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(RP) Downtown Seattle
May 31, 2014 08:28PM

DownTown Seattle – This is the thread for all postings of character movement across the city. Hotels, work places, and businesses.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 06, 2014 06:27PM
Jane’s Flowers and gifts shop – 73 Rawston Street


The yellow taxi cab pulled up at number 73 Rawston Street with a very happy couple in the back. Jason had decided to go back with Jane to her shop and apartment to check on everything before he returned to his dorm at the hospital. Seeing the brightly coloured shop with the dazzling array of flowers and arrangements in the windows made the young doctor smile. So this is where Jane worked and lived. Jane’s mother, Greta was sweeping the sidewalk wearing a kaftan that was reminiscent of those worn in the sixites. Her greying hair was in tight curls that framed her face. She was such a happy go lucky looking woman, and when she spotted Jane in the taxi, she set aside the broom and clapped her hands together.

“JANE! You’re back!”

Clearly, her mother was surprised to see her return so soon, after what was supposed to be a four week vacation in Hawaii. Jane hardly ever had time for holidays as the business kept her running 24/7. Jane squealed and opened the door of the taxi, getting out and running into her mother’s arms, while Jason paid the cab driver and went to get their bags. On seeing the handsome young doctor get out of the cab, Jane’s mother was a little confused.

“Jane..didn’t you go to Hawaii with a woman?” Her eyebrow arched but then she saw Jason bend over with the bags and she snickered. “Well well well…whoever he is…he has a cute tooshie.” Jane’s jaw dropped at her mother’s outrageous statement and she playfully slapped her arm.

“Momma, this is Jason. I met him on the holiday after I found out that Mikala was using me to steal my money.” This would have been a lot to take in and then Greta confirmed what she thought was a sneaking suspicion. “I had wondered what was happening with your bank accounts. We went to pay for a shipment of roses and the bank said there was insufficient funds. What is going on?”

At this point, Jason came up to greet Greta. He extended his hand to her for a shake, when the woman did what she usually did and embraced him in a suffocating hug. “We don’t do handshakes, sweety. I’m Greta, Jane’s Mother. I have been looking after her shop for her while she has been away.” Greta stood back and then saw all the luggage.

“Why don’t you go put all that away and then we can talk about your trip. I want all the details, even the dirty ones.”

Jane’s face went bright red, as she kissed her Mother’s cheek. “Can’t a girl have secrets?” She went to pick up a couple of bags, when her mother just laughed. “Nothing you can get past this old gal, Janey. Now, hurry on up while I go make some tea in the shop.”

Upstairs apartment


There was a flight of stairs that led Jane and Jason up to Jane’s apartment that was situated right over the top of her flower shop. On opening the door, the scent of wild flowers and sandalwood was very strong.

“I’m home!” Jane sung out, but there was no pets about her apartment, just lots…and lots of plants. All shapes and sizes and many were colourful to boot. Her apartment was a mix of retro and some way out sixties art. You could see she embraced her mother’s flair for colour and style.

“My Momma helped me decorate.” She said as she put down her bag in the foyer. “I have had friends wake up here, and wonder if they were high on LSD.” Jane giggled, as she went to get a watering can and water her plants. She moved amongst them chatting as she did so. Clearly she loved her plants, as if they were her children.

“You have a real green thumb, Jane. Not seen plants this healthy since I was at the botanical gardens.”

Jason didn’t know that Jane had her own little secret, when it came to her plants.

“I talk to them…and they grow. Funny huh?” One of the plants actually moved as she said this, but it was out of Jason’s line of vision. He came up to her as she held the watering can and kissed the back of her neck – his arms wrapping around her waist.

“I know when you talk to me…something grows.”

“JASON!” Jane squealed, hearing him talk so suggestively. She burst into a fit of giggles, and set down the watering can, turning in his arms to face him. “I couldn’t be happier…but I do need to find out how to get my money back.”

Jason stared down into her eyes and then said in a whisper.

“I will make sure that ALL her accounts are frozen.”

And he meant it.