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Chapter Ten

Happy Hunting



IceTe3a: – ’You can wake up, Adam’ That was the key word now, as to turning his systems back on *Systems restored fully operational* He heard her before he saw her, “Ugh… Evelyn..? Sitting up on the operations table his hues casually glance over his body as he raises his arms and wiggles his fingers. “ Another routine maintenance? Or did something happen?” his hues flicker up to meet hers as he smiles gently whilst watching her. Sliding over to the side of the operation table his legs swing off as his feet touch down firmly against the floor. It always took him a moment to get back into things after being on the ops table. “Ahh.. where’d I put my smokes.. and I suppose the commander will be wanting to see me?” After a moment he came to a stand, stretching his body out as his muscles pop into place, “Mission was a success at least, when all else fails… I don’t” He took pride in the fact that the Zen corporation depended on him solely to do what everyone else was not able. When they needed something done, or it was to high risk they came to him, sent him in alone… and he always found his mark. “Shall we go see him together? I’d like you to keep me company for awhile” he smiled, he was stock naked but it never bothered him, walking over to the counter took his trench coat and put it on, as it wrapped around his muscular frame. “Evelyn… As always, thanks for looking after me; I don’t know what I’d do without you over the years.” he smiled as he opening the door he leaned his back against it waiting for her to exit first.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Waiting for Adam to awaken was a tense moment. Had the programmes she set actually worked? He was something of a rush job to put back together, and Evelyn had been fatigued when she did the reprogramming. She really should have been more confident in her work, since Adam’s reaction on waking was just…perfect. ] “ Another routine maintenance? Or did something happen?” Evelyn smiled and picked up her tablet, switching off the alarm systems, in case it hadn’t gone to plan. ”Routine maintenance. Was scheduled a week ago, but you know how things get. Just glad to see that it’s all running smoothly.” Evelyn kept her cool, as she glanced down at the screen and she pressed in a message to the Commander that Adam was fully functioning and back online. The Doctor took a step back, coughing lightly when Adam stood up off the table and then popped his muscles back into place. He was as naked as a newborn and didn’t seem bothered by it. When Adam asked if they should go see the Commander together, Evelyn again offered him a warm smile. She brought the tablet up to her chest, the screen side facing to her. ”I think that is an excellent idea.” Course it was. The Commander was going to be in for a shock. She watched as he simply put on his trench coat and was ready to leave wearing nothing else. He held the door open for her with his back, and thanked her for the years of service that she had put into him. ”A pleasure as always Adam.” She kept it short and sweet, being careful not to put anything into her words that might trigger something of what had happened. The truth. Now her work done, she left the lab with a courteous nod and headed up to the Commander’s office. The subtle click clack of her shoes in perfect rhythm. No doubt Adam would not be far behind. Reaching the Commander’s door, she knocked twice. ”Enter.” Pushing the door open, she searched his fact to read if he got her message. Thankfully, he had. ”Good job, Doctor. Knew I could count on you.” He then stood as he turned his attention to Adam. Trying his hardest to act naturally. ”Adam.” <3>

IceTe3a: Nodding at Evelyn walked past him and through the door, he followed suit as the door closed behind them. He had been through these halls so many times before he didn’t need his systems to tell him where to go, as they came up to the Commanders office he watched as Evelyn knocked on the door “Enter” Allowing Evelyn to walk in first as he followed up behind, coming to a stop as he stood in front of the Commander, with Evelyn standing on his side. “Adam”Adam came to attention giving the formal salute to that of someone who was a higher rank to him. : Looking over Adam as he came to a salute he smiled as he gave Evelyn a sideways glance, showing her that he was pleased. “At ease soldier, take a seat. You to Evelyn join us.” walking around his office table he sat down in his oversized chair as he watched the two take theirs. “Adam, I have a new mission for you, well it’s more of a high profile target. There are two you see, they keep giving our men the slip and my bosses are riding my ass. So you’re taking over the mission, this means you’ll be away from base in the field for quite some time. Before I can go into more depth I need to know If you will accept this mission, Adam” leaning back in his chair he didn’t know what to expect, until it happened ” It be an honor sir” with a smile across his face he clapped his hands together, bringing up the screen behind him two pictures were shown A younger female and a older male “ These are your targets Adam, the female’s name is Rain. She is highly trained and dangerous, bring her in if you can but we don’t really mind if she dies. This fellow on the other hand, He is a priority target, we need him in alive, Adam.” His screen lit up as he saw that Adam was downloading their full files, everything Zen had on the two targets. Oh he was pleased with how this was going, really pleased. “Rain, for reasons unknown is also looking for the doctor. We don’t care why we must find her and deal with her. She is priority one, if she gets to the other target before we do, than we will never see either of them again. You’re to hunt her down” Glancing casually at Evelyn he gave her a nod, “As always this is a solo mission, contact home base when you need to. Evelyn will be linked into your body’s status, HUD and view at all times. As usual she will be your Code name Guardian angel. You leave tonight, get what you need from the Armory and for god sakes Adam put on some clothes! Dismissed” He watched as Adam came to a stand and gave the formal salute again before looking down at Evelyn and giving her a nod with a smile and exiting the building. “Well done doc, this worked out perfectly. I mean what I said, I want you constantly logged into him, give him free range but be able to take it away and at worse self destruct at any given notice, I’ll let you use your judgment calls on that. Oh and doctor while you’re watching him, study him try to learn something will you, Dismissed” : Adam made a straight heading for the Armory, as he walked out of the science buildings and over the field to the Military section, down into the vault. Soldiers saluting him as he passed, He was a higher rank then they were in the military and he was Black ops so he had their respect. Coming into the vault there was John, he was the guy to talk to about equipment and military guns, if you were his friend well you had benefits to say the least. “Ahh yes Adam, we cleared the room. Commander said you’ll be paying us a visit. He also said to let you have your pick of anything, Big game hunting I hear” john said in a friendly tone as he walked right up to him shaking his hand firmly “That’s right, they let me loose, two big game animals this round, both a old buck and a five star female.” Waiting for the doors to open he walked into the full armory himself, first thing was in order he walked over to his locker and pulled out a new pair of combat boots, black combat jeans, black shirt and his Tactical trench coat, which on the outside looked like a normal blackened trench coat. Getting dressed quickly it was now down to his choice in weaponry, his Ntech was the best of the best so there wasn’t much equipment he needed but weaponry he couldn’t get enough of. Picking up two USB .45 fully automatic customized pistols he slid them in the holsters on each side of his chest under his trench coat. A few balanced throwing knives, a large bowie knife that he strapped to his right leg, and his baby, a fully customized M4A1 with holographic variable sights –switchable to a 4x day optical scope with a click of a button, hairpin trigger, attachable silencer, with different round capabilities from tracer, hollow point, anti tank busters to your stock nasty 5.56x45mm rounds. He could have taken a larger rifle for longer distances but with his accuracy and aim, with a single shot he could take someone down within a 1 mile radios. Walking out of the Armory he was set to go as John gave him a once over and a thumbs up on his choice of gear “Happy hunting,” Giving a backwards wave on his shoulder he walked out to the Warbird pad and knocked on the door as the pilot opened the hold for him “ I need you to drop me off, You’ve been briefed? Good, Drop me off at her last known location” with that he went into the warbird as it took off from the ground and flew off into the air.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Evelyn remained calm throughout the debriefing. It was like no sooner he was back in the hands of the Zen that he was being sent out once again, but this time to hunt down his previous accomplice Rain. The part about Rain’s father; the Good Doctor did make Evelyn feel uncomfortable, thought she did her best not to show it. At least the Commander had not issued a Kill on sight with him. She knew as did everyone else in high ranking positions the importance of the Doctor’s work to the Zen. The Commander dismissed Adam once he had been given his assignment and directives on how to keep in contact with Evelyn, who would be remaining at the base. “Well done doc, this worked out perfectly. I mean what I said, I want you constantly logged into him, give him free range but be able to take it away and at worse self destruct at any given notice, I’ll let you use your judgment calls on that. Oh and doctor while you’re watching him, study him try to learn something will you, Dismissed” Evelyn rose from her seat and kept her tablet close to her body. ”He will be under constant surveillance, Commander. Nothing will escape our attentions.” That said, she saluted, and took her leave. Adam had long gone since he was ordered to go to the Armoury to stock up on his needed supplies, and of course clothes. Evelyn made her way back towards her office, which was not far from the Commanders. Many guards and officials that passed her offered congratulations on bringing Adam back into the fold. She took it all in her stride, however she knew that the recapture was not her doing, all she did was take him apart and put him back together in a way to be useful to the Zen. Reaching her office, she swiped her name tag on the door panel scanner, and it immediately unlocked allowing her entry. Closing the door behind her, she let out something of a sigh, before tossing the tablet on her desk. On one wall, was a barrage of screens and monitors. Computer hardwared that would have many a tech operative salivating. All around her room there was awards, photographs, and the oddest collection of robotic toys. Strange you might think. Evelyn walked past a photograph of her with Rain’s father, which showed him standing proudly with her. She hadn’t aged a day. The photograph must have been twenty years old at least. On her desk was a small techno pup. It instantly picked up on her movements, and cocked its head to the side, then gave a shrill bark like it was happy to see her. The tail thumped on the desk, and Evelyn smiled as she turned around, taking her hair out of her bun and letting it flow free down to her shoulders. ”Miss me?” It responded to her voice and barked again, another thump of its tail on the desk. She ran her hand over the sensor on its head and you could hear an artificial panting sound. This was how the dog reacted to her affections. As she turned her head to the monitors, she could already see Adam’s movements, as she was getting a live feed from the base communications systems. She sat herself down in the large leather chair at her desk, then kicked off her shoes underneath and pushed back to a half recline angle. The techno pup leapt about on the desk and she gave it a special glowing ball to play with, one that contained an energy source to feed the pup with. Content with the ball it growled and made happy sounds, as Evelyn went right on back to studying Adam. She always had a soft spot for him. It was one of the things about Evelyn that made her unique. ”System…rest.” The Doctor’s eyes closed and she went sleep. :: At the roadside Diner, the dishevelled looking Rain entered the cab car, and noted the others that were inside. One man was at the bar, having a cup of coffee, another older couple were in a booth and keeping to themselves. The state broadcaster was playing a rerun of the Price is Right on the tv monitor, and a bored looking waitress was chewing gum, staring at Rain. ”What I get ya?” Rain moved to a vacant bar stool and said. ”Coffee..black.” <3>


IceTe3a: The warbird flew straight over the diner as usual and straight into the city where they last saw the female, “Last known location was somewhere in this city, she well could have a base set up in here. Fly over I’ll Haho drop” Coming to a stand as the Door slid open, the Pilots fingers were counting down, he secured his gear on his personal, the Pilot giving him the green as he jumped out of the flying Warbird, no parachute in sight but Adam didn’t need one. He had done this many times before as he fell down in a slim line pose heading for the ground, getting close to the ground he flipped so his feet would make first impact, the Ntech in his legs allowing him to drop in like this as his feet hit the ground he automatically comes down to a kneel his fingertips touching the ground as the concrete under him shatters. The Ntech took the blowing force and rebounded it back into the ground. Coming to a stand his HUD pops up on his right eye, “Time to find last known location” he walked over to the very same hotel she was last spotted in, unknown to him that he was with her at the time. Scanning the room for clues and DNA samples, he picks up the tire tracks as he follows them outside, east.. They were heading east. Walking down the steps he had to check a few cars before he found one that would work, busting the window he jumped in and turned it on, as he accessed his personal music in him and played one of his songs AC/DC – Back In Black came screaming out of the cars speakers as he took off towards the direction of the tire tracks, his hues scanning the road and following them directly. After awhile he noticed it was leading him outside of the city, “Lock and load” he said with a half smirk across his face, driving out of the city he hit the only road that there was, bringing up satellite imagery he saw there was a diner further up ahead. Some Chow did sound good right about now, besides the tracks weren’t going anywhere. Eventually the diner showed up as he pulled in and turned the car off, he kept his equipment and weaponry on him, it was easy to see he was Zen and people either loved the Zen or hated them so seeing a Zen soldier walking in would be no surprise to them. Opening the door as it hits the little door bell *Jingle Jingle* he walked up to the main counter which was a old school bar top with stools “Get me the morning special and a black coffee” he said as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it taking in a drag. He didn’t bother checking the room as no one ever bothered him, no one bothered a Zen soldier and if they knew he was no ordinary Zen soldier they’d keep their distance even more so, but he wasn’t as stuck up as the other Zen soldiers could be, flashing their badges to get free food. He threw his credits on the counter and smiled waiting for the order to be complete, taking in a large drag of smoke he let out a sigh of relief.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The waitress had served thousands of cups of coffee over the forty years of service and there had been all types that had wandered into the decrepit diner over time. Rain sat with her head lowered, her wet hair like a veil that masked her identity from the side. The other gentleman at the bar paid her little to no attention; muttering about his wife who would be waiting for him to get home. Course, he had been saying this for twenty years, and his wife had died so long before. His mind nothing but scattered memories and the constant need to remind himself that he had a wife…a wife that would be waiting. The waitress poured Rain a cup of coffee and the cup clinked against the metal of the coffee pot, before the waitress slid it over. ”Two credits.” Rain, thankfully had just enough on her and placed it on the counter, unaware that danger was approaching. When the subtle sound of the door bell rang, her head moved slightly while her right hand was gripping the hot cup of coffee. The chill of the breeze that came in with the unknown traveller made Rain shudder slightly, till the door closed once again. The clank of his boots on the floor got her attention, and then she stole a glance, only to be horrified at who she saw. It was Adam, and he walked right past her as though he didn’t even recognise her. He was dressed differently. He was wearing an NTech uniform. Rain’s head lowered again as the cup she held shook against the saucer. She had to steady her hand, not to bring attention to herself. What the hell happened after she escaped the hotel? Had he been recaptured? God How long had she been at the diner? She brought her left hand up to her temple and rubbed it, clearly confused by this turn of events. “Get me the morning special and a black coffee” He spoke to the waitress who simply popped an old piece of gum that she had made into a small bubble and went to write down the order. She placed it on the order wheel and pressed her hand on the bell. ”Morning special, Joe.” Joe, the cook took the order and then spied the NTech soldier. ”One morning special coming up. Always good to serve the Zen soldiers. You keeping those rebels on their toes, I bet.” the Cook said with a drawl, having no love for the rebels since many had killed his business trade in the last few months. The waitress walked along the bar with the coffee pot, offering refills. She stopped in front of Rain and offered some. Rain simply moved her hand over her cup, rather than speak. ~Is he ignoring me?~ She thought to herself, and then picked up her cup, downing the hot coffee way too fast. Not wanting to find out, she went to get off the barstool, when a new report flashed on the TV screen. ”Breaking news, the leader of the Source known as the rogue Phoenix is said to have been attacked by his own men. More news at 11.” Hearing this, Rain made a beeline for the door, and to get into her damaged truck, to high tail it out of there. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched the waitress take his order and give it to Joe, as Joe exclaimed how he hated the rebels and asked if he kept them on his toes. “Sure do Joe, Proudly serving the Zen for the last 14 years. They send me in when all else fails” he chuckled as he gave Joe a military Salute, there was no doubt that Rain would have heard this even though he didn’t know it was her or that she was in the very same room. The TV showed breaking news of how the Phoenix was being attacked by his own men “ Heh, would have love to tag him, but I have bigger fish to fry.” that would be the last thing Rain heard of him as she ran out the door. He heard the door slam open as he turned around casually, he saw the back of a female running out to her car as he shrugged and turned back to the counter “ What’s her problem” he said as he casually glanced over to the waitress, he could smell Joe’s cooking as he was getting hungry. Taking a sip from his coffee as he let out a sigh of relief, placing his Assault rifle on the counter he leaned against the counter waiting for his meal to arrive. Eventually his meal was given to him as it didn’t take him long to scoff it down, walking outside he casually strolled in the car park as he took out another cigarette. Lighting the Cigarette he took in a deep drag as he glanced around the terrain not looking for anything just passing time.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Once out in the car park, Rain’s mind was racing as to the change in Adam. Saying he worked for Zen for 14 years. Acting like a totally different man. What the hell happened? She had to admit to herself, though she hated him for what he had done to her back at the hotel, part of her questioned if he had been taken in by the Zen, had they reprogrammed him? They had to have. The last part of his speech to the cook was that they sent him in when everyone else fails. Also that he had bigger fish to fry than go after the Phoenix. There was no one bigger than the Phoenix in her books….unless. Rain ran to her damaged truck, getting in behind the wheel. She watched Adam emerge from the diner and then enjoy his cigarette. He looked like he was on down time, yet armed to the teeth. Rain was in two minds of what to do. Should she dare approach him, after all he could be looking for her. But who else? Surely the Zen had no use for her or rather they saw her as a threat to their operations. She took Adam down before…she could do it again. Minutes passed. He clearly didn’t recognise the truck she was driving, even with all the damage. ~I should just get the fuck out of here.~ she thought to herself. But she didn’t know where to go. Just as she was about to place her hand on the door handle to get out, another three vehicles pulled up in the car park. They had satellite tracking beacons on their roofs, and all kinds of electrical equipment. One of the leaders got out of the car, with tin cans falling on the ground as his boot hit a mud puddle. He sung out to his off sider, a large man in a bomber jacket and matching coloured beanie. ”Did you see the readings on that mother fucker? I can’t wait to crunch the numbers. Come on, let’s get inside, grab some grub and back on the road east!” His mate who had tomato ketchup stains on his Nirvana Tshirt made a strange salute, kinda like one off some old vintage Sci fi show. About six men in all got out of various vehicles, and headed inside the diner, the leader however spotted the NTech soldier and ambled up to him. ”Dude…see that storm last night. Off the charts, man…off the fucking charts. “ The group of men were storm chasers, men that took scientific data off the storms and tornados that hit the country’s mid west. <3>


IceTe3a: – He heard three cars pulled up as he casually glanced over to them, not scanning but generally looking out of boredom as they passed him, one came right up to him talking about the storm. “ No, Unfortunately I was busy last night in another part of the country. “ he flicked his used cigarette on the floor as his hand rest on his holstered assault rifle, glancing at the man casually. Who comes up to a Zen soldier like that and randomly blurts out about storms and nonsense? Smirking to him lightly as he had almost forgot how crazy some people can be. “ So apparently the rebels turned on Phoenix, it should be on the news very soon” His glance casually looking through the people as he notices the female that ran off earlier was now sitting in her car; she had a good body from behind as he wondered how she looked up close and personal. Passing the man with a pat on his shoulder “Keep out of trouble you lot” he walked over to her truck in a casual manner, his green piercing eyes looking at her as she probably noticed he was walking her way by now, he was curious to see what she looked like exactly and if he could possibly get her number at the very least. As he came up to her window smiling, he leaned against the truck, looking through the glass window at her “Everything alright in there Hun?” he didn’t realize who it was he was talking to, he wasn’t even scanning her face so there was no way for him to know it was Rain he was talking to. “For someone who ran out of the dinner that quickly you sure don’t look like you’re in a rush. Smoke?” He pulled out his packet of Cigarettes placing them against the window he offered her a smoke, to try and get her talking; he wasn’t looking for any information more attempting to hit on her. 3

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Storm Chaser, known as Bean shrugs his shoulders at the Soldier when he speaks about the Phoenix. To guys like them, it was a war of ideology and nothing to do with the betterment of the planet. [b]”Yeah…whatever. Guys, wait up.” He hurries in after his comerades, leaving the Soldier to go about his business. But then, Adam turns his attention on Rain’s truck. ~Oh no~ She thinks to herself, seeing him starting to walk towards her car. Did he suddenly identify her? She was about to roll up the window, right as the handle came off in her hand. ~Shit~ Adam came up to the window and then spoke to her in a strangely…friendly manner. “Everything alright in there Hun?” Rain almost turned fully to face him, but then kept her head down enough to use her hair as a veil. ”Err..I just remembered I had..an appointment.” Not the cleverest thing to say, but she battled on. ”To see…my Doctor.” This could be enough to deter Adam, if he truly didn’t recognise her. ~He had to be reprogrammed~ she continued to think, as he then offered her a cigarette. She shook her head and said. ”I…I don’t smoke, but thank you.” Her fingers gripped the steering wheel, and if he observed, he would see the dried blood trails from when she got out of the bathroom at the hotel. She then reached for the ignition to start the truck. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as she said she didn’t smoke he shrugged as he put his packet back in his pocket, glancing around casually as she said she needed to see her doctor. “Doctor? Hope it’s not serious” he said with a smile, as he looked her over head to toe. He saw her hands tighten around the steering wheel was she angry? Or was something else wrong. His right foot hits the sidestep of the truck landing firmly as he stood there casually, trying to lighten up the mood but then he saw her hand going for the ignition, bloodstained. He pulled his pistol out with his right hand and held the roof of the truck with his left. “Don’t move, there better be a good reason why you have blood on your hands. Out of the car now” he cocked the pistol with a single finger, not knowing that it was Rain he just thought he was dealing with either a murderer or someone injured either way he was about to find out. He hopped up onto the roof of the truck and tapped the roof with his foot so she could get out of the driver’s side door. “Trust me when I say this, I can see you perfectly though the roof of your truck now step out of the truck with your hands up. this was the tricky part, he had no reason to shoot her but if she took off he would fall into the back tray for sure, possibly even cause some damage. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to get your side of the story before we continue.” he let off a warning shot as it hit the ground near the car, his aim was deadly accurate as he waited for her to comply.

CharlotteCarrendar: – That one movement of showing her blooded hand had given Adam cause for concern, and more than that he reached for his gun. Instantly, Rain panicked. What was he doing? Did he suddenly remember her? It became clear when he spoke “Don’t move, there better be a good reason why you have blood on your hands. Out of the car now” There was no way in God’s earth she was getting out of the car. ”It’s…just a cut..I have to go to my Doctor.” She replied, but he jumped up on the roof of her car, and tapped the roof with his foot. Rain instantly looked up even though she could no longer see him. ”The hell?” Was he going to just shoot her for not getting out of the car? Rain’s eyes darted around for something to lock onto with her mind, something that could help her. Just then she spotted the electrical storm chaser’s equipment. She concentrated and then all three cars alarms started to sound, that there was a big storm coming. You could see all the men inside the diner jump out of their seats and make a run for the door, some getting jammed in the door way. ”COME ON!” Bean cried out as he was first out. Rain’s truck started with a big roar as she had the storm chasers as a distraction. One of them saw the soldier standing on Rain’s car and stopped. ”What are you doing to that girl, dude?” It was the tubby guy from Bean’s car. He was one that liked the ladies. Bean didn’t want to get involved. ”Might be how he picks up girls…come on!” All the other storm chasers got in their cars. Rain threw the truck into reverse at speed, so the force of the truck going backwards might throw Adam off. If it did, she would then put it back into first and drive over the top of him, as she followed the storm chasers out of the car park at speed. <3>

IceTe3a: – Alarms went off as he glanced over to the three vans, a storm was coming? He scanned the area, yes now he was scanning; looking for a storm warning of any kind… nothing? He watched as the fat storm chasers ran for their equipment one getting stuck in the dinner door. The one who came up to him earlier asked him what he was doing with the lady, as if Zen soldiers business was any business of his, as he glared the fat storm chaser down. Suddenly the truck goes into reverse as he falls forward on the roof his hands stabilizing him as he fell into a crouch “Miss… Don’t you even think about doing that agaii…” she had kicked it into first gear as the truck roared and moved forward, he was already off balance as it where. From the momentum of the truck he was completely off balance and sent flying backwards as he landed head first in the tray of the truck *BANG* his head hit the tray as he dropped his pistol by accident, the truck screaming off as he laid there in the back, leaning up he looked at the review mirror at her reflection. His scanning went off and matched… it was her “rain…? RAIN!! By the order of the Zen I demand you pull over, you’re under arrest comply or be terminated!” he had matched her, how stupid could he have been, it was her all along in the dinner, in the truck he was so close to her he should have known better but pretty ladies where his weakness. The truck was speeding as it swerved it made it hard for him to keep balance and not hit his head again as he scrambled to try and grab his pistol which was now sliding around the closed tray freely.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The truck tore off down the road, well ahead of the storm chasers, who unbeknownst to them were following her due to her techonpathic link to their computer equipment. The roads were still in a terrible state from the storm the night before, and keeping the truck on the road was a mean feat. Much of the sides of the road had potholes and every few metres Rain would inadvertently hit one..or more. With Adam screaming at her in the back of the truck threatening her with arrest by the Zen, she was in a mass panic. What was worse? Dealing with Adam again, or being handed over to the Zen, probably to be executed for crimes against society. Rain gripped the wheel hard showing white knuckles as she powered down the road. Lights were flashing in behind her as the storm chasers were on her tail. Hearing Adam in the back, the gun rolling around the floor of the tray, she feared he was going to pick it up and shoot her in the back of the head as she drove. One wrong move, and she checked over her shoulder, only to miss seeing a large pothole, that the wheel hit so violently it jarred her hand on the wheel and knocked her off course. The truck careened down a small embankment and rolled, leaving Rain trapped inside. The vehicle was upside with Adam beneath, he would have a hard time getting out, since the earth beneath him was like a slick sludge. The storm chasers came up, as Rain was fighting to get out of the battered truck. ”Help me!” she cried. Bean jumped out of his truck, as the fuel tank was leaking gasoline onto the road. He struggled to get the door open and then pulled her out through the window.”Quck…she’s gonna blow!’ Pulling her out just in time he raced her to his truck. The fat storm chaser from before yelled out. ”What about the soldier?” Rain looked around and then she set off a spark in the truck engine, causing it to ignite. The storm chasers took off in a trice as the truck was set to explode. (<3)>

IceTe3a: The truck his a pothole as it swerved around on the road, she was losing control as the storm chasers were following them, oh they were going to cop it from him. As she completely lost control and swerved around on the thick muddy ground the truck rolled over trapping him in the tray as he groaned, he could hear Rain trying to escape as one of the storm chasers obviously helped her out. Grabbing his pistol he put it in his holster as he grabbed his assault rifle and started kicking the door of the tray, it flew off as he saw Rain get in the van. Coming out from under the tray Assault rifle in hand locked and loaded “DO NOT MOVE, YOU ARE HABOURING A WANTED CRIMINAL, SHE IS DANGEROUS” slowly he came to a stand his rifle pointed at the men in the van, it wouldn’t take much for him to shoot them dead or disable the van but he wanted to try and not harm the men “Throw the keys to the van to me, step out of the van and hit the ground. NO charges will be made to you boys unless you refuse to comply then I will shoot to kill.. and I’m a hell lot faster than your van is. RAIN put your hands up, you have three seconds to comply before I shoot, do not test me on this” He was creeping closer to the van, his trigger finger on the trigger ready to fire at any moment’s notice, he hoped the boys would comply and throw him the keys and lay down in the mud. He stood there about 3 meters away it was a standoff, with Rain, Adam and the boys; which one of the two Rain or the boys would be stupid enough to give him reason to fire.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The boys all got out of their cars and vans, hands up as soon as they saw the Zen soldier with his assault weapon aimed at the leader of the group and Rain. It was becoming clear that she was a fugitive and that the soldier was trying to take her into custody. The electric equipment inside the trucks were all blaring from the signals that Rain was sending to them, as she tried to get that to act as a distraction. The storm chasers were all fearing for their lives.”Look man…just saved her from the truck, we didn’t know she was a criminal.” Bean said, tossing the keys to his van to Adam as he tried to diffuse the situation. All the lads then got down on their knees and laid down in the mud leaving Rain as the last one standing. So much for heroes these days. Rain was in a standoff with Adam…again. But this time, she was not going to come quietly. ”I’m not coming with you Adam.” She started to walk to the lead storm chaser car. If he wanted to shoot her in the back, now was a good time. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the boys all got out of the van slowly, their hands raised in the air. One false move and he would shoot them where they stand, the keys were sent flying towards Adam, as he catches it then grabs his weapon again.“That’s it lads… Nice and easy, get down. I’ll forget all about this and nothing will happen to you lot.” He watched as Rain was staring at him, she wasn’t going to get down or make this easy.. “I’m not coming with you Adam” How’d she know his name.. they’ve never met before. He watched as she turned her back to him and started to walk “Rain DOWN NOW.. Boys don’t you move until I say so, otherwise you’ll get shot” She was heading for the car as he ran into a sprint and tackled her landing on top he straddled her back pulling her arms behind her back and holding them there with one hand. “How do you know my name” he said as he leaned down on her whispering. There was no escape for her now, not while he had her under him, he spun her around so she was laying on her back, letting go of her hands he straddled her waist. “Boys take the other two cars and leave, I’m borrowing the third car. You will be rewarded for your aid and your truck will be returned to you.. You have five seconds to comply and leave the area without interfering” he didn’t bother looking at the boys he knew they would comply as he glanced down at Rain, he was scanning her features trying to locate if they have met before and how she knew his name. “Tell me how you knew my name!”