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Re: Biographies.
July 23, 2014 07:44AM

FC : Shemar Moore

Name : Pierce Johnson
Sex : Male
Age : 27
Skin : Dark
Eyes : Brown
Height : 184cm
Weight : 82 kgs
Build : Athletic – muscular
Occupation : Lawyer – specializing in Family Law
Residence : Seattle
Birth place : Boston


Personality : Reserved, quiet, determined, knowledgeable, engaging, independent, strong willed & minded.
Likes : Cooking, Sports, cars, Summer vacations, swimming, reading, boating.
Dislikes : Shallow people, spicy food, and parking tickets.

History : One of Seattle’s leading court lawyers and the personal friend of James Daughtery and Thomas Bing, Pierce Johnson has been right there for the two men as they had searched for years to find a baby to call their own. After the last attempt ended in disaster, and with Thomas’s hospital stint, Pierce has been carefully managing the guys affairs. Whilst handing James’s many contracts on various book deals, he still likes to see the lads on social occasions and the odd football game. Currently single after a bitter break up with his model girlfriend Shana, Pierce has thrown himself into his work as a way of coping. Little does he know what is coming around the corner.