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Re: Kitchen
August 06, 2014 03:26PM
It did not take long for Alexander and Ember to reach the kitchen area. Walking down the hall while making small talk, throwing a joke here and there in hoped to raise a laugh from her. It simply seemed to him that, sadly, Ember was not someone whom showed her smile very often, or laughed with others. There was a mysterious aura about her. She was pleasant company never the less. A beautiful lady any man would love to take out for a peaceful walk. But this peaceful walk would not last long.

As they reached the kitchen’s entrance, Alexander noticed from a distance two others standing near the door. Quite close to one another too, which at first made him believe they were lovers.

“Oh my…we have probably come at a bad time..”

He whispered to Ember as he glanced down at her. However, turning his blue hues back to the two, he noticed the girl struggling, an uncomfortable look on her face as the male seemed to be enjoying her struggles, a wide grin upon his lips. This made Alexander furrow his brows in concern and confusion as to what he was seeing. Was She being attacked?!

“Please stay close to me Ember.”

He whispered as he gave her a gentle smile, trying to stay calm as his blue hues gazed at her. Coming in closer proximity, he could hear their conversation better. And in doing so, Alexander could not keep silent any longer.

‘What a vulgar way to treat a lady….what wrong has she done for you to handle a woman so carelessly?”

Alexander’s voice was sharp with a hint of anger. Such behaviors was uncalled for, and to see someone disrespect a young lady as such angered him. His muscles tightened a bit as he glared at the other male, but still kept close to Ember, worried for her safety with such a brute wandering around.

Re: Kitchen
August 06, 2014 03:53PM
Ember didnt mind the small talk while walking. She did notice jokes he made but she didnt really laugh. Just acknowledged them. She wasnt trying to be rude. She did feel at ease with him around. He seemed kind and easy going. Though inside holding his arm she did notice he felt warm. She thought it was just an outside thing but it did have her distracted wondering if he was always warm.

Once arriving at the kitchen doorway she seen the two there. Though Alexander seemed relaxed at first seeing them Ember tensed up. It looked like a couple but she felt it was off. Something seemed wrong to her. His whispering the first time let her know he didnt see anything odd. The second time let her know that it wasnt just her. The girl seemed in danger.

Doing as she was asked she stayed close to Alexander and watched the two concerned for the girl. As Alexander made them being there known she grabbed a single rose. She watched the two and waited for something to happen but as she did the rose wrapped around her wrist and the end lengthened to where it looked like a thorn whip. She would only use it if she had to. It was a power she kept hidden till now. She could manipulate plants.

Re: Kitchen
August 08, 2014 10:09AM
At the baker’s pitiful excuse of an attack on his hygiene, Zero seemed to pause. Taken aback for a few fleeting seconds at her area of focus, and then chuckled, loudly. He found it amusing, how the girl tried to defend herself, throwing on a brave face to her attacker. Cute wasn’t quite the right word. Enthralling rather.
The male leaned forward, closing the space between the two before his lips parted.
“You tell me.” The butler uttered before inhaling and slowly exhaling right at her face, an amuse filled smirk on his face before he straightened again, his fingers wrapped around her dainty wrist tightly. He was just debating what to do with her…Bouncing back and forth between just letting her go or trying his best to toy with the French maiden a bit more.
But then the entertainment showed up.
A human, hardly worth the effort it was to look over his shoulder, the only visible honey colored hue glistening as it glowed with the want to light the petty man aflame. And a girl who looked none too strong. A foolish endeavor it was for them to stumble across the raging Carpathian who wouldn’t blink twice before killing them where they stood. There was no crime that he knew of in the mansion, but he was fine with being the first breech in security. As long as they didn’t mess with him, he wouldn’t have to waste his time on them.
“Nothing. She’s done absolutely nothing.” He said honestly, as she hadn’t. All the girl had done, since the beginning, was defend herself, even if she caused him pain, the likes of which he’d never felt before in all his days. So much pain. His head throbbed slightly from the reminder and he grimaced before looking back at Bridgette.
“I’d suggest minding your own business. I’ve no quarrel with using your face to clean the floor.” Savage added all the while staring down at Bridgette, his hold on her neither loosening nor tightening. Carpathians were especially gifted power wise. They specialized in elemental magic but also dark and light magic, depending on the person, as one could imagine he was on the darker end. They had telepathy with one another and slight shapeshifting, though their forms were set to a few animals and/or swarming.
“Unless of course you’d like a fight?” Zero questioned, perking a brow as he shifted slightly so his right side was facing the human and the girl, dragging Bridgette with him. He’d let her go if she was quiet. Honestly they had all the time in the world to get to know each other. He was in no rush.

Re: Kitchen
August 08, 2014 06:21PM
Just outside the kitchen

The quarrel if one could call it that had garnered the attention of two other people, who had come across a scene that they probably never expected to see. A french maiden dangling from the vice like grip of Zero, who held her up so high that her feet were barely touching the floor. Her whole body was straightened, her skirts swaying gently.

You had to give it to Bridgette for she didn’t cry or scream but rather took to using an offensive verbal attack that was to make his second guess his breath. Sadly, the idea made him amused if anything. His diabolical smirk showing after he purposely inhaled then exhaled right in her face after asking her to tell him just how bad his breath was. Bridgette squinted her eyes shut and went to hold her breath, much like you would if you were being dunked under water – all so she didn’t have to breathe him in.

Finally gasping for breath, her head turned to that of what would be her saviors.

“What a vulgar way to treat a lady….what wrong has she done for you to handle a woman so carelessly?” The man who had approached, spoke with a tone of anger at Zero and for a moment, she really thought that Zero would loosen his grip, possibly toss her away in the light of the charge of abuse. The young girl who accompanied the man stayed close at his side, but Bridgette noticed that she fashioned a vine like whip, using only a single rose stem. Were these people actually prepared to fight the Vampire to save her? Bridgette had seen the power that the vampire possessed. She knew he was strong…very strong and if angered could cause both these innocent people great harm. It was one thing to try and call him off, it was another to attack. Bridgette was dragged away slightly when Zero taunted the pair, asking them if they really wanted a fight. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. This day had turned into a virtual nightmare already, and the baker couldn’t let anyone else suffer Zero’s wrath.

She stared at the pair and with a shaking voice she begged;

“Pleaze….do notz vight ‘im. I…I be okayz.”

Bridgette knew that she wasn’t. Held in the vice like grip she had run out of options to fight back.


Re: Kitchen
August 08, 2014 09:28PM
Alexander’s gaze sharpened as the man almost taunted him by saying that the woman has done nothing. So absurd was he that he would attack a lady whom was simply minding his own business? How wrong in the head was this man? Then again it could have been pure rage, which he simply decided to take it out on a defenseless lady. What cowardice. He glanced towards Ember as she reached over to his arm that cradled the flowers and picked a rose. His eyes widened lightly as he saw her turn it in to a thorn.

“Ember…you are…”

He started to speak, but his attention was turned back to the male before him as he threw a threat towards him. Clean the floors with his face…honestly Alexander has heard worse threats than that. Or..at least he was not fearful of this one in the last. Alexander’s blue hues darkened, his anger building up towards this vulgar being. But a gentleman ways kept his head cool and never threw the first punch. Violence was not Alexander’s way, not to mention his physique was not that good either. He always felt hot, and had to watch his step for sometimes he would become dizzy for no particular reason. Unlike this male whom looked to be better built and could have him by the neck in one move. No…that was best avoided. Releasing a soft breath, Alexander closed his eyes and lowered his head lightly, as if begging the other male.

“I understand that you might feel an attraction to this lady, and from the looks of it this might be the first you feel such. However there are other ways to get her to pay attention to you than brute force. You are hurting her currently, can you not see how frightened you are making her? I ask you to please put the madame down and release her hands before you leave unnecessary bruises. Being forceful might be to your liking, but when the other person does not desire to be handled in such ways, that is purely making you look like a tyrant.”

Alexander then unfolded his arm to release Ember before holding his arm before her to let her know that he wished for her to remain back. He also offered her the rest of the flowers to hold on to as he stepped towards the two involved in the quarrel. The madame that was held in the tight grip quickly begged for them not to fight, promising that she would be just fine. However her eyes showed the intensity of her fear despite how hard she tried to hide it. It saddened Alexander to see a lady handled like a rag doll by such a psychopathic man. He did not know his reasons or what he had against her. But he knew this was not right.

“I beg of you again, sire, please put her down.” Alexander spoke again, holding his hand out a bit in please.

Re: Kitchen
August 08, 2014 09:53PM
Ember watched the man carefully. Every move he made wouldnt go unnoticed. Something seemed to click in her to where she wasnt really the shy fairy anymore. She had fear still but she wasnt backing down. It seemed Zero was messing with the girl for no reason. She hadnt done anything to warrent his actions by the sound of it.

She could see his amusement of herself and Alexander showing up and stepping in. His words were a warning not to step in and leave them be. If it was a different senario maybe she would. But she couldnt let him hurt the girl. She could tell he wasnt bluffing though. Measuring his strength and rumors of how strong he was she feared they didnt stand a chance. She couldnt help but feel that maybe Zero wanted to fight.

She looked at the girl as she spoke saying she would be fine and didnt want them to fight. Ember shook her head. She could tell that she was scared. Probably was hurting from being held up too. If it was her she might do the same. Try to protect others from getting hurt and just take the pain herself. But she would still want someone to help her. Not just walk away and leave her.

She glanced at Alexander as he lowered his arm. She let it go and waited like he wanted her to. It felt odd to just wait though. her instincts were telling her to run, but at the same time was telling her to stand her ground and be prepared. She took the flowers as they were handed to her. She held them in one arm and flicked her arm back with the rose whip. If Zero made a move to harm the girl further or Alexander, she would be ready to strike.

She was aware it might not be the smartest move but she hoped the thorns could be enough to distract him while they got away from him. She watched Alexander talk to Zero. Try to reason with him. She hoped it worked but had a bad feeling it wouldnt. Standing at the ready she watched each and every one of them. Catching the moves made listening to every word.

Re: Kitchen
August 09, 2014 05:02PM
Zero had to give it to the little baker. She knew how to put on a brave face and feign strength where it was needed. Admiration, it was very subtle but it was there. Humans were so petty, and yet there she was, unable to move really, and saying she didn’t want a fight.
The Carpathian seemed to ponder this thought and released his grip slowly, looking at her with a new expression, though his back was still to the two in the hallway. He seemed to be put off by the French girl’s words and was thinking them over. All would have been well, had the other bigot not decided to lecture him. He had the nerve to talk to Savage like he was a child. Well. Children were prone to tantrums.
Before Bridgette could run off, if she wanted to, Mr Savage simply shifted his weight and clucked his tongue in thought.
“I’ll apologize later.”
He decided upon that and he made a promise to do so. His behavior was thrown off by the world around him, by the feelings tumbling forward like a tidal wave.
At the same time Alexander took a single step forward and time seemed to still. Zero twisted on his heel, looking quite elegant in the butlers suit. A deep chuckle rolled from his lips as he rose his fingers and straightened his tie, shaking his head as he stepped forward and met Alexander, his shoes brushing over fallen papers.
“That wasn’t very smart…” He said, for the second time in under ten minutes, to his amusement, his head raising sharply. The once golden hues were blaring red and glowed heavily in the hallway, as there was a change in the atmosphere.


Zero was positioned between the two and Bridgette. It’d be protective if he hadn’t just held her hostage for all of five minutes. He didn’t want them near her. Suddenly it dawned on him. He didn’t want anybody near her ever. Cue stalking. He glared at the two in the hallway.
“Move. Along.” The Carpathian left no room for argument. It was the final warning, the final chance to turn and go to the kitchen and be on their merry way. If Alexander or his little fairy took another step…Zero rose a hand. He made a shooing motion to them. Leave now. Or they’d both regret the consequences. If they tried to get near Bridgette…The same applied.



Re: Kitchen
August 09, 2014 06:28PM

Bridgette could feel the slight loosening of the grip that Zero had upon her wrist. His amber golden eyes staring her down as she made her impassioned plea for the others to not get involved. Her own heart quickening for reasons other than fear it was something else entirely that was happening between them. The man that held her was a whirl of changing emotions like that of a chameleon almost. From rage, to regret, to anger and now….now he was releasing her. Slowly she could feel the tips of her feet touching the floor, and then her heels settling down. Every slowly letting her go.

The young french baker was still blocked by his tall form as he had his back to the couple that happened upon them during their quarrel. Bridgette caught in Zero’s gaze however. She was too scared to move, even though he said.

“I’ll apologize later.”

Bridgette brought her free hand up and stroked the reddened marks that were now set into her porcelain like flesh. It would take some time for the mark he had made on her to fade. The girl swallowed though her mouth felt dry. She tried to run her tongue across her lips – a show of nerves.

“Merci.” Bridgette replied, her left foot sliding back as she attempted to go back to where she had come from. It was then she saw the scattered pages of the beloved book still strewn like autumn leaves all over the carpeted floor of the hall. That still had to be picked up and gathered to take back to the library for certain. She was about to start picking them up, when Zero turned on the two saviors that had happened along and seen them and he made sure he kept himself between them and her. She was unsure as to why he was doing this. Bridgette didn’t know the people as she had kept to herself since arriving in the manor. Nervously, she ran her slender hands down her apron and really didn’t know what to do. Zero was waving the people away, to move along. Would they?


Re: Kitchen
August 09, 2014 08:35PM
Alexander flinched when the male turned to face them at that point, straightening his tie before lifting his gaze to meet his own. He had not seen his eyes before then, so to Alexander, the first glimpse he got was of crimson red hues. ‘Demon?’ Was the single word like question that had passed through Alexander’s mind as he meet those eyes with his own aqua blue ones.

As he moved between the maid, Ember and himself, Alexander could not help but quickly take the step back and shielding Ember by stepping in front of her frame. What a strange turn of events. Instead of getting a threatening atmosphere from this demon, he now felt as if he was trying to protect the other female?..Just as he had believed before, this man was unstable. He told them to leave now, letting them know that this was their last chance to take their leave.

Alexander meet his challenger’s eyes, an uneasy and tense look in his own. However he slowly turned them to the maid that was now free. Surprisingly, she was still there and had not dashed off or tried to hide, or even call for help. But she simply stared with curiosity written all over her face. This confused Alexander greatly, and made it even more clear to him that she had no fear of this tyrant either, nor a care if he was to slam her against a wall again.

“So be it..”

Alexander commented almost through gritted teeth. In other situation he would have not let this bastard insult his pride, however, he was not the only one in the line of fire here. Turning to Ember he leaned down to whisper to her as he pressed his hand against the middle of her back.

“She seems to be fine and no longer in need of assistance. They have finally moved out of the way also so lets head on our way without wasting anymore time.”

He then turned and with his hand still pressed gently against the middle of Ember’s back, he began to lead her towards the kitchen, a hard look in his eyes as they passed the demon. Alexander giving him a long-side glare. This would not be the only time he would encounter such a person, and it saddened as well as irritated him to know that such a man inhabited the same place he now lived in.

Re: Kitchen
August 09, 2014 09:03PM
Ember watched everything. She was glad the girl was let go but noticed her wrist was red. She was concerned for her but she didnt get a long look cause the male moved and blocked her view. She didnt like how he was being. Too forceful. Possessive. Dangerous. He reminded her of someone but she didnt know who it was. Just it made her very uncomfortable.

She looked at Alexander as he seemed to step down unhappily. She bit her lip and looked at him then at the guy. She knew she was about to do something very stupid. She changed the rose whip to just a regular rose again. She passed the flowers to Alexander. “I’ll be right back.” She told him.

She looked at the guy square in the eyes. “Im going to make sure her wrist is alright.” She told him and walked quickly around him and went to the girl.

She looked at her and smiled at her softly. “Hey if you need help seek it ok?” She told her. She carefully took the wrist that had been captive. She looked it over carefully. her touch was very light. “You might want to ice that. It looks like it might bruise. The ice should help to not bruise as bad.” She told her.

She didnt want to leave her but the longer she was by the girl the more she felt in danger. If she was granted being left alone she would give the girl a small worried smile and then go back to Alexander keeping a good distance from the guy. She wanted away from him. Far away. She stayed close to Alexander as he guided her toward the kitchen. She hoped he didnt notice that she was trembling.