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Chapter Nine




IceTe3a: On the floor unable to move, he was forced to watch and listen to her ranting on, as that pop up was on his HUD *Warning – May cause harm to system – Continue?* it froze him still until it was either continued or declined, she came closer to him, standing over and looking down at him ‘I could turn you off, and walk away’ she said out to him, proving she had power over him. It was true, she controlled him with a simple smirk.. a twitch of her lips. She could rewrite him, utilize him as a laptop, turn him off and back on whenever she pleased. Who knows what else she could do with him, he didn’t want to find out either way. ‘I could be God’ slowly she crouched down her hands reaching the side of his face looking for the pads once more. Her face showed no emotion… no care for him as she started to hymn a weird tune he couldn’t make it out. “God is a bit farfetched; it is true you have limitless power over me. But I am and always will be human!” straddling him he felt her legs locking in tight around his waist. Finally her fingers find the padding as his back arches under her slightly his head goes limb as it lightly balanced in her fingers, she had logged into him. He could hear her singing a tune as her tears hit his bare flesh, what was she doing? Was she really going to turn him off and leave him? ~Get off me! How many times do I have to tell you not to get on top of me or touch me!!~ he growled in to her head there was nothing he could do, he as always is and always will be under her heel, and in her mercy.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”No, and you can’t make me.” – Eyes focused upon the man before her the machine…Adam. He couldn’t deny her if she was in control. You could see her swallow as her fingers danced against the pressure pads on the side of his head, the HUD showing her everything, opening him up for her and giving her almost everything, except the files she had wanted. The ones of her Father. Was it the machine side of Adam protecting her father? Or was it her Father’s doing? Would there ever be a way to find him? She sang the hymn with a strange look on her face. Did she believe she could really play God with Adam’s life? Or whatever it was he called it. ~System shut down– override all programmes – Delete Y/N? She paused for a moment. But as she did, there was the loud rumble of thunder coming from afar. A crack of light – a flash and then the air seemed to change within the environment of the room. Almost like it was growing humid and heavy. Rain’s attention was taken momentarily from her task as the sky outside the abandoned hotel darkened. Cloulds white and black were converging on each other at a fast rate. Building, swirling. Dust was being picked up and along with it rubbish – old new papers. Another crack and a blast of lightning struck down not far from the hotel. The door to the room suddenly blew open, slamming against the wall. The very glass in the window panes shuddered under the pressure being brought by the force of the wind gusts. ”Shit!” She withdrew her hand from Adam and jumped to her feet, running for the door. It was a massive storm approaching and it was no ordinary one. The skies changing to a sickly green hue. She knew what this meant. Rain tried to close the door, and then started to move furniture against the door. A bureau and then a cabinet. Looking down at Adam, she realized he couldn’t move. Rain ran across, and simply pressed the side of his head, and reactivated him to normal. ”Get up! Storm is about to hit!” <3>

IceTe3a: He was watching everything she was doing to him, she accessed his system files what was she doing in his system files?? Then it popped up, ~System shut down – Override all programmes- Delete Y/N? ~ She wasn’t going to turn him off.. she was going to delete him completely, make him nothing more than an empty husk on the floor to rot away as the years past. Suddenly she got up, a wild storm had hit the area, due to the pollution levels of this time and age these were a thing, and they hit with vengeance. He watched as she ran around the room trying to get the place sealed up, the door was still swimming widely but she wasn’t able to seal the door with any furniture. *Click* she had ran back to him and switched off the last pop ups for now, allowing him full access of himself again ‘Storms about to hit!’ he sat up and glared at her, he knew exactly what she was planning to do. “You were just about to kill me, yourself!” Coming to a stand he closed the door and pulled over a heavy TV cabinet to hold the door steady, walking to the windows he slammed the wall. *SHING* the Weather guards were jammed in the rollers, as large metal sheets came down covering the windows, they were now sealed in the room together with only the candle light to shine the room. Walking up to her “You almost killed me again, what is with you people!?” he growled as he glared at her demanding answers “You will never get any of those memories from my head!” He looked serious about what he just said; refusing to help her with her father or share any information he had on the old man.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain was in no mood for his rants, especially now. With the storm about to hit any second, she had to wonder just how well the building would be able to withstand the force of these storms. When Mother nature struck, she was unstoppable, and showed the true power on this planet. ”You’re alive…be thankful!” She screamed at him, before tipping up the bed and then trying to push it towards the rest of the furniture up against the door. It wasn’t easy, as she was not as powerful as Adam, but she was damned if she was going to ask him for help now. The bed slid into place and was just another brace. Would it all hold? Now it was just her and Adam. Great. Rain went to the cupboard and took out some old blankets and spare pillows, then went into the bathroom, which was barely big enough to swing a cat. She climbed into the bath and put a pillow behind her head, the blanket over her body. Would this protect her? It was hard to say, but the structure of the building of the bathroom had more frame work internally, and she had a better chance of survival. She drew up her knees, and rested her chin down. She didn’t care what Adam was doing now. He made it clear he would never help her with the memories of her father…and right now, there was only one thing on her mind. Surviving the storm. <3>

IceTe3a: Standing there, folding his arms on top of each other his hues watch as she struggles to lift the bed and put it into place, As if that would help with anything.. He thought to himself. “Yes I’m alive but at no thanks to you” he said in a soft tone as he watched her walk into the bathroom and lay in the bathtub, hiding under blankets and a pillow he shook his head. “It’s only a bloody storm, have you never seen one before? I’ve been caught outside in several whilst serving” he chuckled as he stood in the centre of the room. His hues went to work evaluating the structure of the room, it was conclusive as he thought before he scanned it. The room would hold fast, even without her bed against the wall. He laughed quietly to himself as he laid down on the floor on his back, pulling out a cigarette he lit it and took in a deep drag. Was she really that scared of storms she feared for her life? If the building wanted to come down, it would have by now as he smirked against the cigarette in his mouth. At least he’d have some peace and quiet to himself for the night, he wasn’t going to tell her that she was perfectly safe. Playing some old school tunes inside his mind, he was rather enjoying how this night was shaping out to be, as he closed his eyes and tapped one boot onto the other. The storm raged on outside, water spilling out everywhere as the wind buffered all in its path, looks like they were stuck in here for the night.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The storm did intensify, as Rain expected it too. The loud howls grew stronger as the very roof was being hammered. Tennis size hail stones, and then of course this was followed by torrential rain. The rain was filled with all kinds of harmful acids and with the projectiles that were being buffeted against the building after being picked up by the strong winds, being inside was the best option. Water dripped down from the over head light sockets, and even some cracks appeared in the walls, with water seeping through. A lone candle was lit in the bathroom, which gave off many shadows, none larger than Adam’s – who had camped out on the floor. Laying on his back, smoking a cigarette as though he was actually enjoying the mayhem being created by the fierce storm. Adam picked at Rain like you would a scab. It’s only a bloody storm, have you never seen one before? I’ve been caught outside in several whilst serving” Little did he realize that one of her phobias was storms, after losing her mother in one at the tender age of five. She was not about to go into details, but her hands could be seen with fingers white knuckled as she clutched the blanket tighter. ~Damn you~ she spoke in her mind, and no doubt he would have heard it. <3>

IceTe3a: Head banging slowly to the music as he takes in another drag, he could almost hear her body shaking in the bathroom as he sighed. ‘Damn you’ he heard her say in his mind as he smirked, ~Nothing’s going to happen the building is structurally sound you baby, now leave me to my music~ Feeling around in his coat he always had an emergency stash, “Ahhh.. gotcha” he smirked as he pulled out a rather large flask of scotch. Unscrewing the lid he took a swig and then continued with this cigarette and music, placing the flask down next to him. The storm raged on but his music covered the noise, so he didn’t even register that the storm was still going. His next course of action was that he needed her to reprogram him back to his normal self, without her.. add on. ~Why don’t you come out here and reprogram me already~ he said into her mind as he took another swig of the scotch and took in another drag from his cigarette.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Adam’s incessant head banging was annoying to watch. Not that she could really hear it. The storm now was deafening. Rain brought her knees up as tight as she could, and her body started to shudder even though she was holding the blanket. Old demons seemed to resurface at the worst possible times. She was having a panic attack, as the constant battering and howling took her back to when she was a child on that faithful day. Her father had to work in another part of the country, leaving Rain alone with her mother on their country estate. One of the few luxuries afforded the head technician for NTech. That fateful day, while Rain was playing out in the yard, a terrible storm was whipping up over the fields. It built into a twister and while Rain was able to take shelter inside the house, her mother had been struck by a falling beam. Rain remained with her mother’s dead body for two days before rescuers arrived. Ever since then, Rain had a phobia of storms. Adam couldn’t possible understand. He was too busy drinking his scotch and enjoying his cigarette to care about her. All he cared about was himself. ~ Why don’t you come out here and reprogram me already~ Her reply was more or less instant. ~Get a screwdriver and do it yourself!~ Rain turned her head away from him, so she wouldn’t have to look at him. She just prayed that the storm would be over soon. <3>

IceTe3a: Arching a brow he smirked at her comment as he came to a stand and walked into the bathroom, staring down at her he shook his head “Be a bitch to be in a gun fight right now huh” it was payback time, in his eyes anyway. Leaning down to the candle his lips pursed as he blew it out. “Did you know, behind closed doors a bathroom enhances the outside noise?” he smirked as he walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her, locking it his fingers squeezed and with a flick of the wrist the door knob came off, leaving her stuck in the dark bathroom with the now amplified storms noise echoing throughout the walls of the room. It was the very least she deserved, he couldn’t kill her, she made sure of that. But it’s not his fault she was afraid of storms. Walking over he picked up his flask and the cigarette, casually he strolled over to the bed as he pulled it down off the wall and into the centre of the room, allowing himself to freely fall down onto his back he laid on the bed. Cranking his music up in his head to try and block her out of his head whilst he sipped more of the scotch out of the flask. The storm was at its worst, the battering winds forcing objects to slam against the outside walls, thunder and lightning crashing and exploding lighting up the dark skies oh it was a storm all right, and she was in her own personal hell right now.


CharlotteCarrendar: – At first she ignored his comment. Just another insult, something he was very good at. She didn’t want to look at him. Right now she just wanted to make it through the storm. But then she found herself in darkness when he blew out the candle. ”Hey!” She exclaimed, but at that was not the worst of it. He warned her of how bathrooms often amplified sounds from outside. What was that supposed to mean, aside from being blatantly obvious, as the storm had reached the peak of its fury. He shut the door on her, leaving her isolated and alone in the room. Then…there was a strange clicking sound. Did he just lock her in? Ripping off the blanket, she jumped up out of the bath and felt her way to the door, only to find..it was locked. ”OPEN THIS DOOR!” She screamed, yanking hard on the door knob from her side, trying to twist it any ways she could. He wasn’t coming to her aid. The storm was furious outside and then a crash at the window as a piece of lumber spears through it. Rain screams and starts pummelling at the door with her fists. ”OPEN THE DOOR!” Her cry was showing absolute fear and desperation. Rain spun around, madly panicking. She started to hyperventilate…sinking to her knees as she started sobbing uncontrollably. ”Open….the…the…door!” <3>

IceTe3a: He heard her banging on the door, screaming out for help she was scared. Petrified for her life, now she could feel a small portion of how he felt whilst he was being dismantled, when she left him for dead. Arching a brow as he heard the window shatter inside, her scream came soon after as he smirked. Oh he wasn’t done yet, using his tech he started a Live stream of the storm’s sounds going, but instead… he played it directly into her mind, loudly, adding a few sounds of structure weakness going to give the sound of walls bending and acing under pressure all fake but all too real inside her mind. The storm looked like it started to calm down, but he had a full recording of it at its worst and looped it continuously into her mind, making her think it was still going, every so often shattering windows or structure giving way would be heard. All the while he laid there on his bed smirking as he slowly drifted off to a short nap, he had the loop set on auto repeat in her mind. But as time passed the storm was over and it was all in her head as he continued to play it, he was now fast asleep.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The terror that Rain was experiencing was unlike anything she had felt before. She suddenly could hear the storm building again, in an uncanny loop, even with structural damage of buildings and windows breaking under the pressure. Her very heart was now beating so fast that she was on the verge of a heart attack. And most of this was being caused by Adam. Little did he realize as he lay on the bed out in the main room of the old run down hotel, that Rain was mentally and physically shutting down in the bathroom. This had become her tomb, so to speak as her worst nightmare had become a sick reality. It was in this terrified state that something happened inside her mind. The instinct for survival under any circumstance came to be strong within Rain. The truck that had been parked outside the hotel room was idle, till the key in the ignition switched over and the lights to the truck came on. The engine was revving high as Rain’s subconscious mind took over the vehicle. The wheels at the back started spinning in the mud while the very hood of the car was lifting as the truck was revving up to great power, before it took off with a blaze of smoke and exhaust fumes – mud spilling out from behind it as it drove right through the front of the hotel room. Adam would have been on the floor as the truck careened through the room and smashed a hole into the bathroom. Gasping for breath in the din of the smoke and fumes, she crawled out of the bathroom hole and then over broken bits of furniture before climbing into the vehicle. She immediately put it into reverse and the truck backed out at speed, leaving behind destruction in its wake. Once the truck was out in the rain, she tore off into the night….destination unknown. <3>

IceTe3a: *CRASH* His truck comes flying through the front door, sending him flying off to the side as bits of the wall goes flying everywhere, he watches as Rain runs into the truck and drives it out of the room, screaming off into the distance. Where was she going? Did she actually just leave him for good? He should have fucked with her head a long time ago. As she got further and further away his systems started to malfunction *Beep Beep… Error Error* -Cannot comply with program- *Beep Beep Error Error* he could hardly see through his eyes past the Error messages as he got up slowly, he was off balance “Ugh fuck that bitch and her reprogramming” Stumbling across the wreckage of the room he wandered outside, unable to see her at all. His systems were going haywire so he was unable to track her and follow her. : On the other side of town flying through the heavy storm, the Warbird was flying through scanning the town, it happened by chance it was in the same city as Rain and Adam was in, as its sensors went off locating a screaming truck driving off away from it. The cockpit door opens up as the commander steps in “Follow that truck son” as they watched where it came out of the room and followed it up the street “It’s got to be them!” He said with a half snarl across his face, he was looking for Adam it was imperative they got Adam back. “get ready with those guns boys, we need him alive” the soldiers getting ready to take down Adam alive as the Warbird was right on the trucks tail, obviously a truck could not outrun a Warbird “Take her around the side, confirm its them” The warbird came up on the driver’s side of the truck as they looked into the window They could see a female but no Adam, and Rain would be able to see them. “It’s not him, Break off and return to the city he must still be there!” The Warbird did a hard turn as it flew back up high into the air and headed straight for the city to find their prize.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Driving like a bat out of hell, the truck veered left and right as Rain gripped the steering wheel tightly, finally getting it straightened up on the wet road. But just when she thought the worst was over, she could hear the sound of a Warbird flying close by. Rain hit the accelerator, and made a bid to try and out run the ship, which in all truth was impossible. She drifted the truck through a bend, sending up a wall of water and mud, before nearly running off the road. The Warbird was getting closer and she could see the side door open with armed soldiers aboard. The Zen weren’t mucking around. They must have warrants out for both of them. But just as quickly as it gave chase, the Warbird suddenly veered away. Maybe their infared scanners couldn’t pick up Adam, and they were still searching for him. Either way, Rain was not turning around. She had had enough of the man known as Adam. The worst of the storm was well and truly over but in its wake was much debris and damaged buildings. It would take a lot of work to rebuild much of what was destroyed. Would the Zen even care? Probably not. Rain continued to drive on, till finally reaching an old diner in the middle of nowhere. She pulled the truck up in the parking space, along side some vintage cars..well, vintage to her. She was as far from civilization as she could be and for the first time in her life, she was thankful. <3>

IceTe3a: The warbird was flying straight for the city, “Find that building!” they followed the path they left in the first place and came upon the building again, scanning the area. “SIR!! LOOK” There was Adam stumbling around outside with his hand covering his eyes trying to see what the sound was, he was unable to notice that it was the Zen in a warbird. “Shoot to stun boys, Shoot to stun” he said with a smile on his face, as one of the soldiers let off a Electric round hitting Adam. This usually wouldn’t bring him down but his systems were compromised as his body hit the floor he was immobilized, the soldiers jumped out of the Warbird before it landed. “Bring him in boys, he’s still awake just can’t move remember that” as he watched the soldiers drag Adams body into the warbird. Taking off again it hovered in the direction the truck went, picking up the two way radio he contacted a soldier on the other line where the female doctor that first took Adam apart was. “Tell the good doctor we have the equipment, and we’re on our way back. Make sure she’s ready to disassemble and study him properly this time” the soldier responded with a sir yes sir and went off to relay the orders to the doctor. The warbird hit off at high speeds flying straight through the city eventually passing over the Diner that Rain was located at and straight through towards the Science labs. Eventually the Warbird made it to the labs as it came to a land the doctor was outside waiting. “This time, I want him taken apart and I want you to study him, Tests, whatever you need to do.. Do it! I want to figure out how we can reproduce what we did to this thing to make more!” what the commander and everyone else didn’t know he was a rare once off experiment never to be able to be repeated, the doctor would find that out eventually after completing her tests and taking him apart once more. “Soldiers take him into the room and Bind him up” Dragging his motionless body inside, they placed him to lay down on his back on the cold operating table as the cuffs clicked into place around his arms and wrists, this time making sure he could not break them.: Adam was able to see and hear everything, even talk if he wanted to, but talking with the Zen was pointless as he had no choice but to suffer and watch as they dragged his body into the Operating room once more and bind his arms and legs to the table as he laid there. He knew it be the same doctor, but would she let him talk this time? Or had she heard it all before and turning his voice off was her first step? Only time could tell, all he knew was there was no getting out of this one, No one coming to find him for their own gain this time.’

CharlotteCarrendar: – There was no escape for Adam this time. The Source wanted him disassembled or decommissioned as he was a threat to their own operations. The Zen had their plans for him. Mass production on a vast scale. A super army that no country or people could stand up against. The glory of the Zen Brotherhood would go on into the future with nothing and no one to stop it. Adam’s body was dragged in past the immaculately dressed doctor. The same Doctor who had disassembled him before. The woman had shown some compassion before she did what she was ordered to do, however there would be no welcomes or words. She watched from behind her glasses as he was bound to the operating table. Once Adam was properly restrained, she approached the table, while the guards went to their positions to oversee the operation. The Doctor had already prepped and with a mask covering her lower face the only part he would recall was her eyes. Piercing blue eyes. Beautiful in fact. One of the guards whispered to the other. ”I wouldn’t mind her taking me apart….inch by inch.” Without looking over her shoulder, the Doctor replied. ”That can be arranged.” The other guard shushed the first one, as the Doctor wasn’t joking. ”I have a job to do, so keep your sexist remarks to yourself, or leave the room.” The first guard retorted. ”We are under orders to make sure that no one messes with this procedure.” That may well be the case, but they were fast getting on her nerves. She rolled her eyes and then she took up her scalpel. Adam would have remembered this from the last time she took him apart. This…was going to hurt. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as a female doctor came walking straight up to him, those eyes… he could remember those eyes who could forget such stunning eyes. He heard them talking but the effects from the electric shock where still in effect not allowing him to move. His lips part slowly “Its you again..” he said softly, only she would be able to hear his whispers, he found it odd that it was the same doctor that would be looking after this case, was she a specialist? Did she somehow have something to do with building him? “ Why… ?” he had questions, he felt she knew more than she let on, last time he was with her she showed him compassion she cared for him, she treated him like he was a human; The only person who ever had these days, he smiled lightly as he looked up at her, he wanted her to help him but would she? He wanted answers first the one question everyone kept saying he was wrong about “I.. I’m human.. Aren’t I doc?” his lost looking eyes casually looking into hers wanting answers, looking for compassion, a single tear runs out from the corner of his right eye and down his cheek as he looked down over his body seeing it laid on the operating table bound, he knew this was the end of him. It was easier for him to come to terms with death than coming to terms with everyone saying he wasn’t a human. His lips parted as he was going to ask more questions but he had to stop for a moment and think of which one he wanted to ask first.

CharlotteCarrendar: – He didn’t truly remember her, but she remembered him. She was there the day that he had been brought in to NTech. She was barely out of college and a protégé in the field of bionics and cybernetics. Working for the Illustrious Doctor, who was Rain’s father. A life long dream that she had. She showed compassion towards Adam the last time they encountered each other for a very good reason. She knew the truth about Adam. She saw him as the Doctor did and marvelled at how he had been constructed, rebuilt and yet keeping his human self alive within. A miracle. That is what it was touted as. Yet here she was years later. Conscripted by the Zen and forced to carry out their wishes to the letter. Her own personal feelings had to be buried deep down, and yet when their eyes met they shared something that Adam had not been able to since he had been under the Doctor’s care. ”Why?” Naturally that would be the first question. ”Orders.” A one word response came as the Doctor was about to begin her task. Adam’s next question however would have her set down the scalpel for a moment. “I.. I’m human.. Aren’t I doc?” The sixty four thousand dollar question. The one that he had been wanting someone to confirm. His eyes were practically begging her for the truth, and in the hush of the operating theatre she answered. ”Yes.” It would be the sweetest thing he could have ever have heard anyone say. The truth. <3>

IceTe3a: She said yes.. He always knew he was human but she confirmed it for him, it was a powerful relief of feelings washing over his body as he finally knew he was human without a doubt. He noticed the doctor wasn’t showing the same attitude as last time they met, her answers were short and direct as if she was getting them out of the way whilst she prepped. He watched her closely as he couldn’t register any emotion towards him from her face, what had changed since the last time they met? Did she rethink it all over and came to a different mind frame when dealing with him? “Please don’t..” he tried asking her to not continue with this, he wanted to be free to do as he pleased. This wasn’t going to happen but he had to try, he had to ask her to help him “Let me be free” he said as he went silent trying to reach out to the doctor on an emotional level.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Freedom is what everyone dreams to have, but in truth none of us are really ever free. The Doctor began her meticulous work at starting to take apart the most unique human being on the planet. She wanted to tell him that it would be okay, but she couldn’t lie. She had already done more than anyone else by telling him he was human. She reached him on a level of emotion that he was desperate to hang on to. Begging her not to do what she had no choice over. There was no caress this time, but a simple swipe of her hand to the pressure points on his head. She didn’t want him to feel the pain that he did before. So….she turned him off. Like you would a computer. If and when he would wake, it would be after he had been studied and painstakingly researched. Every inch of him probed and with all the findings to go and make more of this unique individual. The operation would carry on for over sixteen hours, as the Doctor poured over each piece of the man known simply as Adam. After finally completing her testing, the doctor sank into her seat and held her head in her hands. Whatever it was that Rain’s father had done, was nothing short of a miracle. One that could not be replicated. The only person who could create more like Adam, was Rain’s father. The doctor headed down to the Commander’s office and knocked on the door. ”Enter” She opened the door and then walked in, saluting before handing over the tablet with all the data encrypted. The Commander’s brow furrowed as he read and then he slammed the tablet down on the desk with some force. ”You mean to tell me that that we can’t replicate that son of a bitch?” The Doctor nodded slowly, as the Commander slammed his hand on the desk in a fit of rage. ”Goddamnit! That is the last thing I want to hear. Well, don’t just stand there, get back to that lab and put the boy back together. If he can’t be used to do the cloning, then we are going to make him find the man who can!” With that said, he then shooed the Doctor with his hand. ”Dismissed!” The Doctor reached for her tablet, and then hurried out of the office. She was already weary from having taken Adam apart, now she had to put him back together. Shaking her head, she returned to her lab, where the parts of Adam were scattered on various tables. She shut the door and let out a sigh. It was going to be an all-nighter. The Doctor spent the first eight hours reconstructing Adam painstakingly. She took a break of course, with him rebuilt but not reprogrammed. That was to come. She dozed on a makeshift army cot for a few hours, before getting back up and putting on her glasses, ready for another day of working on Adam. Into the third day, she had him fully functioning, and sitting on the work bench, with probes into his back and head. All the data that she added in the programming erased the damage Rain had done. The files of her father were still scattered, and she was unable to get past those. She did however put something in. As she worked tirelessly upon him, she made sure when he woke up, that he had someone on his side. Someone who knew he was human. Evelyn stepped back after the final protocols were added. ”You can wake up, Adam.” She stood and smiled at him, waiting for him to respond. <3>