal control link with him among other things. His CPU chip logged in his brain connects to the one in hers for two way feedback, if she wanted she thought it and he could hear it and vise versa, one of the plug ins of the code that was entered. ‘Let go of my wrist, Adam or I will dissemble you so fast you won’t know what hit you’ he chuckled at the meaningless threat she had given him not realizing his grip loosened around her wrist until it was too late, his hand lets go of her wrist as his hand falls down to his side. His eyes glare right in to hers “What… How… What have you done to me… Fucken bitch” he growled as his hand quickly disarmed her without hurting her, grabbing the pistol he shot it with precision towards Noah’s right knee, re-cocking the gun he kept it aimed towards his head as he looked at Rain “Undo whatever you did to me right now, your lips start to say anything I don’t like to hear, I pull this trigger” he was serious as he watched her lips closely “You might be fast, but I’m faster” he stated as he continued to watch her lips waiting for her next move. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Noah screamed as his knee exploded from the gun fire of Rain’s gun. Adam was making threats again with the gun now pointed to Noah’s head. Noah was already crouching and blood was spurting out of the artery in his leg. “RAIN, DO SOMETHING!” The girl looked at Adam and then she stopped talking, using her mouth. She instead started to use her mind, that was much much faster. ~Cease all aggressive actions. ~ The CPU’s connected and she stared him down while her voice filled her head. “I made you release my hand, Adam. I can do far more than you realize or even understand. You are a machine. Your human self was killed. Zen brought you back. You are nothing more than one of their experiments that for some reason stood out from all others. The reason for this is simple. You believe this reality you live now is real. It’s not.” Noah was still screaming and scrabbling about for his gun, which he pulled on Adam. “You let her go!” Would Adam kill Noah, and break free from Rain’s control? <3> 

IceTe3a: Hearing Noah scream out in pain as his body hit the deck made him smile lightly, “Yes rain do something” he continued to watch her lips he could hear her in his head, it was already too late *Cease all aggressive actions* his hand lets go of the hilt as the gun drops to the floor ‘Get out of my head’ he said in his mind as she would be able to hear what he thought in her mind. “Perhaps, but you have no idea of what I’m capable of..” he smirked as his eyes justified exactly what he was saying that look he was giving her would say it all. He could hear Noah screaming in the background as he was trying to make sense of what Rain was telling him, “I am human.. One day you will understand this” he sighed as he glanced over to Noah who now had a gun pointed towards them both, ‘Let her go!’ he demanded as he arched a brow and looked up at Rain “She’s on top of me princess, for starters quit your sobbing it’s only a flesh wound. Lastly you’re more likely to kill Rain with that gun the way you’re handling it right now” he shook his head as he couldn’t believe the lack of skill these rebels had in warfare “How you lot survived the war I’ll never know” he shifted his weight under Rain and sighed “Don’t get used to sitting on me kiddo, I don’t want you touching me’ he came to sit up their faces close to each other as he looked into her eyes his green hues mirroring hers ‘So what now? You prove your point and continue to use me as your personal equipment?’ his facial features didn’t budge but they were having a fully blown conversation through their minds ‘You know I’ll never submit to your will, you’d be better off disassembling me and getting it over and done with, You won’t be able to keep me by your side 24/7’ his eyes glared at her as he waited for her to talk back. 

CharlotteCarrendar; – The arguing between the two men had only flared the situation, and Rain could see it getting out of control. Adam was adamant he was human still. When was he ever going to get it? Suddenly Rain had an idea, a way to perhaps calm him and she had always believed that music soothed the savage beast, or in this case….the experiment. Her voice stopped in his head, but she was still looking at him. Her ability to race through his files, picking and choosing at will was astonishing, and then she found it. Her eyes darted across the room at the jukebox and then she concentrated. Little did Adam truly understand her way with not just computers, but machines. She was a technopath. She quickly coordinated what song to play, and the juke box whirred into life, as Rain’s voice came back into his head. “Remember this?” That was when the record fell down on the turntable and the song echoed across the room. The harmonies and tune he would know all so well, and not only that it would evoke memories that they both could see. “There ain’t no rest for the wicked..Money don’t grow on trees I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed. Ain’t nothing in this world for free.. No, I can’t slow down, I can’t hold back. Though you know I wish I could. No there ain’t no rest for the wicked…Until we close our eyes for good.” She got off him and reholstered her weapon, as Noah struggled to stand. “I warned you, Noah. You thought this would be easy.” She glanced over her shoulder at Adam, to see his reaction as the song continued to play. That song had true meaning. It was his favourite. <3> 

IceTe3a: She wasn’t saying anything in his head but she was staring at him, what was she doing… suddenly the juke box played a song.. it was *Ain’t no rest for the wicked* it echoed throughout the room as it filled his ears, “Remember this?” she said in his head as she got up off him leaving him to lay on the couch. She started to tell Noah off as the music sunk into Adam, his mind was remembering a past time, which Rain would be able to tap into if she wanted to see. *Flashback* *Engines roaring* “Drop off three minutes Adam” He was sitting in the back part of a Military cargo plane, as the red warning light flashed it meant they were reaching their destination. “Roger that” he simply said as he stood up, his weapon strapped to his chest as he looked around for his backpack, strapping it on around his back he glanced over the mission briefing quickly. “Friendlies will meet you at Code name Zulu” he watched as the co pilot filled him in on the plan. “Alright let’s do this” walking to the back of the cargo plane the warning siren blared **WOOOP WOOOP WOOOOP* the back hanger door opened up as they were flying over the ocean, close to land “Remember Adam, No one knows you or your team’s here, In and out kill on sight, we won’t be able to extract you if you’re caught out” he gave the thumbs up as the Pilot threw a radio out of the door it started to blast the song Ain’t no rest for the wicked as he could hear it playing he walked to the edge of the door and turned around “Hey what about a parachute Adam!?” This pilot was new to Adam and hadn’t flown with him before. He simply smirked as he allowed himself to fall backwards, falling out of the plane he was now Halo jumping from 75,000 feet up in the air over the ocean in enemy territory. The plane quickly left his sight as he formed a more streamline pose, pointing his head down he caught up with the radio as he rocked out to the song after a few moments he plunged head first into the ocean. *Blackout – Flashback over* He came round as he glanced over to the two of them coming to a stand “Keep the fuck out of my head” he thought between him and Rain he sighed as he lit a smoke taking a drag he crossed his arms “It’s time you two left, I’m not coming with you.” He turned his back to them and walked over towards his bottle of scotch slowly. 

CharlotteCarrendar;- The song came to its conclusion, and this was when Rain truly set to work. She was no longer going to be the sweet diplomat and try to reason with Adam. There was simply no point. She glanced at Noah and said. “Get a cloth, something to tie around your knee. You’re going to be fine, just sore as hell for a few hours without medication.” As for Adam, he declared he was not going with them and that was final. Turning his back on them and walking away to get his bottle of scotch. Rain simply took out her firearm and aimed it at the bottle of scotch, blowing it to bits. Shards of glass and alcohol going in all directions. She had enough of his games. “Sorry, but I’m taking control.” She said verbally. Then mentally she started to change his thought patterns, putting in a command that he had to follow Rain out to the car and get in. There was to be no hostile actions from his part, though he could probably swear like a trooper. Rain started to pack up her equipment, and grabbed her backpack. Once he stopped and fell into line, she sung out to Noah. “Come on. Taking you to H.Q.” She meant the rebel base, one of the most sort after locations in the city. The Zen would kill to find out where this was. Thankfully, they had been unable to. Noah limped after Rain, who didn’t even look back at Adam. To her now, he was just a machine, like the jukebox, except he couldn’t sing. <3> 

IceTe3a: “Sorry I’m taking over” *Boom!* the scotch bottle explodes, what a waste of good scotch, he sighed as he turned to face her “NO you’re fucken not” he glared at her, it was to late she was in his head controlling him as she forced him to fall in line. He had no choice but to walk straight towards her and follow her out the door “Oh I Fucken hope you sleep, I’m going to enjoy killing you” he stated as he walked outside of his loft, as they left the lights turned off the juke box stopped playing and the door closed locking itself. He waited for them before he walked over to their car and opened the door and got in sitting down on the seat, he was glaring at her the entire time “Let me fucken go” He demanded as they got in the car. They were taking him to their HQ but for what reason? She still hadn’t explained to him what she was going to do with him. “What use am I to you? You’re the only one who can control me, that mean’s you’ll have to be around me 24/7 I don’t relish the Idea of being sat on by you again” he sighed as he tried to get out of the car be he wasn’t able to. She still had his body under her control, he tried to run a system pass but there was nothing to pass no virus nothing she was simply controlling him with her mind. So she was special, and apparently she was human as well. He watched as they started the car and drove off, what exactly did they have install for him he was soon to find out. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Getting in the car, Rain decided to drive since Noah was incapacitated by the shot to the knee. She could see Adam’s reflection in the rear vision mirror, and she started the hummer without trouble. Rain could hear Adam’s incessant rants and demands. It never seemed to stop, even though she really could shut down his voice box, she was starting to like this. Maybe it was because she knew that no matter how much he complained and cried, she was not going to take the control off. She had been instructed to do a task and now that was partially complete. Noah was in tears about the pain from his leg, and Rain kept reassuring him as she drove along. She tapped in the co ordinates into the sat nav and then decided to put on the sound system as it played some classic rock music from last century. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she drove along, purposely tuning out from Adam’s rants and Noah’s tears. After a two hour drive, they finally arrived at what looked to be an abandoned railway yard. It had been out of service for about fifty years, and the gates were barely hanging together. Rain got out of the hummer with the lights flooding the road before them, when out of the bushes came six agents. They all were heavily armed and put their guns on Rain. She stood still as another man came out of the bushes, but he appeared to be one of rank. He stood directly in front of Rain and looked her over before then looking at the Hummer. He sneered and patted Rain on the shoulder. “You were missed. Come on, Noah has us up to speed.” Going back to the hummer, she drove it through the gates to a special weight station. But it was not what it seemed, for when the operator pressed the buttons on the entrance, the platform, Hummer and the guards all descended below ground. Down down about 20 floors till finally stopping. This was the rebel base. Disused by an organisation in the 1950’s, it now served as the main base for the Source. Two guards opened the hummer doors, while Noah was carried to the sick bay, the other leader approached the hummer and waited outside Adam’s door for him to get out. Course he couldn’t move and Rain quickly triggered the change in his brain pattern to get out of the car and follow the leaders inside the base. The Leader kept a close eye on Adam, and if Adam bothered to notice….the leader looked awfully familiar. But who was he? <3> 

IceTe3a: He watched as they pulled up to a dump of a place, this was the rebels base; really? He shook his head as Rain got out and was surrounded by armed guards, they were talking as she got back in the car and drove into the base, empty? The car jolts as it sinks into the ground, so their real base was a underground bunker how smart. He arched a brow as he looked around so they were well organized but what did they want with him and just how exactly did they plan to keep him at bay. He watched as a figure stood out of the tinted window Rain was already outside as Noah was being carried away “They’ll need to amputate that leg by the way” he called out to Noah as he smirked, suddenly he opened the door and came to a tall stand obviously Rain was still controlling him. He looked around the base as he could see people at work, using their trade skills to help out with the rebellion as others who were more or less useless were being trained as soldiers. They had a making of an army down here but one simple mistake could have them all wiped out from the face of the world, was their needs for Adam really worth exposing their position to him? He glanced over to the man standing near him who everyone took orders from obviously the leader, turning he finally got a good look at the man who resembled a black ops buddy.. Kevin? But was that Kevin, really? No, he watched Kevin die in the carpet bombing unless somehow he survived that ordeal. All of this was racing through his mind surely enough Rain would be able to hear it all, they started to walk as Rain forced him to fall in line right behind her he sighed as he continued to follow her every move. Looking around they had a medical bay, training facilities, armory, school and so much more it was almost like a functioning city down here. “So what now?” he said in his head so only Rain could hear him, he still wanted to know exactly what they wanted from him and how exactly Rain was going to make sure he stayed in line. Was she really planning to keep him by her side 24/7? Otherwise he’d be free from her grasp to do as he pleased. “Am I to be studied and disassembled? Or do you prize your fancy new equipment to much to hand it over to the rebels so easily?” he said in his mind once more, knowing full well he had just called himself equipment and an It. He didn’t like the situation he now found himself in as he wondered just how she ever found his house. Obviously since she was able to control tech so easily, breaking into his house would have been a simple task, but now it seemed for the meantime he was part of her tools, her equipment for now anyway; the future was never certain that much was for sure. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Kevin was signing off on an order, with one of his officers saluting him, when he then paid attention to the one following Rain. For a moment it was like time itself had stood still. Rain noticed the exchange, and she took a step back quietly, as she could actually tune into Kevin as well. She lowered her head as her Leader walked past. He went straight up to Adam and looked him over. Kevin had not aged a day since that fateful event, where he died on the battle field. A simple pawn in someone else’s war. What happened to him after that and what led him to become known simply as the Phoenix would be classified. To everyone else around him, he was human. That is what they believed….but far from the truth. Saved by Rain’s father. He was more like Adam, than Adam could ever have known. The only difference was, he knew what he was, and accepted it long ago. But he did not hold the bitterness that Adam did. There was a reason for this, that would come into play later. But for now, there was no need for words. Rain coughed, and then Kevin said. “Rain will take care of you. We will meet again at 16.00 hours. Dismissed.” He then turned on his heel and went to deal with his other officers. Rain’s demeanour changed, and she was no longer even regarding Adam as a person. She simply said. “Follow.” And he would have no choice but too. On reaching a special room, that was like a small apartment, Rain took off her back pack and put it on her desk, then removed her jacket and hung it on the back of the door. There was a chair and a bed. A small kitchenette and bathroom. Cramped but under the circumstances it would do. “Sit in the corner.” She said, before taking up her lap top and moving to the army bed. She climbed up on it, and placed the lap top on her lap, and started working on access codes to the Zen mainframe. <3> 

IceTe3a: As Kevin came closer he noticed that he was looking over him, as He did that same from head to toe. It was Kevin alright but he hadn’t aged a bit, How was this even possible? The nick name fit at least, he glanced over to Rain expecting some kind of response but she wasn’t even looking at Kevin. She was avoiding eye contact with the man, as Kevin said they’d meet at 16:00 and dismissed them, he watched Kevin walk off to another soldier. He was no longer the Kevin he once knew this much was true. He would not be able to rely on him in the future, He may look like Kevin be he wasn’t Kevin at all this man didn’t hold a shadow to Kevin, from now on he’d simply know him as Phoenix as to not insult Kevin’s memory. “Follow” she simply stated as he fell in line right behind her again, they walked for awhile as they came to a door she opened it up and went inside as he followed her in. A simple private dorm for one person, obviously higher ranked personal got their own rooms whilst others had to share, Rain was one of the lucky ones who got her own room. “Sit in the corner” he arched a brow as he walked over to the corner of the room and sat down on the floor his back pressed against the wall, he didn’t even bother to talk to her anymore there was no use speaking to her for now. He was now calculating his options as he took in all the data from what he had seen, scanning and counting forces, weaponry, routes, men on guard and how many, structure damage and weak points. He was obviously scanning over the entirety of this place as he had a photogenic memory one glance and he could come back to it at any time and see it all again as it was.