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After Maxwell Hines had been taken from his luncheon meeting with his sister Felicity, this is where he ended up.  Continuing from the DownTown Seattle Thread.

(RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
June 11, 2014 08:43PM

The Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility is where the rich and famous who’ve hit rock bottom go to re-evaluate their lives and try to get back on their feet. Where those who don’t know they have a problem, finally realize what their addictions are doing to their friends, family and careers. The best medical staff in the country work here and confidentiality is a must. All patients are anonymous to the outside world and paparazzi are treated with extreme prejudice.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
June 11, 2014 09:14PM
Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility – Car park

There was a loud banging coming from within the SSA truck that pulled up in the visitor’s car park at the Facility. An enraged Maxwell was still pounding away, making threats and even some choice words about what he thought of his treatment at the hands of the SSA staff. He had already had a few drinks before he had arrived at the luncheon with his sister, so this topped off with his vicious temper made for quite the scene when the two men opened the back of the van. Bleary eyed, and with veins sticking out of his neck, the curator of one of Seattle’s leading art galleries was acting like a wild animal about to be put down.

“Either of your goons so much as lay a hand on me, I swear, I shall not be held responsible for the damage I shall inflict!”

Both of the men looked to the other and shrugged, as they both entered the van. From the outside you could hear the protests, the swaying of the van as the men took charge of the situation. Maxwell was no match for their heavy handed tactics. They had met his kind before and would so again…even that day. Out at the entrance of the facility a woman stood with a clip board. She wore horn rimmed glasses and her blonde hair caught back neatly in a bun. Doctor Swanson had a white lab coat on, with sensible shoes and stockings. She waited patiently as the new patient was forcibly dragged from the van.

“Ah…Mister Hines. So nice of you to join us. I do hope the ride over was satisfactory. We ensured that the press were kept at bay and your stay with us is both confidential and strictly private as per instructions from your sister. Won’t you follow me?”

She seemed to ignore the fact that Maxwell was being dragged inside. Her manner was pleasant and one could say endearing to her hostile patient. Inside the building, pipe music was playing and a large fountain was in the foyer. The cheerful bubbling sound of water and the pastel coloured walls all meant to be soothing to the patients. To Maxwell however…it all meant doom.

“I want my lawyer!…I want my freedom!” Maxwell bellowed, as Doctor Swanson tittered with laughter.

“I’m so sorry, but your sister waived your rights, and therefore you are legally bound to this institution till you are able to conduct yourself in a manner that is deemed to be…cooperative.” She beamed as she clicked her pen and then pointed to Maxwell’s room.

“It’s not the Hyatt, but it is comfortable. Enjoy your stay, Mister Hines. We will meet again tommorow at two.”

“Noooooooo!” Maxwell screamed as he was dragged into his new digs. A cell no more than five metres by three metres.

When he entered the room, another man was already sitting there. A late night talk show host, if one could believe it. He stood up and said to Maxwell. “Let me guess, the wife got you locked up for your drug problem.” Maxwell cringed as he saw the former TV star, looking disheveled and wearing pyjamas.

“No..it was my sister. What are you in for?”

“I used to suck dick for coke.”