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Chapter Twelve

In the Name of the Father



IceTe3a: He felt he was yelling out in pain.. He knew he was but no sound was coming out of his mouth as he screamed out in sheer pain, his systems searching for the files that Rain was looking for. He could feel her legs wrapped around his waist as her fingers pressed against the padding on either side of his head. His system not only looking for the files but also taking in her DNA on her fingertips whilst scanning her body, his systems were up to something, her DNA would from now on be locked with his systems and body allowing her full access to him and his systems and no one else, this would show up on screen in a message before disappearing. Time passed as he was in a great deal of pain, she sat on top of him without a care in the world, she knew he was in pain and she was the one dealing with it ~What are you doing to me?!?~ he tried to say but ended up speaking into her mind without realizing it. His body still scanning Rains as she sat on top of him, the pieces of the puzzles all coming together slowly, as each memory of Rains father was being repaired and pieced together but they wouldn’t remain that way, only staying together whilst she was logged into him the moment she let him go they would shatter again and the process would have to be done all over again,

CharlotteCarrendar: – This was no easy operation that Rain was doing. To be connected and concentrating with everything she had to break encrypted codes and slowly piece together the fragmented files of her father was like taking out a 10 million piece jigsaw puzzle and trying to piece it all back together. The task was both arduous and actually painful for her. Her slender digits trembled and she had to force her fingers to lock on tight – to grip with all her might to keep the connection between them fused. One simple slip could spell disaster, for both of them. Rain was gritting her teeth so hard, and her face starting to show heightened blood vessels in her skin. It was almost like as much as she was gathering intel and going through his mind, part of him was creeping into her. His voice echoed through her mind. ~What are you doing to me?~ She could only come back at him with one answer and a truthful one. ~Saving my father~ She believed Adam was the key to her father, whether he knew it or not. As the end of the two hours was drawing closer, blood started to trickle from Rain’s nostrils. This was seriously doing her harm, but she refused to give up. She just couldn’t. <3>

IceTe3a: – By now the two hours were almost up, he was in immense pain as his eyes had gone pure white from the sheer pain. His body could handle the torture but he would have to endure it himself that was for sure and it was taking its toll on him as he heard her say she was saving her father. He heard her say it in his mind her lips weren’t even moving, how’d she do that?! How’d she hear him in the first place!! There was so much going on that he couldn’t understand but he knew she was the root cause of all of this and for some reason she didn’t care that he was in pain. Time was up, the memories were complete and ready to be viewed until she let go and they shattered again. The first file popped up and automatically and started to play in both their minds everything else would go blank as they would see the entire memory until it was finished. *Memory flashback viewed through Adam’s eyes in the past* : Sitting there on the operation table he watched as the doctor was working on his body’s Ntech tweaking with it no doubt Doctor Ernest wincrest – “ Now, Adam.. your body is special, you are unique. A one of a kind fully functioning war equipment. A machine if you will, that is not to say you are not human my dear boy. Understand this, I build you for Zen’s purposes yes..perhaps. But I have bigger plans for you my dear boy” Him and the good doctor have had a good talk about this in the past but he always said he would fully explain everything in full once the time was right. His hues flick over to the doctor’s lab assistant a young woman whose eyes could never be forgotten once seen. “That time already doc? Alright, I’m ready to hear it.. Why was I built?” he watched as he saw Doctor Ernest wincrest’s hand reach out giving his shoulder a good pat Doctor Ernest wincrest – “ Good… Good boy, The reason I built you.. built this .. Equipment was because of my daughter, she needs something.. to help to.. protect herself with, I will not be able to help her as we discussed earlier, you will be helping me.. disappear. Now do not forget, once all this is done once I’m ready, you will not remember a thing about any of this my dear boy” He nods as Doctor Ernest wincrest explained everything to him, he didn’t mind that the doc referred to him as equipment. The doctor saved his life and he was more than happy to give the rest of his life away to help the good doctor’s daughter. “Of course doc, I will be as you say, your daughters equipment.” Doctor Ernest wincrest’s face lit up as he knew he had chosen the right man for the job Doctor Ernest wincrest – “ I’m sorry for.. calling you equipment, but essentially that is what you will be used as my dear boy. That is what you are, and I thank you for accepting that. She will utilize you as she pleases and I apologize for that but it is who she is and we both love her for it, she cannot change herself.” He nods in agreement with the doctor as he knew it was almost time, to break free looking on the side he saw the MP5 the doctor had gotten for him to help the doctor escape. “Honey come over here and help me, We need to wipe his memory of all past memories of us and a timed program from now until tomorrow to wipe that entire section as well” he watched as the female came over her eyes casually glancing into his… those eyes so beautiful as he smiled at her “Your eyes.. Stunning, Heh! About that time huh doc?” the doctor nodded giving Adam one last pat on the shoulder as his tools went to work. *Black out to the present memory over* ~ Wha.. Wha.. was that… was that Eve..?~ he said in his mind and hers still not used to the concept as he accidently shared information with Rain. *System would you like to continue with memories?*

CharlotteCarrendar:- The mental mind link between Rain and Adam that had been going on now for a record two whole hours of indescribable pain was to bare fruit. The answers she sought after in relation to her lost father and the relationship or friendship between Adam and Enerst was revealed, as the scene was played out for them both like a recorded movie. A small snippet in time but with it, there was a very powerful message. It confirmed what Rain suspected all along. That Adam was built by her Father. To see him so young; the way she remembered him as a small child. The woman with him, she was vaguely familiar, but it turns out Adam already knew her. Rain continued to struggle to hold the connection, as her fingers started to slip. The lab she even remembered. How she used to go there on her holidays, when her father would allow it. Listening closely to the exchange, Rain then got the shock of her life, when her father said that Adam was being built to assist his daughter, who one day would need to be protected. ~Adam was for me?~ She was thinking this and feeling sick over it, considering how he had tried to kill her. This unfeeling, horrid machine…was meant to be her guardian? It was painful for both of them, no doubt. Adam’s belief in his reason for even existing was going to be smashed, along with the knowledge that Eve was working for the Doctor. She knew all along. As the recording came to an end…Rain let go. She struggled to get away from Adam, crawling backwards off him. ”No….no…NO!” She had opened Pandora’s box it seemed, and there was no way of closing it now. She wiped the blood from her nose with the back of her hand, and turned her head away, as she felt physically sick. <3>

IceTe3a: A huge gasp for air came as soon as she got off him, his movements now his own as his muscles clenched“ARGH!!!! … My head.. What was that…I don’t remember that!?!” He came to a stand he was obviously in physical pain as he clenched his head swaying around as he tried to get a footing “You!! You put some false memory in my head..!! Why’s it seem so real!! How’d he know my name?! Why was eve there?!” He was questioning everything, was his real memories real?! Was that fake memory real or was it really a fake produced by rain!? *System meltdown warning* It was too much for him to handle as that memory went completely against the Zen’s programming, it was causing his systems to crash and a meltdown was highly possible “Equipment.. Yours?! What… how!? ARGH!! “ he slammed his hand against the truck as its axel gave way under his sheer power the wheels snapping off and the truck slammed into the ground, veins popping out of his skin, budging as he collapsed onto his back. His body twitching and shaking as his hands cover his head trying to get the pain to stop, his thoughts were going against everything, as he started to think it was all true. It had to be, it made sense but then what were the memories that he had of Zen “Why are you doing this to me!! Just kill me!! he screamed out in pain, no doubt people would start to hear his screams once more, as his body shook and flailed outwards on the floor the pain shown looked unbearable even to the most tolerant *Warning Warning System Critical Levels – Equipment meltdown* This time the warning flashed in Rains head but as a voice, not Adam’s but the systems warning her of her equipment about to crash, after all her DNA was locked into Adam’s she had unknowingly started to claim him, eventually she was going to have to fully claim him as her father suggested.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain was so busy trying to deal with what she had just unlocked, that she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening to Adam. In fact what was happening was so dangerous, that to see him so confused and out of control was pitiful. When a machine is programmed to do one thing, a purpose and goal then presented with information that went against everything he had been set to do, it would cause a massive meltdown or system crash. Rain looked up from where she was laying on the ground and screamed at him ”I have never seen any of that before in my life. That man, the one that made you what you are was my FATHER!” There was no truth that she had done it all to him on purpose. These were files in his own system, all fragmented by her father on purpose. The fact that she was able to hold onto Adam long enough to retrieve them all and play it that one time was proof that it was no lie or suggested thought. She herself had suffered from it physically. She pushed herself up, scrambling to her feet. Rain had to get away from him. She couldn’t stand his screams anymore. But then a sound came in her head, right after he had damaged the truck in his fury and shock. *Warning Warning System Critical Levels – Equipment meltdown* ~What?~ Rain turned around and she could see that Adam was on the verge of a serious collapse, that would end him…once and for all. Her heart almost skipped a beat as she heard her father’s voice in her mind, repeating. “ Good… Good boy, The reason I built you.. built this .. Equipment was because of my daughter, she needs something.. to help to.. protect herself with, I will not be able to help her as we discussed earlier, you will be helping me…dissappear.” That moment, Rain didn’t even hesitate. She went against everything that she had done before and ran for Adam, gripping his head with her hands. There was only one person to save him now…and that was Rain. Both were locked together once more, as she then started to reverse the damage done, by shutting down his system so that she could somehow take him back to how he was….when they first met. ’System restore…activate.” She then started to work through all his files painstakingly, to undo the damage…she had done.<3>

IceTe3a: – His muscles budging and twitching in pain as his screams seemed to be endless, his skin turning a darker shade as his veins were still bulging out of his skin, this was the look of true plain. He couldn’t stop comparing the data, the memories it kept going through his mind and this in turn caused him immense pain. It didn’t take long for Rain to realize what was going on before she came over and straddled him once more, his hands were pushed out of the way. His eyes red as they were burning his body squirming and twitching in between her legs, he wasn’t able to stop thinking about it even if he wanted to, the system itself was trying to compare it all as per his demands. “KILL ME!! ” He screamed out in pain as Rains fingers found their marks on the side of his head, his body stopped moving, it was dead stiff now he was trapped inside himself the pain still being felt and immense as she started to use him again, did she not care?! Suddenly it all started to go black *Shutdown* She had completely switched him off, he was no longer aware of what was going on, it was much like turning a computer off he was just a paper weight for the moment. The system responded to her DNA allowing her access. *Welcome* the message would pop up, *No Restore Point found – Manual restore needed –Confirmed.* She was manually restoring his systems back to the way they should be, she would need to reprogram him completely and allow him access of his full memories once more. Then it happened, a new message showed up * Would you like to fully claim the system? –User Rain * It knew it was her and as it scanned her DNA earlier it was asking if she wanted to fully claim and link her equipment to her now making it impossible for anyone else to access him, in short he would be hers. Slowly her work was showing as she started to change the systems back to their normal functions all that was left was her reprogramming, her rules and anything else she wanted to input into him before resetting him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”NO! She screamed back at him, as he demanded she kill him and end his terrible nightmare. She instead shut him down completely, to at least stop the pain. As that happened and he went stiff, she took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. Little did she realize her DNA activated another function, that welcomed her to his operating system. This was totally unexpected, and she looked at him quizzically. There was no automatic restore point, and if she was to do it, she would have to do it manually. Immediately she set to task, to do just that until it asked if she would claim the system. User Rain. This proved what the recording had said. Her father built him for her to use. It was all becoming real, and she knew that in order to save her father, she needed to follow the instructions. She activated this and soon when he awoke, he was going to be seeing her in a whole new light. She didn’t want to mess with him any further than that, safe to say that if he was going to serve her he was going to have to be a lot more useful. Ideas were already formulating in her mind, but she would need to discuss that with him when he was returned to normal function. The biggest question she did have, was not about her father, and not about him. It was about Eve. For some reason, she was still working for Zen, and must have been the one to reprogramme him to Zen’s orders. But why? If she served her father…and was as close to him as she appeared to be. What changed? It was clear that this was going be something Adam and Rain both needed to find out. She set down that he could protect himself, in event of a Zen warbird coming for him, but above all he was to ensure her safety. Rain felt that there was so much more going on, then met the eye. With her coding done, she finally pressed to restart his system, and she prayed that he would come back as he was the first time they met. <3>

IceTe3a: The new orders were being put into his systems by her, she was personally hand picking what he could and couldn’t do; putting her own mark on him as it were. The system accepting that she wanted to fully claim her equipment, her fingertips would get a light zap not enough for her to let go but enough for her to feel it, this signalled that he was now completely hers, her DNA registered into him there was nothing he would have been able to do with it. *Equipment Claimed –Have a nice day* The system confirming she had full ownership over the equipment as of now, after a good while she had finally finished all she needed to do, resetting him. *Resetting active* All the coding and reprogramming was put into motion, the system kept the Zen memories marking them as fake for further reference but keeping all the detail so Adam would be able to utilize this in future, this previous real memories that were blocked from him by the Zen now reinstated as he was completely his old self again aside from Rains new programming orders and rules and the fact she had claimed him as equipment. “Ugh…” his eyes opened as he saw her once more straddling him, a groan escapes his lips “Why is it.. every time I wake up, I find you straddling me? Get off” he sighed as he stretched his arms *Systems fully functioning* This would be repeated in both his and her head, now that she had fully claimed him she would be getting a lot more system updates straight into her head. “ And yes.. I remember everything.. I mean everything, What zen did to me again. What you did” he sighed as he pulled out a cigarette and left it in his mouth, he was glancing over her as she still was straddling his waist.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain didn’t need to be asked twice to get off him. She did so gladly, and dusted herself down as he took out a cigarette. For the last few hours he had been in excruciating pain, and now he was acting just the way he did when they first met…with a few changes that were going to come to light later. For now, she was actually happy to see this old Adam return. ”Happy too.” Rain said, wiping her forehead as she looked down at him. In truth, she was exhausted from everything that had gone on, not to mention shocked by the turn of events. Rain glanced at the truck and sighed. Adam had really done a number on it. It meant that it needed fixing, but for now, she did have one question, and she was no longer afraid to ask. Adam claimed he knew everything, including what Zen did to him. ”So Eve put you back together and made you a Zen warrior again, right?” She leaned against the truck, which groaned just at her touch. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she stood over him, he arched a brow with a slight smirk as she took a step over him and dusted herself off. It didn’t take long for her to get down to business as he let a drag of smoke out with a sigh. Coming to a stand he glanced casually at her and shook his head, “Yes” walking past her he stopped for a moment and looked her up and down “Just because your now acting friendly doesn’t change anything, I know what you did to me. We are not friends, I’m not helping you find your father, Rain” he waved her off as he walked around the side of the truck, still in his Zen uniform the Zen would believe he was still one of them as he reached in and picked up the M4A1 reattaching it to his chest strap as he glanced over to her one last time “Goodbye and good luck” with that he turned his back on her and walked south down away from her and the truck, towards the main road.

CharlotteCarrendar: – As Adam walked on past her, and more or less dismissed her saying that they weren’t friends and he was not going to help her find her father, she turned around only to see the back of him walking away off down the road. Rain stared at him – wearing the Zen uniform and got an idea. A crazy idea. She ran off after him and actually jumped in front of his path and placed her hand up like a traffic cop would. ”Adam stop!” Now, she knew he was now in her control, and she went as far to exploit it. ”Eve is still working for the Zen. She knew my father….she worked on you. She must know where he is. Hell, she was standing next to him when they wiped your memory and you agreed to it. You have to help me. I’m not asking….I ordering you too. Get me into Zen headquarters and find Eve. Don’t deny me.” Rain’s face took a stern look as she said ” I am…User Rain.” She stared at him, and waited for his reply. <3>