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Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 19, 2014 08:06PM
Kahala Hotel and Resort, Oahu – Dining Room

If it was one thing Jane was good at, it was sending the small group into meltdown – fits of laughter at her naive outbursts that already nearly claimed the life of one diner. How many more would be left gasping for breathe from her wild outbursts. She was infectious, cheeky and downright delightful. Brock found her amusing to no end, and to top it off to see and hear Pandora laughing and smiling again was all worth it. He would happily undergo any interview with the ditsy blonde, if it meant that Pandora enjoyed the pre dinner conversation.

Jason himself was seen to be chuckling, and slipping a protective arm around a bouncing Jane. He was just happy that she was not dwelling on what had brought her to Hawaii in the first place, and the fact that at this point in time she was currently skint. Jason would make sure that the rest of her holiday was one to remember, and that when they got back to Seattle, that he would pull out all the stops to make sure that conniving woman and her husband paid for what they had done.

The waitress brought over a tray that had four cocktails on it, and set about placing one in front of each of the guests. Jane clapped her hands and enthused how pretty it was. Brock smirked, since drinking one of these sorts of things wasn’t terribly manly. Jason picked up his and shrugged, since it couldn’t be that bad.


“I hope it tastes as good as it looks, hun.” Jason said, raising his glass. “A toast. To Jane, the Queen of choice cocktails. AND to Brock and Pandora. I hear love is better the second time around.” Jane clinked her glass to Jason’s and then to Brock and Pandora. “Here here!” she cheered before sipping her cocktail and then smacking her lips.

“A fruity juice…that knocks you off at the knees.” That was putting it mildly.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 19, 2014 08:37PM
Hotel Dining Room

“A toast. To Jane, the Queen of choice cocktails. AND to Brock and Pandora. I hear love is better the second time around.”

“Cheers!” Pandora smiled, clinking glasses with the others. She took a tentative sip of the cocktail, surprised at the fruit taste. She was always one for the hard liquors so this was a change of pace for the woman who liked to ride motorcycles.

The waiter came by with a basket of bread sticks and took their dinner orders as they were chatting. After a few moments, they put in their dinner orders before the waiter nodded and went to put them in. The conversation resumed as if it never had been interrupted.

Pandora set down her drink then turned her gaze toward the couple across the table. It was her turn to be the interrogator. “So…how in the hell did the two of you end up in Jason’s bed?” she wondered, unaware of the fact that Jane’s ex had totally cleaned her out. She was sure there had to be a story behind this new relationship.

She crossed her legs as she sat back, unconsciously resting a hand on Brock’s thigh as she waited for Jason or Jane to explain how they ended up together.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 19, 2014 09:01PM
Hotel Dining Room

Jason and Jane exchanged a look, when Pandora asked the question of just how Jane ended up in Jason’s bed. Jason appeared coy, while Jane was giggling like a loon.

“Do you want to tell, hun? I am not the best one for telling stories.” Jason said, knowing that Jane was far more colorful in her choice of words. He toyed with a strand of her hair, while Jane’s eyes glistened when looking at Jason. She had really fallen for him and hard.

“Well, as you know that evil bitch that I came here with on my supposed honeymoon wiped me out of all my funds, credit cards and trust accounts while I was on that hike with you all.” This was the hard part to have to explain. But Jane pushed on.“Jason kindly let me come up to his room to stay, since they wouldn’t let me back in the apartment I rented. My cards bounced, and the Hotel policy is pretty strict.” She said with a sad nod.

So here I was…all pouty, and Jason suggested we play a game of cards. Now, I am really good at Go Fish, but then we played a game called poker.” At this point Jason glanced skyward and started to whistle. “See, now I found I am really good at poker, but we didn’t have chips, so I bet my clothes.”

It turned into a game of strip poker, much to Brock’s amusement, as he covered his hand over Pandora’s as they listened to Jane’s tale.

“So…then, Jason started losing all his clothes, and….THAT was when I saw him in the buff. And…and discovered I was not a lesbian really. *she then leaned forward and said.* He has a huge dick.” Jason blushed as Jane continued.

“I was down to my panties and…Barry White’s song came on. “My Kind of Wonderful.” Jason took my hand and we started to dance…and the next thing we knew..we were fucking like bunnies!”


“God bless Barry White.” Jason said as he took a swig of his cocktail and Jane shined a huge smile at Pandora and Brock. “Your TURN!” She wanted to know their story.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 19, 2014 09:16PM
Hotel Dining Room

It was a fantastical story to be sure and Pandora was impressed with Jane’s resiliency in the face of such a betrayal. But she understood it. She glanced at Brock quickly, thankful the Fates had given them a second chance at love and it shone in her eyes.

“Your TURN!” Jane exclaimed after she finished her explanation. Pandora sighed. She should have known this was coming. She shook her head with a smile, turning her hand over to link her fingers with the man beside her.

“Well…there I was, doing my regular rounds at The Poisoned Tongue when one of the more…rowdier patrons decided he would rather fondle my ass then his drink. I didn’t appreciate that at all and let him know, quite loudly in fact. Caught the attention of this gorgeous guy, who was at the bar with his brother to celebrate their father’s pending nuptials. Mr Grabby Hands, who was this big, burly man, shoved me to the ground and this man stepped in and put a stop to it in less then 10 seconds simply by throwing a peanut at his head. Guy fell face first in a puddle of vomit that hadn’t been cleaned up yet. Oh it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and I was impressed. So my shift ends and I’m headed out to the alley where I parked my bike and a crackhead decides he wants my money. Has me at gun point. I’m standing there rolling my eyes, wondering who the hell in the universe did I piss off that day. So I’m about to do something drastic when the guy gets taken down by a trashcan lid before getting tossed into a dumpster. I was amused.” she grinned.

“So I’m at a club with some friends a few nights later and there he is again. It’s like suddenly, he’s everywhere. We talked, we danced, he kissed me in the middle of the dance floor, setting my blood on fire. Drags me to a corner and we pretty much start dry humping each other right there. It made me feel so alive.” she grinned. “We get out of there because my friends are nosey bitches and it’s pouring down rain. I didn’t have my bike and I was wearing leather. Do you know how hard it is to get out of wet leather?” she snorted. “This guy offers me a ride home, and I asked him to stay the night, since it’s late and we’d both been drinking. Couldn’t offer him the couch, he was taller so I offered to share my bed. We fell asleep. It was the next morning before we realized how much we wanted one another.” Pandora’s eyes glazed over as she thought back to that first hot encounter in her kitchen. “It was hot, passionate, steamy and everything that I wanted in a man. I fell in love with him that very day, although I didn’t realize it then.” She leaned her cheek against Brock’s shoulder. “And the rest they say is history.”

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May 20, 2014 07:32AM
Hotel Dining Room

Hearing Pandora tell the tale of how they met, and continued to meet up brought a smile to Brock’s face that was hard to hide. He nodded at certain parts of the tale, and chuckled at the part about the peanut and the vomit landing of Mr Grabby hands. But one thing that Pandora forgot to mention was all the times that Brock cooked for her. Took her for a meal on his father’s island, and of course the romantic picnic at the park.

“I tried to woo her with food. Turns out that is how you land a man.”

Jane actually snorted her cocktail out her nostrils and needed a napkin. “Ha! Ow that burns!” Jason helped her clean herself up, as Brock tried not to laugh at Jane’s misfortune. Once she was dry and dabbed down by Jason, Brock then continued.

“Part of the reason I am here now, is because like most couples we had our dark times. I did some things that were both stupid and foolish, and I had lost her at one point.” At this he looked deep into her eyes,as he held her hand. “I know I am not perfect, and that I need to do my best to keep her happy. I never want to have that feeling of being alone again. Life just wasn’t the same without her. So I chased her to Hawaii, and fought to have her back in my life.”

He meant every word he was saying and then he said only for Pandora to hear.

“I will rejoice in your laughter, and kiss away all your tears. Now and forever, Pandora.”


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 20, 2014 08:12AM
Hotel Dining Room

Pandora had forgotten all about his cooking skills until Brock brought it up. That earned him a grin.

“Don’t listen to him. His cooking is fantastic.” she praised. “He could probably give that Chef Ramsey a few lessons.”

Jane, who’d just taken a drink, thought that was the funniest thing ever and snorted her drink out of her nose, the alcohol burning her nostrils.

“Ha! Ow that burns!”

Jason was attentive to her needs and helped her clean up before Brock continued.

“Part of the reason I am here now, is because like most couples we had our dark times. I did some things that were both stupid and foolish, and I had lost her at one point.” He looked at Pandora then, staring into her eyes and she felt she could happily drown in them. His voice was solemn as he spoke. “I know I am not perfect, and that I need to do my best to keep her happy. I never want to have that feeling of being alone again. Life just wasn’t the same without her. So I chased her to Hawaii, and fought to have her back in my life.”

That actually made her flush. “Brock, none of us are perfect and we’re bound to make mistakes. Our problem was we ran away from each other, instead of talking it out. But you being here now…it’s enough.”

He bent close and whispered for her to hear.

“I will rejoice in your laughter, and kiss away all your tears. Now and forever, Pandora.”

She looked up, caught once again by the sincerity of his gaze.

“Forever is a long time, Brock. But I want to give us a chance again.” she stated, pressing a palm to his cheek before pressing her lips to his in a gentle and loving kiss, pouring every ounce of emotion she could into it.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 23, 2014 11:34PM
Hotel Dining Room


“Oh they are so cute!” Jane enthused as she watched the young lovers professing their true feeling for each other with soft whispers. Jane took out her phone and scooted round the booth and squealed. “SELFIE TIME!” She made a gesture for Jason to scoot around the other side so that the four of them would all be in the frame.

“MONKEY UNDIES!” Jane squealed as Jason held up his fingers behind Pandora’s head. Brock wearing a charming smile, as Jane stuck her tongue out the left side of her mouth. They would have had to be the oddest looking bunch you had seen. Brock couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the end result.

“Look, Pan has rabbit ears.”

“JA-SON! You do that?”

“Uh huh!”

Brock had to wonder what Pandora thought of the madness in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Jane swore blind it was the cocktail that made her do it. Before you knew it she was posting it on ever social network under the sun, and getting a lot of likes and comments.

The waiter came by again to take their meal orders, as Brock kissed the top of Pandora’s head.

“Are you ever going to want to go back to Seattle?” He asked.

There was a lot waiting for them at home. Many unsettled issues, and in particular, Simone. Brock wasn’t about to broach the subject, not at dinner. This was a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of good friends. Jason then piped up and asked Brock.

“So…what you into, big guy? Aside from Pandora here.”

Jason winked at Pandora, as he waited for Brock to answer.

“Aviation. I fly jets mostly. Single passenger or twin jets for the air force.”

Jason was pretty impressed. “Must keep you away from home a lot.” that was a pretty accurate observation, and Brock nodded. “True…but I have more reason now than before to try and stay at the base, if i can help it.” He gave Pandora’s hand a squeeze cause he meant to try and be around more for her.



Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 23, 2014 11:58PM
Hotel Dining Room

To say the dinner had been interesting would have been a gross understatement. The four of them kept up a steady stream of conversation all through dinner, never once feeling awkward or leftout at any time during their feast. Jane went as far as to squash the four of them together to take a picture with her phone, before uploading it to social media outlets. Pandora rolled her eyes when she saw that Jason had made bunny ears behind her head.

They bonded over food and became friends over a shared desert, a chocolate and banana pineapple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Brock had asked Pandora at one point if she was going back to Seattle. She nodded in reply.

“I catch a flight out tomorrow morning at 10. This has been a wonderful vacation, but I miss my job. Cecil is probably foaming at the mouth waiting for me to get back.” she admitted. She leaned in close so that Jason and Jane wouldn’t hear her next words. “Brock, I know things are good between us now, and that we still have to deal with Simone…but…” she sighed then, oddly nervous – out-of-character for her, “…I can’t live in your apartment. It’s just…it’s lovely…but I’m not comfortable there.” she admitted.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 24, 2014 12:10AM
Hotel Dining Room

It was no secret that Brock knew how Pandora felt about living in the Carrendar house apartments. She hated it, and before he had even come to Hawaii, before the fight, he had already started on plans to work out an arrangement that was going to be better for everyone involved. Taking out his phone, he silently swiped his finger over it till he came up to a picture of something that was bound to catch her attention.

Finding it, he said quietly back to her.

“I have something I want to show you.”

He placed the phone down in front of her, and on it she would have seen the picture of a quaint two story house out in the burbs. It was a classic style, with everything bar a white picket fence. it was the kind of house you raised children in. It was the kind of house that you would call home.

“It’s….yours. I bought it for you a while back. Just needs to be moved into. If you like it, that is.”


Jane was eager as ever in her seat, wondering what was on the phone that had the pair fascinated and in such a quiet chat.

“What’s on the phone, Brocky?”

Jason took her hand and said. “It might be something personal.”

It was hard to tell by judging by the look on Pandora’s face. Would she like this house? Would she be upset he actually bought her one?

Everyone sat at the table and waited to hear what she had to say.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 24, 2014 12:28AM
Hotel Dining Room

In response, Brock pulled out his phone and quickly swiped it to a picture. She watched him, curious about what he was searching for.

“I have something I want to show you.” he murmured, setting the phone down in front of her. On his screen, there was a picture of a beautiful two-story home.


“It’s….yours. I bought it for you a while back. Just needs to be moved into. If you like it, that is.”

Pandora looked from the photo to Brock and back again, hardly daring to believe what her eyes were showing her.

“You…you bought me a house? Brock! I…Oh my-!” Pandora was so speechless she couldn’t even speak. She chuckled, her eyes brimming with tears and her voice husky with emotions she couldn’t even find names for. Her hand was pressed against her rapidly beating heart as she looked back at him.

“I love it!” was all she could think to say. “Thank you.” she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight, tears slipping silently down her cheeks. She’d always dreamed of owning her own home, and now that dream had been made real by the man sitting beside her. She drew back to look at him. “Would you…live in it…with me? If you want to…I mean…doesn’t mean we’re getting married or anything…” She wondered what his response to that would be. She just couldn’t see herself living alone in a house like that. It needed to be shared with someone she loved and she thought of no one better then Brock.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 24, 2014 12:46AM
Hotel Dining Room

Jane and Jason were watching what was happening on the other side of the booth with wide smiles – Jason slipping an arm around Jane, who was blowing her nose on a napkin. Seeing Pandora so happy with someone was worth so much. If anyone deserved happiness it was Pandora. Brock’s face lit up at Pandora’s answer, that she loved the house and then hugged him so tight that he gasped. She sure had it in her when it counted.

“You’re most welcome.” Brock replied as Pandora finally let him go. The next part made him chuckle however. Would he want to move in.

“If you don’t mind a trail of dirty clothes to the hamper. The odd game of night poker with the boys. Might need a man cave for a pool table. My pinball machine collection. Oh, and my favorite band posters.”

He didn’t say anything about the marrying part, cause he already knew her thoughts on that.


“Living in sin has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” Brock said, pressing his lips to her forehead as Jane burst into tears.

“This is better than Days of our Lives.”