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(RP) Escala Luxury Apartments
May 31, 2014 08:34PM

Escala Luxury Apartments. – Home to Simone and Erica. Apartments Available

3C – Simone and Erica

Re: (RP) Escala Luxury Apartments
June 06, 2014 10:00PM
3C – Simone and Erica


Orson had not yet returned from taking his brother Brock and girlfriend Pandora to the hotel, leaving Erica to be a bit concerned in his absence. She had been standing out on the balcony staring down at the traffic with the cool breeze tussling her hair lost in her own thoughts. Orson was the perfect guy for her, in her mind. She wasn’t really ready for anything permanent or even to get married, and he seemed to love the casual nature of their relationship. It was surprising then to find that his brother Brock was quite the opposite. With the slip up of course, with her best friend and roomie Simone. Again Erica found herself being reminded of Simone’s situation. Pregnancy. With Brock as a possible father. Oh she could feel the onsetting of drama a mile away. Not being able to see Orson’s car down below, she pushed herself from the guard rail and wandered inside, only to see Simone lazing on the couch with a large bucket of cookie dough ice cream. She did this. Eating Ice cream when she was stressed. Her eyes were glued to the television, and she was still in her pyjamas.


“That is going to make you fat.” Erica said, standing with her hands on hips. Simone held a spoon up that had a good wad of ice cream on it. “I beg to differ. The thing inside of me…that is going to make me fat.”

Erica moved to sit next to Simone, and took the bucket of ice cream away. Spoon and all. She then turned to face a gobsmacked looking Simone.

“My ice cream!”

“Simone…when are you going to stop running from your problems? You gotta deal with…this.” Erica patted Simone’s belly, and this had Simone pout. “I’m scared too.” At least she was being honest about that fact. Erica pulled back and set the ice cream bucket on the table. Her friend meant everything to her, but damn she got herself in some pickles.

“You need to see a doctor about this. Find out how far you are…so you can work out who the father is.”

“I know…I know.”

“Brock and Pandora are back in town. Together. What are you going to do if the baby is his?”

This was an unsettling thought. She had not spoken to Pandora, or Brock since that fateful night, when she was caught on the floor with Brock in a compromising position. The guilt and shame were still getting to her, and now she believed she was pregnant due to karma being a bitch. Truth was, she should have been more careful.

“I …I don’t know.”

Erica was not going to put up with this anymore. She decided to take charge. Some one had too. She got up and went to get the phone book, and started to search for the nearest gynecologist. Simone reached for the bucket of ice cream and Erica growled at her. “Enough…okay?”

Simone pouted and curled up on the corner of the lounge, as Erica went to call a doctor’s office.

“Doctor Benson’s office. Can I help you?”

“Yes please, can I make an appointment for Miss Simone Jackson in regards to her pregnancy?”

The receptionist was incredibly helpful, getting a scheduled appointment for Simone for 9am the next day. Once Erica had written down the details, she thanked the woman and hung up. With a concerned face, she then said.

“9am..Doctor Benson’s clinic, down on fifth. Oh, and before you argue with me, i am coming too.”

Simone just sat there and sulked.