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Brock Carrendar


FC – Jay Ryan
Race – Bebilith – Spider Demon.
Sex – Male
Age – 25
Parents – Izu and Dezi Carrendar
Siblings – Billy, Orson, Nigel, and Ty.
Birthplace – Lacardis
Raised – The Island (Secret location)
Occupation – Pilot and Air force flight instructor – Top Gun.
Current residence – Seattle – Carrendar House (New House TBA)
Hair colour – Black/Brown
Eye colour – Blue
Height – 6’ 4”
Weight – 84 Kilograms
Body Type – Muscular
Identifying marks – Scars all over body from fight with Pandora.
Skin colour – Dark Olive
Vehicle – 2013 Ford F-150 – Black


His Weakness – Fire…and Pandora LaRue.


Bebilith Bio –

Bebilith (Demon Spider) These vast majority of these creatures have been killed and hunted. Although the few remaining are hundreds of years old and have developed a interesting position among dark creatures. Bebiliths are enormous, predatory, arachnid demons that hunt other demons. While they favor preying upon other demons, they aren¡¯t picky¡ªthey will stalk and attack any type of creature. A bebilith has a body the size of a plow horse, with legs spanning more than 14 feet. It weighs more than two tons. Bebiliths understand but do not speak Abyssal. Their telepathy allows them to communicate silently with one another. The elder Bebilith have the ability to switch between a human-like form and their natural arachnid features. Far more intelligent than its verminous shape would suggest, it is perhaps a blessing that the bebilith is such a focused and devoted hunter of demons, for had these dangerous outsiders more of a mind to conquer and expand empires, their ability to plane shift would make them a menace indeed. Although, as an outsider, the bebilith has no biological need to eat, it does enjoy the sensation of chewing on demonic flesh.
A bebilith attacks any creature it sees. It usually picks one target and concentrates its attacks on that opponent, using its webs to isolate the target from its comrades. Should the bebilith become overwhelmed by tougher opponents, it often attempts to bite one or more of its victims and retreats, allowing its poison to do its work.
A bebilith’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as chaotic-aligned and evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Bebiliths closest resemble some sort of demented, demonic version of a spider that could only be conceived in the depths of the Abyss. Bebiliths have eight legs, they stand atop six spindly legs while the front pair of legs rather than supporting their weight are two enormous scything claws, each nearly the height of a man. The body of the bebilith looks just as spider-like, a carapace covered torso with a head featuring red multi-faceted eyes below which sits the grasping maw of a spider.
Weaponry: Generally he uses melee weapons with sharp edges to use in combat at a close ranges. This includes swords, knifes, and claws. But it changes from time to time

Spell-Like Abilities: At will¡ªdarkness, scare, telekinesis, and teleport without error (self plus 50 pounds of objects only). Once per day – dancing lights, detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, faerie fire, and levitate.
Wall Climb: he can scale surfaces just like a normal spider, even running upside down at 3/4 of her normal speed. (Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft.)
Enhanced Senses: He can track by scent, has 300 foot nightvision as well as 280 degree vision, can sense magic and see invisible opponents.
Mesmerize: The Elder Bebelith has a supernatural ability to mesmerize all that gaze into its glowing green eyes. Characters must save versus influence if they stare into the demon’s eyes for more than two melee rounds. The initial effects are cloudiness, causing -2 to initiative, strike, parry and dodge. After 8 rounds, they fall under its trance, totally defenseless, unless someone helps
them out of it.
Webbing: Has 4 spinnerets to expel webbing for a variety of uses. Can create a web up to a 50 foot radius (100feet total) for snaring victims (webbing is extremely translucent and difficult to notice). A web of this size will take about 15 minutes to produce. Webbing can also be used to climb, descend, entangle and ensnare. This is moderately sticky, entangling more as the victim struggles. The tensile strength is can support a bit over 1 ton. When a victim is entangled or otherwise incapacitated, the demon will attempt to encase them in a cocoon. The cocoon is the equivalent of a straight jacket, allowing no movement. This webbing is mystical in nature, resistant to normal weapons (one-half damage). Magical weapons will do full damage. There is a 75% chance that the webbing will not burn if any sort of fire is applied to it. Up to 100 feet of spider silk can be produced per melee and can be consumed for recycling.
Sticky Glob: The demon can perform one of the following special tactics with its webs once per round. A Bebelith can create an adhesive glob of silk about the size of a human fist. The creature will usually perch on a ledge and lower this glob to a range of 50 feet, swinging it as a pendulum. When a creature is hit (or touches the glob) it becomes stuck to the strand and the demon reels in its prey at the rate of 20 feet per round. A strand is strong enough to hold the demon and one creature of the same size.
Web Net: A Bebilith can throw a web up to four times per day. This is similar to an attack with a net but has a maximum range of 30 feet. This attack is effective against targets of up to Gargantuan size. The web anchors the target in place, allowing no movement.
Bio-Regeneration: Bebelith possess remarkable restorative powers, able to regenerate injuries every 4 minutes. They can even regenerate lost limbs with two days time.
Toxic Venom: Bebilith venom is a highly perishable foul-smelling goo, losing its potency and becoming inert almost as soon as it comes into contact with air. The Bebelith has two types of venom. The first type has a neurological effect, causing pain and eventual slowly progressing paralysis throughout the body, and is used during combat/hunting. A successful bite attack will cause physical damage. Characters take additional damage as the venom takes effect (consisting of sharp pains, muscle spasms and cramping partial paralysis. These effects will last for between 2 and 12 minutes minutes per injection or magically negated. Character will still suffer mild symptoms for up to two days and will require medical attention to properly recover. After 3 of such attacks, the character becomes temporarily paralyzed for between 3 and 30 minutes. The true horror in this, is that the character will be in excruciating pain, totally immobile, yet completely conscious. Once a victim is paralyzed, second type of venom then comes into play, a poison with hemolysis-like effects. That is, it breaks down the blood vessels as well as softening (tenderizing!) the muscle tissue. In effect, it turns the victim’s body into a nice squishy meal that can be sucked up. Upon injection, the victim takes damage every 1 minute, until the brain finally hemorrhages and death immediately occurs. A cure must be administered within the first 5 minutes, or permanent damage may occur. The poison sack has enough for 30 type 1 and 5 type 2 injections. Type 1 regenerates 2-4 injections worth a day
and 1-4 type 2 a day.
Vulnerabilities: Fire does double damage.
Summon Demons: Once per day an Elder Bebelith can attempt to summon 1-8 Bebelith with a 35% chance of success.
Demon Qualities: Immune to poison and electricity; cold, and acid resistance.
Telepathy: Bebelith can communicate telepathically with creatures within 100 feet that speak Abyssal.
Rend Armor: Dismantle Armor (Ex) If a bebilith hits a foe with both claw attacks, it can attempt to peel away the target’s armor and shield as a free action by making a CMB check. If the bebilith is successful, the target’s armor and shield are torn from his body and dismantled, falling to the ground. Armor subjected to this attack loses half its hit points and gains the broken condition if the target fails a DC 25 Reflex save. The save DC is Strength-based.
Skills: A bebilith has mottled coloration that gives it a racial bonus on Hide checks
Plane Shift: The demon moves itself or some other creature to another plane of existence or alternate dimension. If several willing persons link hands in a circle, as many as eight can be affected by the plane shift at the same time. Precise accuracy as to a particular arrival location on the intended plane is nigh impossible. From the Material Plane, you can reach any other plane, though you appear 5 to 500 miles from your intended destination. Plane shift transports creatures instantaneously and then ends. The creatures need to find other means if they are to travel back.
Penetrating Strike (Su) A bebilith’s natural weapons are treated as chaotic and magical for the purposes of penetrating damage reduction. Against creatures with the demon type, its natural weapons are also treated as cold iron and good.
Summon kindred: A Bebelith can summon forth a swarm of 10-100 spiders, which serve to confuse and obscure vision. The creatures arrive in 2-12 rounds and are under the Bebelith’s full control.
Grow Limb: The Bebelith may grow lup to 4 long spider-leg apendages from its spine. These are coated in thick carapace and can serve to attack or defend. They are extremely powerful and can be regrown at the same rate as most limbs.
True form : By taking his true form, his lower half transforms into that of a spider’s legs and abdomen, both of which are armoured. In this form, his strength and speed increase dramatically as well as his senses. His blood becomes poisonous and the amount of webbing and poison he can produce to an almost unlimited amount. His webbing also becomes poisonous on contact and even more durable than before.
Puppet Master: By attaching strands of webbing from his fingertips to the base of the subject’s neck, she can manipulate and control corpses to fight and defend her. These undead dolls follow his commands telepathically and fight until he releases control or are fully destroyed. He usually carries 1 corpse wrapped in webbing on her back when travelling.
Entangling Asp Technique: Drawing six specially prepared shurikens with razor sharp webbing attached to them, she throws them towards the opponent, not aiming directly towards them, but instead throwing them in arcs to circle around and entangle the opponent, at which point she pulls on the webbing and shreds the victim.


History – Son of Izu and Dezi Carrendar, Brock is the second eldest in the family of five sons, that grew up on a remote island off the coast of Nemaues. Raised to be trained to learn to fly like his father Izu, so that he may one day fight alongside him, Brock soon rose through the ranks and is now a Captain in his own right. He met his love Pandora one night at the Poisoned Tongue bar, and from that moment on was captivated by her. Wining and dining her, he soon won her heart, but due to her fiery nature and a misunderstanding over their relationship, he made a terrible mistake and fell to the charms of Simone Jackson, Pandora’s best friend. This would lead Pandora to fly to Hawaii to get away from him, only to have him follow and then they had a massive fight on the beach, which resulted in him turning into the full spider demon, and her burning him so badly that he almost died. He still lives with their scars as a reminder of his faults. They currently are in Seattle, about to move into their dream home…but drama awaits them.